Northeast Intelligence Network

"I say to our enemies: We are coming. God may have mercy on you, but we won't." 

-- John McCain

Independent Data Acquisition & Analysis


     Although the Northeast Intelligence Network has been in operation since October 21, 2001 , we only began to present our information to the public via our website in late July of 2003. As the founder and director, I chose to do so after much careful thought and reflection, driven by the lack of information being provided by our own government. The events of September 11th, 2001 forever changed the lives of every American; on that day, most of us became aware we are all considered "legitimate" targets in our own country by a vicious and formidable enemy driven largely by their ideology. Formidable not by the sophistication of their weaponry, but by their sheer numbers, persistence, and the decades of infiltration into key areas of our infrastructure and public and private institutions. Decades of political correctness overruled sensible security measures and adversely affected the operation of our intelligence services. As the Northeast Intelligence Network operated "in the shadows" for nearly 18 months, we began to realize that the same communication failures that led to the events of 9/11 continued to exist. We would report certain findings to one federal agency that were to be shared with another agency, however found that the lines of communication were still dysfunctional at best, or non-existent at worst. Additionally, we noticed a growing frustration within the general public and even within a number of local law enforcement officials concerning the lack of specificity concerning the terror alerts, despite the utilization of the color-coded alert system. Quite simply, people want to be informed so they can be better prepared. "Knowledge replaces fear" became our mantra, and consequently, our website became accessible to the public. Our objective is to provide the public with reliable, specific information about current threats that could affect our country, the safety of our families and our way of life without compromising the efforts of our government in their fight against terrorism. Many of our findings are presented on our website and are a contributing component to the Terror Alert Update developed by Mr. Steven Quayle.

What We Accomplished in 2003

The following information encompasses our activity between July 1 and December 31, 2003 :

Intelligence items submitted to federal authorities: 532 individual (unique) items

Federal agencies contacted: JTTF, DHS, FBI , US Treasury , US Customs, INS, DTRA US Diplomatic Security, State Police in 4 states, and Airport police in 3 states.

General Results: One KNOWN arrest although several additional arrests were implied but not confirmed. Of the 532 unique pieces of intelligence provided to the various federal agencies, at least 40% (about 215) were classified as "new" items that resulted in files being opened on a federal level. Our information resulted in at least 15 active surveillance operations being initiated within the US borders involving multiple subjects of interest. We received no "direct" feedback on the remaining 60% of data and intelligence provided, although informal or "off the record" confirmation that the information was of "significant" value stands at 30% (about 95 of the unique data items provided).

Note: It is important for the reader to understand that communicating with the intelligence community is usually a one-way communication; feedback in most cases is rare. For the most part, they will neither confirm nor deny any information of substance.

Total volunteer hours: 13,104 hours (includes research time, contact with authorities, etc.)

Total Operational costs July 1- December 21, 2003: $ 22,450.00 (out of pocket expenditures)

Human translation services

Telephone/Facsimile/communication (including international calls)

Primary office space

Internet connectivity and related fees

Travel: (on-site field investigations)

Postage/Printing & office supplies

Specialized software


Donations: We began soliciting donations from the visitors to our website in September of 2003 to offset our expenses. During that time, we were blessed with a single donation to cover the cost of translation software. We also received several reference books that have greatly assisted our translation efforts. During this same period, the donations that we received offset approximately nine-(9) percent of our operational expenses for which we are extremely grateful.


Our Exposure in 2003


78 hours of radio interviews from July1 through December 31, 2003 broadcast nationally (on over 400 US and Canadian stations), internationally and via the Internet.

1 - 1/2 hour segment on Israel National Radio

1 hour on KABC in Los Angeles with Dr. Laurie Mylroie, world-renowned terrorism expert.

Several regional television interviews

Several newspaper articles

Site hits: approximately 3.5 million in 6 months worldwide

 Goals for 2004


I. General Goals


     We currently have in place a network of volunteers who are committed to continuing their efforts in the research and investigation of potential threats in a number of different venues. Although we continually monitor Internet communications, we also receive information from the public, some of whom were arbitrarily dismissed by federal agencies. (In one instance, the information provided to our network by a private individual resulted in the initiation of a multi-state, multi-agency investigation that continues to this day. Interestingly, this same information was presented to the FBI months before, by the same source who presented it to us. The FBI field office failed to act on the documentation possessed by the individual despite the specificity of the information).


It is our objective to maintain a level of professional communication with the various government agencies, provide them with threat specific information, and equally important, provide the public with timely, reliable, well-researched findings about potential threats. It is our objective to expand our services to our site visitors by more frequent updates and information more detailed than ever before.


 II. Expanded Goals


     As our network is comprised of a group of volunteers who are professionals in various fields of expertise, we have lofty but realistic goals for this year. Personally and professionally, I have had the opportunity to meet and share information with a number of people who are active in investigating and publicly reporting on such incidents as the anthrax attacks in October of 2001, the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995, the first World Trade Center bombing of 1993, and other events directly related to terrorism.  Although it is clearly the responsibility of our government to investigate and report on such incidents, it is quite evident that many facts presented to the public have been inconsistent, leading many to question the reliability of the information they provide. Right or wrong, such inconsistencies often lead to the development of conspiracy theories, allegations of cover-up, political improprieties and so forth.


     Based on the above, we currently have the ability, the talent, and the willingness of a select group of professionals to create a “dream team” of sorts; we can independently investigate and publicly report our findings on a number of terrorist related incidents that continue to mystify the public. Our investigations would not be biased by politics, hindered by bureaucracy, or otherwise altered by the numerous factors that have affected such investigations. We would operate above reproach, adhere to the most stringent investigative standards, and truthfully and openly report our findings to the fullest extent possible. We have the ability, the motivation, and a clear focus on our objectives. We believe we CAN make a difference, and we further believe that there has been no other time in recent history where our efforts in this area are not only needed, but could have a significant impact on our safety, our freedom and our way of life. Our objectives are indeed lofty, but quite realistic and achievable.


III. Putting It All Together


     To continue our operation at its current and most basic level, we have to face certain realities. First, the value of the information we provide on our website must ultimately be decided by the visitors to our site. If we are not providing relevant or helpful information that fills a specific need, we do not deserve to exist, nor should we exist. Second, it is simple economic reality that we cannot continue to operate at a loss. To remain independent, we will not seek any public or government funding. To remain user friendly, we will not place annoying banner ads, pop-ups, or other Internet income generating “tools” on our site that are inconsistent with our objectives. 


     As we believe that everyone deserves access to the information we develop, from the single parent burdened by debt to the senior citizen on a fixed income, we do not want to cut off their access by creating a subscription-based site. Accordingly, the best method we could think of was to accept donations from those who visit our site and find the information useful and helpful. We will continue in this manner until we can no longer afford to do so. Based on the experience of the last six months, our annual operating expenses are approximately $45,000.


     To expand more deeply into areas of public interest as detailed above, it is estimated that we would need an additional $25,000 annually. We have no interest in “pleading” for money nor do we “expect” people to contribute who do not use, agree with, or care about our services. Those of us who comprise the Northeast Intelligence Network excel in our own professions, and we will continue in our respective paths even if the Northeast Intelligence Network ceases to exist. Accordingly and to a large extent, the future of the Northeast Intelligence Network and the depth in which we will operate is being left up to the visitors to our site.  Considering our effectiveness and overall popularity in 2003, our goals and objectives for 2004 are not only realistic, they are attainable.


Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

Northeast Intelligence Network

2 January 2004