2004 Nuke Incident in the Northeast?

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As detailed exclusively inthe HQ INTEL-ALERT

As heard exclusively on The Tom Bauerle Show on WBEN AM 930, Buffalo, New York

14 July 2005 It was one year ago, almost to the day, that we reported about an incident in the HQ INTEL-ALERT that has yet to be denied by any of our government "insiders;" the incident involved an alleged "close call" with a nuclear device inside the continental United States. For those who are unfamiliar with this incident, it is summarized below. For those already familiar with the matter, this appears to be a good time to review the facts as they were presented to us and revisit the incident in light of the recent revelations concerning nuclear and radiological devices. When reading this account, please keep in mind that this is information that was relayed to us by reliable sources within the government, some who are unable to talk openly about this or other similar incidents.

On July 15, 2004 at 3:20 ET, a well vetted government source contacted Steve Quayle by telephone, stating that three nuclear devices had been located inside of the continental United States and their countdown detonation timers had been initiated. This source was unable to reveal the locations of the devices or any additional specific information, not because he had none, but because the contact was necessarily short, made under extreme pressure with a general threat to the caller from his superiors that absolutely no "outside contacts" were permitted.

Realizing what was at stake and placing the value of truth over such orders, the source obviously risked everything to make the call. He added that while "some (two) of the units were 'neutralized,'" a "special branch" of an elite paramilitary unit had a difficult time disarming one of the units. The one unit was reportedly located in a city on or near the eastern coast of the U.S., and was taken out into the Atlantic near the continental shelf and either detonated or allowed to detonate.

Immediately following this contact, Steve and I discussed this matter, and opted to contact a second source within the federal government for further verification. At 4:10 am ET, that source seemed much more interested in finding out how we obtained this information above all else. After a relatively lengthy discussion for that hour of the morning, the federal agent, obviously realizing that he was not going to be given any "wiggle room" on this issue, reluctantly agreed that there was indeed a "situation" but stated that he "absolutely could not give any information or answer specific questions."

From 4:30 until 7:00 am EDT, we continued to monitor the situation through open news sources, local police officials in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. We continued to contact our state and federal sources throughout the day, gaining little additional information with ONE EXCEPTION: At 9:45 pm EDT, or "after hours" on Wednesday, a reliable federal source within the PENTAGON confided to Steve that the detonation portion on one device could not circumvented and was taken into deep ocean waters where it was subsequently detonated. Luckily, sufficient time was permitted for this defensive measure to be performed, dodging a bullet of unbelievable proportions. Based on some modifications to these units we found, it is apparent that it is becoming more difficult to break the detonation sequence or program around it. Accordingly, the source stated, it is possible that the next time such units will be in the possession of suicide bombers who will insure detonation.

Throughout the day, we continued to persistently "lean on" our sources within the government, but were met with unusual and unprecedented resistance by nearly everyone we contacted. As relentless as we were, no one wanted to provide any details beyond stating that there was an "incident" that remains highly classified. That was until Friday.

On Friday, 16 July 2004, between 5:30 and 7:40 am, I received two separate e-mails; one was from a state law enforcement official who asked not to be identified, stating that his brother, a federal agent, was "white as a ghost" as he relayed a story about a "bomb being found in the nick of time that would have changed the whole world if it went off." The e-mailer sated that his brother could barely talk and was "as scared as I have ever seen him" when telling him the story about a "big nuke between New York and Boston." Although not directly involved in the recovery operation, the brother spoke with federal officers he knows who are "absolutely convinced that there are more inside the U.S., and expressed his doubts that we will be able to find them all. When pressed for him to go "on the record," this source stated "absolutely not," but "you can say what you want without using my name or anything that could get my brother in trouble. They are talking about "jail time" for anyone who talks, was his response.

On Friday, I received a simple e-mail from a source who is very well connected to two federal intelligence agencies. It read simply:

This week. We almost lost a city. What do you know?

The sender of this e-mail possessed all of the information I had, and spoke with Steve as well. He stated that the information he received from his two government sources said the situation with the purported nuclear device was "damn close," adding that the information he had received from his sources WAS VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL to the information both myself and Steve independent from each other during that week.

In summary, we appear to have MULTIPLE and UNRELATED corroboration by government sources, sworn to secrecy by their positions, that some city, somewhere on the East coast, likely in the northeast corridor, was almost subjected to a NUCLEAR explosion had it NOT been stopped by our government.

Attempting to obtain some sort of verification about the incident, researchers and analysts searched for some type of verification that a nuclear detonation had taken place in the Atlantic and looked at seismic charts for that date, believing that a detonation of such a device would make a needle jump somewhere... so we looked and we were surprised at what we found, or DID NOT find.

Based on the timeline detailed above, the detonation would likely have taken place sometime on 15 July 2004, presumably during the early morning hours. Accordingly, seismic charts were checked, and here are the results:

Note: We checked EVERY day for three months and NEVER found anything close to the following situation. Note that the first chart below represents 14 July, 2004; the middle chart reflects 15 July 2004, which would have been the day of the underwater blast, and the last chart illustrates 16 July, the "day after."

(Source: http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/cgi-bin/LCSN/WebSeis/2004.pl)

Well now, not exactly a smoking gun, but one must ask why the chart on the day of the event has been "wiped clean." It is, by the way, the ONLY seismic chart found to be "blank."

Interestingly, only days later we checked the same location and found the following seismic chart in place of the blank chart:

Although those individuals who are educated in reading seismic charts have dismissed the spike shown in the chart above as an explosion, no one has been able to explain the absence of information before the appearance of the chart above. Believe what you will, just consider the information offered in this report in light of the recent revelations by our government, and in the press about the possibility of a nuclear incident taking place inside of the United States.

Meanwhile, if you think that the terrorists do not have nuclear capabilities, we would like to offer you some relevant reference information for your perusal. These are just a few highlights, bur certainly enough to alert you to the possibilities that we are not as safe as we would like to believe.

NOTE: This incident also coincides with a massive "fish kill" in the Atlantic Ocean a few days following the alleged July 15, 2004 explosion in the Atlantic, where fish of all types were washing ashore for "causes unknown." Washington Post Atricle

Terrorists, Timelines & Their Possible Nuclear Weapons Capabilities

16 August 1998: A leaked intelligence report states that Bin Laden allegedly paid over two million British Pounds to a middle-man in Kazakhstan for a "suitcase" bomb.

26 September 1998: Mamduh Mahmud Salim (bin laden associate) is arrested in Munich, Germany, on charges of trying to obtain nuclear materials including highly enriched uranium.

November 1998: Bin Laden reportedly engaged in a SUCCESSFUL comprehensive plan to acquire nuclear weapons, and allegedly gave a group of Chechens $30 million in cash and two tons of opium in exchange for approximately 20 nuclear warheads. Delivery was ultimately made based on reported by the US National Security Council as well as the Russian FSB.

24 December 2000: Bin Laden sends associates to several Eastern European countries to purchase enriched uranium. These efforts were reportedly unsuccessful. Source: Saudi Security Forces. (Questionable sources)

12 April 2001: Ivan Ivanov reports that he met Bin Laden near the Pakistani border in China to discuss establishing an environmental company to buy nuclear waste. Ivanov was then approached by a Pakistani chemical engineer interested in buying nuclear fuel rods from the Bulgarian Kozlodui reactor.

(Exact date Undetermined): Summer 2001 (exact date undetermined): Bin Laden allegedly buys 48 suitcase-sized nuclear devices from Russian organized crime and disenfranchised scientists. This was reported in the article "Al-Majallah Obtains Serious Information on al-Qa`ida's Attempt to Acquire Nuclear Arms," Al-Majallah [London-based Saudi weekly], on 8 September 2002

November 2001: Bin Laden allegedly obtains seven US-made enriched uranium rods from organized crime connections via Italy. [Source: Classified USDOJ Documents]

November 2001: A "Super-bomb" manual that outlines the advanced physics of nuclear weapons and dirty bombs is found in Kabul in November 2001. Reported 23 June 2003: "Osama Bin Laden's bid to acquire weapons of mass destruction represents the greatest threat that Western Civilization has faced," Mail on Sunday (London).

10 November 2001: Bin Laden states: "We have chemical and nuclear weapons as a deterrent and if America used them against us we reserve the right to use them." Source: Hamid Mir, "Osama Claims He Has Nukes: If US Uses N-Arms it Will Get Same Response," Dawn (Pakistan),

14 November 2001: bin laden allegedly acquires a Russian-made suitcase nuclear weapon from Central Asian sources. The device is reported to weigh 8 kg and to possess at least 2 kg of fissionable uranium and plutonium. The report said the device, with a serial number of 9999 and a manufacturing date of October 1998, could be set off by a mobile phone signal.

19 November 2001: A London Times reporter discovers a blueprint for a "Nagasaki bomb" in files found in an abandoned al-Qaeda house in Kabul, Afghanistan.

22 April 2002: Abu Zubayda claims al-Qaeda has the interest and ability to produce a radiological weapon, and further states that the group already has one in the United States. Source: Dan Eggen and Susan Schmidt, "'Dirty Bomb' Plot Uncovered, US Says: Suspected Al Qaeda Operative Held as 'Enemy Combatant'," Washington Post, 11 June 2002

13 September 2002; Friday: "We Have the Right to Kill 4 Million Americans" Essay from Al-Qaeda spokesman Suleiman Abu Gheith explaining why they're fighting the U.S. We have not reached parity with them. We have the right to kill 4 million Americans - 2 million of them children - and to exile twice as many and wound and cripple hundreds of thousands. Furthermore, it is our right to fight them with chemical and biological weapons, so as to afflict them with the fatal maladies that have afflicted the Muslims because of the [Americans'] chemical and biological weapons.

Islamic Terrorists and the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction

By Sean Osborne

"It is also not a secret but a very common misconception of many, many people in the west, particularly the media, that al-Qaeda conducts its strategic affairs of Jihad in secret. On the contrary, it has announced from the very beginning its strategic goals and the method it deems appropriate to utilize in their realization. This is the Islamic concept of Jihad.

al-Qaeda has made it abundantly clear in a very public way, for example, its drive to have Islamic clerics declare religiously valid, via a "Fatwah" or religious edict, the al-Qaeda organizations use of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons as tools of the Jihad, or their use of any WMD of its choosing, and to have the clerics also issue Fatwahs that the loss of innocent life is or are acceptable losses because the "Will of Allah" is being made manifest in the affairs of mankind by those who wage Jihad."

"These images are telling us a lot about their intentions and targets, but they are not telling us everything! The announcements of this kind are made in such a manner and in advance because it is plainly and simply Arabic/Islamic arrogance and boasting of their intent in Jihad.

Many in the west, particularly those on the western political left, DO NOT have a basic understanding that the enemy at the gate, and already within the house, is focused and completely intent on killing them and their families.

This is true in America and elsewhere because it is politically expedient for them at the present time to hold such political views. Such a political position is viewed as treasonous or anti-American because it comes at a time when we are officially at war with a non-state entity and are at war with remnants state entities in Iraq and Afghanistan which aided and abetted and otherwise supported al-Qaeda.

Knowing the enemy is extremely and urgently important, and knowing ourselves perhaps even more so... America remains at war with an implacable enemy in various locations around the world, and in houses and apartment complexes quite literally across the street from your own homes."

Al Qaeda's Nuclear Fatwa - Make no mistake, the intention and ultimate goal of Al Qaeda does not get any clearer or more concise than this Fatwah issued in December 2002:

"Nuclear Warfare is the Solution for Destroying America"

In the name of Allah the most merciful. Thus, you are not mistaken in reading this text. This is the only way to kill the greatest possible number of Americans. The Americans have never experienced a threat like this one. During World War II, America used this [nuclear] weapon twice in three days following the successful Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Today, the United States uses the most powerful and advanced weapons of destruction against the peaceful citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan, and it proudly supports the war that Russia is waging against Chechnya, not out of affection for Russia, but rather from its hatred of Muslims.

America has bombed Iraq with weaponry that will pollute the soil and underground water with radiation for thousands of years. It also enhances its bombs with depleted uranium to cause even greater harm to the people and the environment. This, so that no one should think that after they leave the island of [the Prophet] Mohammed [the Arabian Peninsula], which they have transformed into a restricted area, just to return to the same place [because of the pollution perpetrated by them]. It seems, in fact, that the wild beasts in the White House have forgotten or have tried to forget one very important thing, which is, in all pride - the Al-Qaeda organization.

This organization, which strikes fear in the hearts of the infidel West, turns youth into people who have nothing in this world but their devotion to Allah and to His Prophet Mohammed, and who are the tormentors of the sons of whores [i.e. - the West], and who are shining examples of estrangement from the sins of this world ... and of selling their souls to Allah....

Therefore, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Even though the Americans have bombs possessing enormous power, Al-Qaeda is even more powerful than they, and it has in its possession bombs which are called "dirty bombs", and bombs with deadly viruses, which will spread fatal diseases throughout American cities....

The coming days will prove that Kaedat el-Jihad [the Al-Qaeda organization] is capable of turning America into a sea of deadly radiation, and this will prove to the world that the end is at hand.... Yes, we will destroy America and its allies, because they have used their power for evil against the weak.

And now, the end approaches at the hand of the enlightened [Islamic] youth astride their horses [fighting the war against the infidels]; they will dismount either as victors or vanquished [i.e. - fall in holy war for Allah].

Author: Abu Shihab El-Kandahari
26 December 2002


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