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Pat Campbell
The Pat Campbell Show

"As a radio talk show host I need to stay ahead of the competition. How do I stay days, weeks, and even months ahead of everybody else? That's easy - by reading the Northeast Intelligence Network website."

Pat Campbell, hard-hitting, no-nonsense host of The Pat Campbell Show as heard on AM 1170 KFAQ in Tulsa, OK, Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM CT.


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Tom Bauerle
The Tom Bauerle Show
WBEN AM-930 Buffalo, NY

"There are many sites which purport to have 'sources' which put them ahead of the curve on issues of homeland security. With the network NEIN has built of patriotic boots on the ground in law enforcement and intelligence, NEIN is consistently on top of potential threats to the homeland. NEIN's information often beats the official law enforcement and media bulletins by days. NEIN helps to keep me on top." -Top Radio Talk Show host Mr. Tom Bauerle

Dr. Laurie Roth, Ph.D

The Roth Show

The Northeast Intelligence Network site is the "Olympics" of guts, honesty, courage, intelligent investigation and real news! As a national radio talk show host who proudly reads the site daily and uses it as show prep, I am relieved and more than proud they are on OUR side! Director Doug Hagmann is a regular guest on my show every Friday, and I am always amazed at his spirit, love for America and insight into the real danger we face.--Laurie Roth, Ph.D.

The Third Terrorist

"In the day of political spin and massaging of facts to suit agendas, the Northeast Intelligence Network provides the unvarnished truth about the terrorist threat posed by the enemy living among us. These dedicated professionals have the courage to tell Americans what some in our government might not think we are prepared to hear." - Jayna Davis, author of The Third Terrorist.

Talk show host Chris Baker pursues the truth about what is really going on in the U.S. Most people are beginning to realize that things are just "not right." out Listen to Mr. Baker as he seeks answers.

Doug Hagmann on the Chris Baker Show

October 7, 2008

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Titan of Terrorist Training in the U.S.

Terrorist training camps in the U.S. - A REALITY

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Dr. Jerome Corsi on The Roth Show tonight

9 October 2008: Dr. Jerome Corsi, author and researcher into the next president of the United States, Barack Hussein OBAMA, will be interviewed live on the nationally syndicated The Roth Show tonight beginning at 7:00 PT, 10:00 ET. Listen live on an affiliate station near you, or live over the Internet - The Laurie Roth Show via this link.

A message from Douglas J. Hagmann, Director, Northeast Intelligence Network

The plight of Dr. Corsi, to this point, has been trivialized by the major media and pundits on both sides of the political spectrum. In fact, many controversial issues regarding Barack Hussein OBAMA have been made trivial, buried, diverted, quashed, and made off-limits via threats of litigation by the so-called OBAMA "Truth Squads." To this point, the Northeast Intelligence Network as an organization has been virtually silent on many OBAMA related issues in our best efforts to stay out of politics. We will be silent no more because frankly, it has little to do with politics, more to do with power.

Do not, however, believe that by breaking silence, we are endorsing Senator John McCain. We are not, and in fact, do not endorse anyone. It is not our place or position. Republican presidential candidate John McCain has dirty hands in many areas, although most of his history is much more transparent and readily accessible than that of OBAMA.

It is not a matter of political party, it is a matter of truth. It's not about politics, it's about power.

It's about the future of our country as we know it, or once knew it. The very existence of our country is at stake, and is being jeopardized by unseen hands not only from the threat of Islamic terrorists, but from within as well.

Our years of research following the attacks of 2001 have been interesting, confusing, frustrating, and occasionally perilous. Most importantly, however, they have been eyeopening.

There is something very wrong taking place inside this country and on a global scale. The recent experience by Dr. Corsi is the latest example.

Be sure to listen to The Roth Show tonight, and stay tuned. If you feel like "there's something just not right," you're not alone. More importantly, you're correct.

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