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What Happened to the Syrian "Musicians" from Northwest Flight 327? Sorry Folks...

Submitted by admin on Tue, 2006-04-25 07:00.

You can't read the government's version of what happened on Flight 327 because it has been CLASSIFIED. Why? And whatever happened to "nothing happened?"

By Annie Jacobsen

25 April 2006: On June 29, 2004 -- nearly three years after 9/11 -- I was on a flight that many undercover federal agents believe was a dry run for a future terrorist attack involving a hijacked commercial airplane. One federal agent went so far as to tell me that, based upon the intel he had, "it was the real deal called off." Now, 22-months later, the government has completed its investigation into Northwest flight 327. Here's what they say. Oh wait, a few more facts first:

Back in 2004, the flight became headline news after I wrote a 3,000 word, first-hand account of the terrifying events involving a 757 jet, 14 Syrian men, several flight attendants, two federal air marshals and 187 passengers. The article, called Terror in The Skies, Again? was published at and within a week, according to CNN, fifteen million people read it.