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Taliban, al Qaeda Planning Military Offensive on Kabul

Analysts from the Northeast Intelligence Network have identified specific threats to US troops and aide workers in Kabul, suggesting that terror groups are planning a major offensive in the Afghan city of Kabul.

21 November 2003--The Islam Thinker: A leader of the group called "the Muslims army," a branch of the Taliban threatens new and fierce military battles inside the Afghan capital of Kabul like what is currently taking place in Baghdad, against the American and British forces in the region.

The Muslims army in the middle of Afghanistan has been activated and will become active in Jalalabad.

Agha announced to a newspaper that its group is responsible for the kidnapping of the Turkish engineer Hassan Ounal - the one who demanded an exchange of prisoners with the Afghan government...

And he stated that it is targeting the organizations that aid the foreign occupation...where not less than 60,000 Afghan students are found to be receiving the education in those Christian organizations that seek the attribution of the Afghans students to their religion, after they succeeded in the defamation of the organizations of the Arab and Islamic aid with the terrorism...

And he stated that "the Muslims army" will begin great operations in Kabul, targeting the foreign presence there, and against Karzai 's government, which is an agent is to the unbelievers and the occupiers... there will be no escape from the operations.

And Agha said that the American occupation of Afghanistan is more dangerous than the Soviet occupation, as the Americans are not only occupying the land, but the religion and the minds of the Afghan people.



The terror group known as "313" is alliance of three banned militant organizations:

- Lashkar-e-Jhangvi
- Harkat-ul-Mujahideen al-Alami
- Harkat Jihad-ul-Islami

"Basically, the organization ‘313’ was formed by militants of three proscribed outfits, who had fought in Afghanistan alongside the Taliban. It aims to target Western interests in the country and its activists may also have connections with al-Qaeda," said a senior government official, adding: "But we have reports that in order to destabilize the government, the militants belonging to 313 may carry out sectarian killings and attacks on minorities as well."

Jennifer Johnston

23 September 2003

Taliban : We will kill Hamid Karzai & Defeat America by New Plans

Two Taliban officials declared that they "will kill the Afghan president Hamid Karzai" and anyone else found to be a supporter of his government.

They stated that the weaknesses in security and the slowness in the country’s reconstruction (which is Karzi’s responsibility ) will facilitate the support of the Taliban, especially from residents in the southeast part of the country. They emphasized that Taliban operatives will move gradually from the mountains and countryside into the cities and engage the allied forces with renewed assets.

The two men stated that the movement has "new plans for the defeat of the allied forces…"

Hajji Ibrahim, an official in the movement and self-described military commander, said that the Taliban will engage the United States and coalition forces and exhaust them in battle and military expenditures. And he added that the "weakening of America will be a lift for all Muslims worldwide." He also solicited volunteer Muslims from around the world to assist the Taliban’s efforts.