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The “flu” outbreak - things aren’t right & you need to know.

Close the schools but keep the borders open - how much sense does THAT make?

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Best way to stop dissension? Initiate a pandemic emergency

Note from Doug Hagmann, Director: Well over 35,000 people die each year from the “normal, everyday flu” without so much as a passing reference by the media.  Today, we appear to have less than a few hundred people die and panic buttons are being pushed. WHY?

As we search for answers, one thing is obvious: we are NOT being told the truth. Something else is taking place. — Doug Hagmann

By Randy Taylor

30 April 2009: Monday morning the world was informed by media, DHS, CDC and WHO that we were facing a global pandemic. Death counts were greatly exaggerated. The deaths jumped from 84 deaths on Monday to 159 deaths on Tuesday. Drug stocks shot through the ceiling, face masks flew off the shelves. The federal government started hinting at quarantines and other “measures”. States such as Massachusetts approved martial law bills (Mass Senate No. 2028) to get ready for the “huge pandemic disaster” heading across the world. Nothing short of a National Emergency was in the making.

Hussein Obama was on television last night talking about shutting down schools if need be. Parents were urged to have contingency plans. There’s been talk of shutting down borders, quarantines for people suspected of having the “Swine Flu”. I was waiting to hear jack boots on the pavement.

The gig was going pretty good as to the high death toll until people started using Google and were able to see that the majority of deaths were pneumonia related, not swine flu related. Then suddenly, Google removed some of the capability to view news reports from around the world. They have taken their links to International Version of Google News down from their news page feature worldwide. The bottom of the page used to include these links:

Argentina - Australia - België - Belgique - Botswana - Brasil - Canada English - Canada Français - ?eská republika - Chile - Colombia - Cuba - Deutschland - España - Estados Unidos - Ethiopia - France - Ghana - India - Ireland - Israel English - Italia - Kenya - Magyarország - Malaysia - México - Namibia - Nederland - New Zealand - Nigeria - Norge - Österreich - Pakistan - Perú - Philippines - Polska - Portugal - Schweiz - Singapore - South Africa - Suisse - Sverige - Tanzania - Türkiye - U.K. - U.S. - Uganda - Venezuela - Vi?t Nam (Vietnam) - Zimbabwe - ?????? (Greece) - ?????? (Russia) - ????? (Israel) - ?????? ?????? (Arabic) - ?????? (India) - ?????(India) - ?????? (India) - ?????? (India) - ?? (Korea) - ??? (China) - ??? (Taiwan) - ?? (Japan) - ??? (Hong Kong)

They are gone now. The majority of Americans will have to rely on main stream, “leftie,” Obama supporting media  - the official GOVERNMENT LINE - unless they want to invest the time required to research. Most people won’t spend the time, so they will settle for what the tube tells them. Government controlled media. Nothing new there.

This Google International Version of Google News is where I personally, as well as millions of others were able to read articles from Mexican national news agencies that the actual death toll from Swine Flu in Mexico as of Tuesday was only 7 people dead and only 26 infected. That’s a huge difference from the initial 1300 infected with some 84 deaths which elevated into 159 deaths within 24 hours. These news reports left the WHO, CDC and DHS with egg on their faces.

Yet still, to date, no massive immobilization of federal manpower to stop illegals coming across the borders outside of authorized points of entry. If this were truly a pandemic, the border would be closed already.

What is the point to all of this? If schools are closed, and shortly thereafter people are told they cannot assemble together, then all protests will be over. We will lose the ability to assemble. No assembly means the chances of dissenters in America being able to organize and protest will be eliminated. No more Tea Party protests. No more peaceful protests of any kind. If you were to protest, you would be violating martial law.

Hussein Obama will have severely damaged the ability of the people to openly disagree in numbers against his disastrous destruction of American rights. It would actually allow him to implement martial law if he chooses to do so.

He will have done it exactly how I described in an earlier article just prior to this Swine Flu Pandemic.  My statement on the 23rd of April, in an article titled “The CIA Torture Memos Release- Another Devious Act of Treason by Hussein Obama” written just prior to this madness was:

I personally expect a major catastrophic event, either biological or worse inside America within the first year of this dictator in office simply so he can place America under martial law.”

“He has to initiate something like this as his thought process is -he sees a major terrorist event as the only catalyst to use in order to sucker the law enforcement community and military to impose military restraints on America and her citizens, allowing him the dictator powers he needs. It will be sold to the American public, law enforcement and the military as necessary for national security and it will evolve into a systematically controlled stripping Americans of all rights including the right to assemble, the right to protest, the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, all under the guise of national security. Obviously communications will be cut and the media will only broadcast what is vetted for release to anyone fortunate enough to still have communications. Travel will be restricted and leaving the country will not be an available option once martial law goes into effect. Eventually, law enforcement and military will realize what is actually happening yet will have a difficult time in reversing it. Top military and law enforcement will either be bribed or threatened to remain loyal to the dictatorship. Dissenters will be done away with.

It will be much easier for Obama to introduce a captive, disarmed society into a New World Order globalist government because by then we are nothing more than sheep. Question is, what do we do?”

Things seem to have moved even faster than I had thought. The next few weeks and months should prove quite interesting. We’ll see. There may well be a pandemic happening right now. But the timing is definitely in question. So is Hussein Obama’s trip to Mexico just prior to this going public and becoming a pandemic.

There are no indications of this being a terrorist act by Middle Eastern terrorists. There would have been a statement or rejoicing by Muslims by now. History proves that.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.

Feds “demanded total secrecy” in NYC flyover-we demand answers

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

29 April 2009: Having personally experienced the loss of law enforcement officers I knew rather well and knowing others in law enforcement who were forever affected on the morning of 9/11, I am mad as hell over the ill-conceived low-altitude flyover of the skies of lower Manhattan by an Air Force One lookalike and its F-16 military escorts that took place early Monday morning. Not only am I outraged, I want answers, if not for me, for every American and especially those who were forced to relive the fear felt on 9/11.

af1nycBy now, everyone has likely heard the account of the White House “photo op” gone bad. If not, the official story is simple and brief, and readily accepted by most in the media without question. The back-up Air Force One, flanked by two F-16 fighter jets, flew at “near building height” over lower Manhattan on Monday morning, ostensibly so that Air Force photographers could take iconic pictures of the presidential plane using NY landmarks as symbolic backdrops. The problem, however, arose when no one  bothered to report this event in advance to the public. The result was as predictable as it was shameful; the sighting of a large aircraft and military jets flying in close proximity to NY skyscrapers caused many to fear that another murderous attack was about to take place. Several of New York’s tallest and most prominent buildings, including but not limited to the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Woolworth Building, and other facilities were evacuated. People were running in the streets to escape from an anticipated impact.

According to the official reports of this incident, Louis E. Caldera, director of the White House Military Office, “approved” this “mission” the previous week and has now fallen on his sword, taking full responsibility for this ill-conceived plan. Also according to official reports, commander -in-chief Barack Hussein Obama apparently did not know about the plan in advance, and only learned of the fallout from this event Monday afternoon, more than a few hours after the event. Nonetheless, he too is reportedly angry over the angst caused by this “mission.”

Although I do not doubt the sheer stupidity and narcissism of political hacks inside the beltway, the “official line” has as many gaping holes as the U.S.-Mexican border. Apparently, the majority of the media continue to be too entranced by their infatuation with their American idol of a president to see the absurdity of this story and contradictions concerning this event. As usual, no one in the media is asking pertinent questions, and they sure aren’t demanding answers. So, please allow me:

Louis E. Caldera, director of the White House Military Office, publicly stated that he “approved” of a “mission over New York” and assumed full responsibility for the fallout it caused. If the plan did not originate with Caldera, who created the “mission” and where did it “originate?”

According to a memo obtained by NYC CBS Channel 2, “Federal officials knew that sending two fighter jets and Air Force One to buzz ground zero and Lady Liberty might set off nightmarish fears of a 9/11 replay, but they still ordered the photo-op kept secret from the public.” Why? What was the motive?

According to initial reports, federal officials failed to notify New York officials about this event (despite of the anticipated panic). However, subsequent reports indicate that some New York City officials were indeed notified, but were restricted under the severest of classification - the punishment of losing federal money - if anyone broke silence about this planned event. If this was indeed a n innocuous photo-op as claimed, why the need for secrecy that includes those assigned to protect the city from enemy attack?

Who was aboard the Air Force One lookalike? Please supply the passenger manifest.

Several prominent buildings were evacuated by the perceived threat of a terrorist attack on lower Manhattan shortly after 10:00 AM Monday. According to official White House accounts, Barack Hussein Obama claims he did not know about this until later in the afternoon. Considering the national security implications, what was the reason for the delay?

The “mission” was conducted at a reported cost of $328,835. is that a reasonable allocation of taxpayer money for a “photo-op?”

I want - no, I DEMAND answers. As Americans, so should you. Oh, for those who don’t consider this incident a bid deal, here is sobering amateur footage taken in lower Manhattan Monday morning, courtesy of CBS Channel 2:

Critical update in progress

28 April 2009: Critical update in progress


Outbreak: the search for answers

Statement by Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

27 April 2009: The Northeast Intelligence Network has been carefully monitoring the threat posed to the U.S. by the recent flu outbreak and are sorting through the many layers of confusion associated with this evolving health crisis. Investigators and researchers are attempting to isolate fact from fiction and provide our readers with the most accurate and honest information possible. As noted in an article written by contributing analyst Randy Taylor yesterday, the U.S. declared a “public health emergency,” but at the same time took no action to contain its spread within the U.S. from Mexico.

The federal declaration of a public health emergency does, however, serve a legitimate purpose: it provides state authorities the ability to expedite the increased distribution of antiviral medications and related medical equipment from regional locations to specific health centers to accommodate the anticipated increase in the number of patients. At the same time, however, there appears to be a number of oddities associated with this “potential pandemic” that cannot be overlooked.

As investigators, we don’t believe in coincidences, and there have been far too many such coincidences with this and other issues of late that deserve special attention - with a high degree of investigative diligence but without the hyperbole. It is in that spirit that we are searching for answers, using all of our resources so we can issue authoritative reports on threats to YOUR security, whether the threat stems from the flu itself or perhaps from something else…

There are indeed many oddities associated with this emerging crisis. We are living in perilous times. As such, we urge everyone NOT to believe everything you hear or read. We also urge everyone to look beyond the obvious and watch what is taking place behind the scenes. Meanwhile, as we engage in our investigation, follow the sensible recommendations provided by Randy Taylor - and check back here often for our investigative findings as they are developed. (You can also follow us via RSS feed or Twitter).

US Declares Swine Flu Emergency- Possible Pandemic

By Randy Taylor

Swine Flu Update: Not that the US would move quickly to shut down the illegal crossings at the Mexico/US border…….

26 April 2009: There is a new flu, a swine flu H1N1 variant which is a mixture of viruses from swine, birds and humans and is infecting and killing people in Mexico, deaths so far at 81 dead. Mexico’s health minister says has killed up to 81 people and likely sickened 1,324 in the country since April 13, 2009. The President of Mexico has publicly canceled any events in Mexico City where people would gather. No bull fights tonight.

The virus first took hold in Mexico on April 13 yet samples weren’t sent to CDC until a week later. The medical people in Mexico noticed one odd note regarding this flu, this flu was killing people aged 20 to 40. Flu victims are usually either infants or the elderly. The “Spanish Flu” pandemic, which killed at least 40 million people worldwide in 1918-19 also first struck otherwise healthy young adults. It originated in Kansas, and soldiers sent overseas from the army base in Kansas transmitted the disease into Europe.

There are some 20+ cases now in the US with people sick in California, Texas, Kansas, Ohio and New York so far reported. No one in the US has died so far. There are also 6 cases reported in Canada, others New Zealand and a couple suspected cases elsewhere such as Israel.

The common denominator is Mexico. The flu is being transported worldwide by people returning to their home countries from Mexico.  Yet hundreds of illegals will cross the border tonight into the USA and a portion of them will possibly be carrying the virus. This will only spread the virus further into our country.
Continue reading US Declares Swine Flu Emergency- Possible Pandemic

Gaping Holes in our National Security

By Randy Taylor

26 April 2009: In a country that has steadily stripped away rights of American citizens under the guise of keeping them safe from terrorists, even the simplest minded of people would have to say that national security in the US is seriously lacking if not a open gate to terrorists entering the country. It is also proving to be a paradox with no explanation available other than, we are being lied to in order to push an unseen agenda or some people in our government are seriously corrupt.

The head of DHS, Janet Napolitano recently publicly blamed Canadian Immigration and Border Services for an imaginary influx of Middle Eastern terrorists into the United States. In her statement she spoke in a past tense manner stating:

“Nonetheless, to the extent that terrorists have come into our country or suspected or known terrorists have entered our country across a border, it’s been across the Canadian border. There are real issues there.”

This statement places the blame on the shoulders of the US Customs and Border Patrol as well as the Canadian agencies. I think it was a very irresponsible statement and only indicates that Napolitano is either inept or she is involved in corruption herself possibly stemming from her prior tenure as governor of Arizona. Someone needs to investigate this matter immediately. If Napolitano is going to convince anyone she is deserving of keeping her job, something must change immediately. Continue reading Gaping Holes in our National Security

Taliban beheading video

The West has forgotten the brutality of Islamic Sharia law, and those who advocate it’s implementation in any form.

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

25 April 2009: Amid much controversy, the Northeast Intelligence Network was the first “legitimate” Western web site that provided the West the ability to view al Qaeda “beheading” videos. We did so at that time as we believed that Americans and the people of the West were being deceived by Islamic apologists and others who depicted the Islamic method of execution as relatively quick and painless. The beheadings were referenced in media in an almost cavalier manner, failing to reflect the truly vicious nature of the act and the Islamists who performed the act. he truth is that the beheadings performed in accordance with Islamic (Sharia) law are anything but - they are absolutely horrific and gruesome - and represent unspeakable evil.

Years have gone by but the beheadings have continued. Much like the reality of 9/11, the murders of individuals at the hands of Islamists doling out punishment under Sharia seem to have become a distant memory. The execution this week of three “spies” by the Taliban in Pakistan was filmed and uploaded so it could be shared - as an Islamic rallying cry - with other Islamists who want to see the implementation of Worldwide Sharia.

The following video is extremely graphic and should NOT be viewed by anyone under 18, or those who are hypersensitive to the most horrific of murder scenes.

We are posting the following video so that every American who continues to believe that Sharia law is not a threat to the West, and that the adherents to fundamentalist Islam are peaceful. The following video evidence will illustrate otherwise.

Left click link to watch the video, or right click the link to save the video to your computer.


The CIA Torture Memos Release- Another Devious Act of Treason by Hussein Obama

“I personally expect a major catastrophic event, either biological or worse inside America within the first year of this dictator in office simply so he can place America under martial law.”

By Randy Taylor

23 April 2009: Just recently Hussein Obama decided to release confidential CIA data publicly. This raised eyebrows from some, genuinely upset others and fed the idiot thought process associated with Obama appointees and anyone who supports him or advises him.

Noticeably absent was any reference to the results produced by these enhanced interrogation techniques. Good information was derived, terrorist plots were derailed and lives were saved. Yet, there was no mention of this by the White House.

Anyone with any common sense would have to look at water boarding as more of a discomfort or psychological ploy as opposed to actual torture. Since it was also reported that suspects had to have this done to them over one hundred times to break them, I disagree with anyone who chooses to classify this as torture.  If it were indeed torture, they would have broken much sooner. Had we applied some real pain to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed like having his chestnuts roasting on an open fire, several thousand volts to his wet body hanging in a shower, maybe using a blow torch and hammers for persuasion then, maybe, on a receptive day on my part, you might argue the point to me that he was tortured. He planned the murder of tens of thousands of Americans and succeeded in killing 3000 Americans, so I don’t have much sympathy for that Muslim bastard. All in all, I’d say he was treated rather well. Had he been in Egypt or Jordan for the interrogations, he would probably be in the ground right now which is where he should be anyway. Continue reading The CIA Torture Memos Release- Another Devious Act of Treason by Hussein Obama

Updated: Panel discussion podcast

22 April 2009: Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, will join former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, commentator Michael Ledeen, emergency preparedness expert John Solomon in a panel discussion featured by the American Freedom Alliance on Western Word Radio today at 2:00 PM ET, 11:00 AM PT.


L-R: Avi Davis, John Bolton, John Solomon, Michael Ledeen, Doug Hagmann

Western Word Radio is a weekly talk radio program led by American Freedom Alliance (AFA) with senior fellow Avi Davis discussing and debating issues relevant to the defense of Western values and ideals.

UPDATED: Download the PODCAST to your computer or MP3 player via THIS LINK. (Choose the 4/22/09 show).