Today on The Roth Show: Israel, HAMAS & a "New World Order"

by admin

9 January 2009: Today on the nationally syndicated The Roth Show, beginning at 3:00 PT, 6:00 PM ET., Doug Hagmann will join Laurie Roth in a show you will not want to miss.

*The Israel-HAMAS conflict and the New World Order

*Obama's role in the Middle East Conflict

*Iran's war against Israel, by proxy

Current threats against the U.S.

*And a special report by Doug Hagmann: infiltrating a pro-HAMAS rally. Surprising investigative findings about those who are funding, orchestrating, and leading the PR campaign against Israel, based on his recent surveillance and infiltration of one such rally.

Listen live on an IRN-USA Radio Network affiliate station near you, or live over the Internet - The Laurie Roth Show via this link.

We will be taking your calls toll-free at 1-877-999-ROTH (7684).