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The Biblical Supernatural View versus the Humanist World View


Only the supernatural power of God, moving in and through His people, can make a difference

Author Cris Putnam & Steve Quayle on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report Tonight


“Atheistic naturalism is going away and is being replaced with occultic pantheistic monism (like in eastern religions). This is worshiping the creation and not the creator as per Romans 1:25.  This is why so many Americans believe all religions point to the same God — it is a form of monism (all is one).  So classic atheistic humanism is being replaced with an occult worldview — pantheistic monism.  Thus, we are seeing a sharp rise in demonic activity as well as interest in all things paranormal.” - Cris Putnam

Thursday, 24 April 2014: How do you explain the sharp rise in the popularity of  television shows and movies about zombies, the walking dead, and others shows with apocalyptic overtones?  Such programs and movies have even found open acceptance and popularity within the Christian community. Hollywood is presently promoting and capitalizing on  reality television shows about the paranormal, which now seems to be the “new normal” in both entertainment as well as real life.  Full story

Wednesday – Doug & Joe Hagmann on The Alex Jones Show

23 April 2014: Tune in the The Alex Jones Show – Infowars – today at 2:00 PM ET as Doug & Joe Hagmann join Alex Jones to discuss the increasing oppression in the United States as well as other matters internationally. Are we seeing a larger, global objective being accomplished? The chess pieces being moved and future moves being planned?  Watch – CLICK HERE

Monday on Hagmann & Hagmann: Dave Hodges & Steve Quayle – Enter the Dragon; The Chinese-Russian alliance & foreign threat to take down the U.S. from within

Steve Quayle & Dave Hodges Tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Click HERE to Listen Live 8:00-11:00 p.m. ET

“In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy’s country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Monday, 21 April 2014: People who maintain a death grip on their normalcy bias will be the first to contend that it cannot happen here, to the United States, that we cannot be taken over. They’ll say that we’re too strong of a military power, and that it would take too many foreign troops to take over and occupy our land. Furthermore, many military analysts and media correspondents will assert that China and even Russia are not be able to present a full scale military threat to the U.S. at this very moment, but in reality, they don’t need to. Those who have read The Art of War, written over two thousand years ago by Sun Tzu, the Chinese sage of warfare, understand that the Chinese are masters at waging asymmetrical war against an opponent. They understand that the sole reason that the Chinese ruling party exists is to force the world, including the U.S., into world socialism. They understand asymmetrical warfare. Full story

Friday on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report: The Shroud of Turin


Listen Live Tonight From 8:00-11:00 p.m. ET

By Douglas J Hagmann & Joe Hagmann, Hosts

18 April 2014: On this very special “Good Friday” edition of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, we will explore the mysteries of the Shroud of Turin with our guest Russ Breault, a leading expert on this historical and religious artifact. We had the distinct honor of meeting Mr. Breault at the Prophecy in the News conference in Orlando, Florida just a few weeks ago, and listened as he presented his research findings on the Shroud. As career investigators with a total combined experience of nearly 40 years, we were amazed by his evidentiary findings, and equally amazed at his ability to present his research results in a methodical and pleasantly understandable fashion. Full story

All is in motion & play as we enter the darkest phase of our modern existence; Illuminati plans are playing out before our very eyes

“Detractors will mock this scenario as fear mongering, doom porn or fanciful delusions while they have a death grip on their normalcy bias, Students of world and biblical history will readily discern the plans of the globalists who want to subjugate us to their agenda through orchestrated chaos.” - Doug Hagmann

Greg Evensen & Steve Quayle tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report


 Wednesday, 16 April 2014: As snipers were positioned atop a hill taking aim at American patriots and members of the Bundy family who were standing against government tyranny, signs in the heavens were taking form to usher in the first phase of a blood moon tetrad. Signs in the heavens, wars and rumors of war are all around us, openly visible to anyone with eyes to see and ear to hear. The hubris of our spiritually bankrupt leaders who have sold their very souls to the devil is evident in all aspects of our lives, as they seek to imprison and ensnare us in their evil agenda of global domination. They have sold our birthright to international interests to gain all of the world’s wealth at our expense while creating a consolidated power structure known as the “New World Order.” Their plans are in motion and it is evident that the time of their end-game plans is at hand. Full story

Nothing Less Than Treason, Sedition & Extortion in Nevada

“This was/is not about “endangered” turtles or grazing fees. This is about treason, sedition, extortion. This is about attempted murder.”

By Catherine Crabill, contributing columnist

15 April 2014:  While many remain oblivious to the strangulation of our most fiercely independent and productive citizens, the American Rancher, this last week’s news cycle sputtered out incomprehensible sound bites about Nevadan Rancher, Mr. Cliven Bundy. Full story

Intel source: Sunday update

13 April 2014:  Special Note: As I stated in my report yesterday, additional information would be forthcoming today (Sunday). To those who object to the lateness of the hour for this report, it should be understood that I rely on my sources at their “convenience” (although convenience does not exist in the realm of exposing the agenda of the feds).  Also, this is still a dynamic situation, meaning that federal assets and plans are still in play.

Narrative: As indicated in my report dated yesterday, 12 April 2014, I have been in contact with my primary source within the DHS as well as a secondary source outside of the DC area on multiple occasions throughout today. It is important for people to understand that the “breakdown” of the federal exercise is nearly as methodical and time consuming as the run-up to their arrival. The situation is still fluid, and there are federal assets still being debriefed. Full story

Intel source: Nevada Ranch situational update

12 April 2014:   At 1750 hours ET, I was contacted by my source within the Department of Homeland Security regarding the current situation at the Bundy Ranch. To put it bluntly, the people are being hoodwinked into believing that the situation is being resolved. It is not. It is a strategic de-escalation to fool the public. This source stated that the retreat of the BLM agents and the release of the cattle was actually crafted as a potential plan yesterday (Friday, 11 April 2014) based on the following: Full story

Governor Sandoval: Send in the Guard

Please click here to discuss this article at Canada Free Press

By Douglas J. Hagmann

hagmann04111411 April 2014:  By now most people are familiar with the potentially deadly situation emerging at the Bundy ranch in Nevada. Right now, the back-story is not nearly as important as the immediate necessity to de-escalate this life-and liberty threatening situation, although it does play an important role and must be addressed. The fact that this situation could have been pulled from the script of the 1974 movie Chinatown or any of the Godfather movies is well known and must be exposed, but not before immediate action is taken to assure the preservation of life and liberty. Full story

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