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Toronto: Canadian al Qaeda Headquarters

Trial testimony by FBI agent confirms information provided by this agency and Canada Free Press in 2006: U.S. terror suspects met with large Canadian cell and had international ties. Douglas J. Hagmann, Director, Northeast Intelligence Network

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

15 January 2008: On 20 July 2006, the Northeast Intelligence Network & Canada Free Press were the first to report that two terror suspects from the U.S., Syed Haris AHMED and Ehsanul SADEQUEE "met with at least three other subjects of ongoing FBI terrorism investigations during a trip to Toronto, Ontario Canada" in March, 2005 “to engage in activities in support of violent jihad."

On 21 April 2006, we reported the arrest of AHMED (pictured at left), a Pakistani native and mechanical engineering student at Georgia Tech. He resided with his family near Dawsonville before he moved to an off-campus apartment near Georgia Tech, where he lived until his arrest.

During a hearing yesterday involving a motion to throw out the recorded interviews Ahmed gave to investigators, FBI Agent Mark Richards admitted for the first time in any public venue, through his testimony, that AHMED & SADEQUEE ”met with several of the 17 people charged in a June 2006 Canadian terrorism sweep.” The meeting between AHMED, SADEQUEE AND THE Canadian terror suspects took place in Toronto in March, 2005.

The Canadian men have been charged with engaging in terrorism acts including the importation of weapons, plotting various bombings and assassinations, and other acts of terrorism against public officials and facilities.

In addition to meeting with a number of the 17 Canadian terror suspects, AHMED and SADEQUEE conducted videotape surveillance of U.S. landmarks, including the United States Capitol building in Washington, DC, a number of financial buildings, oil refineries and at least one military installation (air base) located in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. The men conducted surveillance of the landmarks and facilities in April, 2005 - after the meeting with the Canadian men.

According to court documents, AHMED and SADEQUEE stated that they wanted to engage in Islamic terrorist operations “to defend Muslims” and to retaliate for “acts committed against Muslims," Both me pleaded not guilty to a July 19, 2006, indictment charging them with providing material support to terrorists and related conspiracy counts.

Agent Richards testified that the footage taken by Syed AHMED and Ehsanul SADEQUEE were found on a computer belonging to Younis Tsouli, a Moroccan-born resident of the UK man who pleaded guilty in Britain last July to inciting others to commit acts of terrorism.

AHMED, born in Pakistan, was a Georgia Tech student at the time of his arrest. SAQEQUEE, born in Virginia and of Bangladeshi descent, has relatives in the Atlanta area.

The motion hearing is expected to last 2-3 days, although no trial for the terror charges has been scheduled.