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Washington Times reporter on Flight 327 & continued government denials

Submitted by admin on Fri, 2007-06-01 19:01.

1 June 2007: The following is a "must-see" clip of Washington Times reporter Audrey Hudson who appeared on Fox News this week, summarizing her year-long investigative efforts to secure the OIG oversight report pertaining to Northwest Airlines Flight 327 - a flight from Detroit to Los Angeles on 29 June 2004 where 14 Syrian Muslim "musicians" engaged in what appeared to be a "dry run" on a domestic flight. (The complete story, link to the partially redacted OIG report, and the initial investigative report by author and investigative journalist Annie Jacobsen is at THIS LINK below. Listen to what Ms. Hudson has to say about the event and the subsequent investigation, reinforcing our contention that airlines remain the targets of terrorist probes and dry runs, while the majority within the government continue to remain either uninformed or adherent to "politically correct" policies.

Equally disturbing and disclosed within the investigative report is that at least one of the 14 men from Flight 327 - Muslims from a nation recognized for sponsoring terrorism - engaged in similar behavior on another airline flight just months later. It is also important to point out that some of the "musicians" on flight 327 - destined for their California gig - did not play at that concert, according to witnesses. So, who were they?

Quoting from Ms. Jacobsen's book, Terror in the Skies:

If dry runs are really going on, they need to be performed by people. And since dry runs involve testing the system, there's always a chance that the U.S. government will catch on and actually interrogate the people involved. For that reason, as one federal agent [explained], "it's common practice to switch out 'operatives' who are in essence working as part of a terrorist cell."

"Keep baiting-and-switching as you test the system and gather intelligence - until you no longer need any more test flights or dry runs because they been run."