Beheading in Buffalo - at Muslim TV Station

By Douglas J. Hagmann

Muzzammil Hassan, co-founder of Bridges TV

Muzzammil Hassan, co-founder of Bridges TV

13 February 2009: Muzzammil “Mo” HASSAN, the founder and chief executive officer of Bridges TV, a Buffalo, NY based Islamic television Network he helped pioneer in 2004 amid hopes that it would help portray Muslims in a more positive light, reportedly admitted to police that he beheaded his wife at the television station yesterday afternoon.The victim was identified as Aasiya Z. Hassan, 37, who just last month, filed for and received an order of protection against her husband.

According to police, HASSAN walked into the Orchard Park police station shortly after 6:00 PM

Aasiya Zubair (HASSAN)

Aasiya Zubair (HASSAN)

yesterday and admitted that he murdered his wife earlier in the afternoon. While Erie County, NY District Frank A. Sedita III stated about the murder that “”…this is the worst form of domestic violence possible,” it is more pertinent to understand that the act of beheading in Islam is frequently and closely associated with “honor killings.”

The intentional mainstream media obfuscation of honor killings and the act of beheading as both relate to Islamic fundamentalist practices & beliefs is anticipated, especially in this case. (For a good primer about Islam and honor killings, please read this 2008 article written by Robert Spencer).

HASSAN and Bridges TV of Buffalo has been a focus of investigation by the Northeast Intelligence Network in the past. The Northeast Intelligence Network made several inquiries to HASSAN and Bridges TV about their relationship with al Manar television - inquiries that HASSAN and his station refused to answer.

Meanwhile, HASSAN was charged with second-degree murder and has been arraigned by Orchard Park, NY Village Justice Deborah Chimes. He is currently in custody at the Erie County Holding Center.

History of Radical Islamist Compounds on North American soil

cover0212hagmannn_thumbby Douglas Hagmann & Judi Mcleod

The story of a Pakistani terrorist kingpin leading a group of followers living and working in the United States and Canada, each having pledged their support to cleanse and spread Islam across through violence, has taken a rather circuitous route of late. The much-hyped documentary released by the Christian Action Network last night in Washington, DC received a lukewarm reception, characteristic of the responses by some government agencies, the majority of the mainstream media, and a “terror fatigued” public. 

The newly released documentary by the Christian Action Network referenced above provides a cursory look at the terrorist organization Jamaat ul Fuqra, and their front organization known as the Muslims of the Americas headquartered in Hancock, New York.  As extensively reported by the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press, professional investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network conducted surreptitious field investigative and covert surveillance operations of this organization over the last few years. The results of those investigations are, in fact, contained in the 2006 Justice Department document labeled “Dissemination Restricted to Law Enforcement” which lies at the core of this documentary. 
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Taliban threaten attack on Islamabad

By Hamid Mir

11 February 2009: ISLAMABAD: The local Taliban leadership has decided to send its fighters to Islamabad as a reaction to the operations in Darra Adamkhel and Swat Valley and in this regard chalkings on the walls of Islamabad are already appearing, forcing the Islamabad administration to whitewash these messages quickly.

Many religious scholars in Islamabad have also received messages from the Taliban that they have only two options, either to support the Taliban or leave the capital or they will be considered collaborators of the “pro-American Zardari government” which, they claim, is not different from the previous Musharraf regime.

It is also surprising that the Taliban of Swat and Bajaur have included the names of some religious and Jihadi leaders on their hit list, who are not ready to fight inside Pakistan against their own countrymen.


Nuclear Weapons Lab Missing 67 Computers

11 February 2009: The Los Alamos nuclear weapons laboratory in New Mexico is missing 67 computers, including 13 that were lost or stolen in the past year. Officials say no classified information has been lost.

The watchdog group Project on Government Oversight on Wednesday released a memo dated Feb. 3 from the Energy Department’s National Nuclear Security Administration outlining the loss of the computers.

Kevin Roark, a spokesman for Los Alamos, on Wednesday confirmed the computers were missing and said the lab was initiating a monthlong inventory to account for every computer. He said the computers were a cybersecurity issue because they may contain personal information like names and addresses, but they did not contain any classified information.


Islamic Western Outpost- The UK Bans Geert Wilders

By Randy Taylor Independent Analyst


Geert Wilders

11 February 2009: It seems that the UK is turning more and more into an Islamic State more and more each day.  They have actually refused entry to Geert Wilders, the man who presented us with a very accurate depiction of Islam with his video release last year titled “Fitna”. It’s bad enough that Wilders is an outcast, an outlaw facing charges in his own country but when the UK refuses you entry into the country because you speak the truth about Islam by exercising free speech, then by all appearances one can assume that the UK has officially sold their country down the road to the Islamic scum.

I think Geert Wilders in right on track with his assessment of Islam and we should be thanking him for having the balls to speak out, not refusing him entry into western countries.

As a person that fully understands the implications of Islamic filtration into our western societies and recognizes the change of tactics in their assault, aimed at our flanks as well as the feared upcoming full frontal assault, I am warning you readers that you need to start speaking out against this  Islamic infiltration of our society and political systems. Start writing and calling your politicians and telling them that you want no part of this. You cannot remain silent on this subject any longer.

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Terrorist “chatter:” Forest Fires

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

11 February 2009: Surveillance of Arabiic language web sites used by Islamic terrorists and their supporters found a number of references to the current forest fires in Australia, with suggestions that no other resources aside from “a match” are needed to create new destruction in dry areas. Although there are no claims of any responsibility for setting the current Australian forest fires, there is plenty of cheering by Islamists about the death and destruction being caused by the fires.

Messages posted in terrorist web sites are urging Islamic fundamentalists everywhere to be proactive and to start their own conflagrations as there is no excuse not too. As one terrorist stated, “the only resource needed is a single match.” This reference was found by deep-cover intelligence operative who is well known in intelligence circles as “Archangel.”

Image posted by the Northeast Intelligence Network in 2003 of California wildfires - taken from space (NASA image)

Image posted by the Northeast Intelligence Network in 2003 of California wildfires - taken from space (NASA image)

As we have reported in the past, the plans to attack the United States and all non-Muslim countries by

By contrast - Ground zero from space in 2001. Also posted by the Northeast Intelligence Network in 2003

By contrast - Ground zero from space in 2001. Also posted by the Northeast Intelligence Network in 2003

lighting forest fires aren’t new, and have been frequently discussed on radical Islamic web sites and forums. In 2003, we began to see - and report on directives posted on Internet forums—instructional posts to terrorists in this country to actually start fires in the US to weaken our infrastructure and deplete our resources. Additionally, instructional communications were published on methods of choosing the best location to start wildfires, the “how-to’s” of conducting surveillance of fire stations and emergency response vehicles, and methods to impede their response.

The issue of using arson to cause damage to the infrastructure, strain and deplete resources is nothing new. What seems to be new, however, is that some people are just beginning to wake up to this threat.


Domestic Terrorism? California arson fires easier than hijacking planes

Photography, surveillance, FBI warnings preceded California wildfires

Australian Wildfires Could Fuel ‘Forest Jihad’ Terrorists, Experts Say

Firefighters and homeowners aren’t the only ones keenly watching Australia’s massive wildfires, responsible for killing at least 173 people in the southern part of the continent.

Terrorism experts suspect Muslim extremists are watching closely, too — and taking note of the devastation.

While Australian authorities have revealed no evidence linking the wildfires to extremists, terrorism experts say the large death toll, the huge swath of destruction and the massive financial blow to the country are proving to Islamic terrorists that arson can be a highly effective — and simple — tool of holy war.


al Qaeda & the Internet

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

9 February 2009: According to the most recent reliable statistics, there are over two billion web sites and approximately 28 billion images spread across the Internet. Thousands more sites and are created and tens of thousands more images are posted every day. Of the two billion web sites, several thousand involve some form of terrorist activity pertaining to terrorism, either directly or indirectly.  According to federal sources recently interviewed by the Northeast Intelligence Network, about five thousand sites, mostly Arabic language Islamic terrorist sites, are under constant surveillance of some form.  Additional Internet locations, not typical web sites but file sharing sites, host various other files, from images to audio and video files.

Since the establishment of the Northeast Intelligence Network in early 2002, we have identified, located and monitored a majority of those Arabic language sites that promote, facilitate or act as communication portals to advance Islamic terrorism.  Most of those sites now require a password to access and in many cases, the permission of the site owner (or forum administrator) to join in an effort to prevent infiltration by counter-terrorist investigators.  The natural barriers created by language and those created by operational security measures are usually sufficient to keep amateur prying eyes out of their virtual classrooms and playgrounds. The initial frenzy of Internet research into such terrorist sites following the 9/11 attacks also resulted in diluting the integrity and importance of the information culled from these sites.

In the past, counter-terrorism authorities have downplayed the role of Internet web sites, chat rooms and forums in terms of the intelligence value they provide.  After all, it is reasoned, no bona-fide terrorist would publish their operational plans on a web site or write about their plans in the plain view of a chat room.  How then, could terrorists use the internet for their vital communication and operational planning?


"Camp al Battar from June 2004"

A Washington Post article dated September 19, 2001 raised the question of how Osama bin Laden and the 9/11 terrorists might have used the internet to advance the planning of the 9/11 attacks.  That article touched on both cryptography and steganography, the latter which involves hiding a file within another file, such as hiding a secret message within a picture, audio or video file that cannot be readily seen without further analysis. According to that 2001 article, federal authorities indeed “had found evidence that bin Laden’s group embedded secret missives in mundane e-mails and on Web sites,” thus verifying the use of steganography.

The Northeast Intelligence Network has previously addressed the issue of steganography as it applies to terrorist communications. In the al Qaeda publication known as “Camp al Battar,” a series of military-style publications previously posted on various Arabic language Internet forums, investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network cited several references to the use of steganography as a method of communication. In issue 11 released in June 2004, for example, the terrorist author talks about using steganography as an alternative to cellular or satellite telephones to deliver important messages, as the electronic devices are likely being monitored by authorities.

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Iraq Directly Tied to 1973 New York City Terrorist Bomb Plot

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director


3 February 2009: The Palestinian terrorist above, Khalid Duhham AL-JAWARY, is currently in a federal detention center in Manhattan serving a 30-year sentence imposed by Judge Jack B Weinstein on April 16, 1993 for his direct role (fingerprints on one of the bombs) in a planned PLO/Black September multi-VBIED plot that would have killed hundreds of innocent people during a visit by Israeli PM Golda Meir in March 1973. Three powerful bombs were placed in cars. Two were positioned on Manhattan’s 5th Avenue outside Israeli banks and the third at Kennedy International Airport’s El Al cargo terminal. That vehicle had the parts for a forth bomb within it.

The federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) currently plans to release this terrorist on February 19th “after completing only about half his term, including time served prior to his sentencing and credit for good behavior.” He will then be handed over to U.S. Immigration authorities for deportation to who knows where. Details about Al-Jawary are found in this KDKA report filed 10 days ago. Initial links to Iraq are found in this report.

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Obama gives hope to terrorists

Perhaps the most misunderstood or misrepresented belief about Muslim terrorists is WHY they commit terrorist acts. Muslim terrorists do not commit acts of terror out of despair, but out of hope.

29 January 2009: President Barack Hussein Obama’s reported dialogue with Islamic terrorists will have dire consequences for the security of the United States and more ominous consequences for survival of Israel and the balance of power in the Middle East. At best, his outreach to Muslim terrorists is a clear example of his complete lack of understanding of what motivates Muslim terrorists. At worst, it represents an almost unthinkable level of complicity with regard to the existence of Israel and the balance of power in the Middle East.

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