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Terrorist Organization Hamas

22 August 2004 - Al Battar features Interrogation Techniques

Interrogation Techniques

This is the art of the getting on information from a person while talking with them without realizing the importance of the information that you are gathering, or the true purpose of the information gathering.

Characteristics of Enticement Techniques:

- the one that gives the information does not recognize the true reasons behind the collection of the information .

- The person being questioned is not under the control of the one asking the questions

- the information resulting from the enticement are usually small and separate.

Interrogation characteristics:

- the one that gives the information is not usually cooperative.

- the relation between the talking parties is hostile .

- The person being questioned is aware that they are being questioned, that information is being gathered

- the person being questions is under the control of the interrogator; often he is being accused of breaking the law.

The enticement ways :

1- Find an introduction suitable start conversing with the target .

2- During the discussion, the important points with the relation to the subject. Are uncovered

3- Must be careful in the subjects being discussed.

4- The person questioning is a good conversationalist

5-He made the goal leads the talk rudder to the coming achievement :

- the evaluation of the target well ( a talkative - a reserved - a sweet - a simple ...).

By - for hiding the enticing care .

she facilitates to the enticing the lead of the Hadith without the revelation of the true target .

Dr. - she gives to the enticing an opportunity for the pick-up of the information .

6- If the talk heads to the subjects that concern the enticing .

7- This trend is by the Hadith logically and is not sudden .

8- The enticing comments and its questions are a logicality and natural and not direct .

9- The handling without affectation or an arrogance with the targeted for the enticement .

10- The creation of a friendly atmosphere for the talk ( a present - moneys ...) .

11- The attention to the target reactions is from a tension and a confusion and a circulation and the non satisfaction .

12- The non the attempt of fast results achievement .

13-After the getting the required information the change naturally into another subject completes with opening the meeting door once another in the future

The preparation of the enticement :

Most probably the enticement completes without preparation because it is in unexpected times and despite that the preparation in advance of the occurrence of the enticement is possible by the coming :

1-The knowledge of information about the target and specially :

- the target knowledge extent by the required information .

By - the knowledge of the points of the weakness of the target for their exploitation ( a talkative - it loves the volunteering - it loves the praise ) .

The A of the knowledge of the cares of the target ( for the specification of the suitable entrance ) .

Dr. - the friendly entrances of the talk are with it .

2- The enticing providing by the target charges information ( in the field of its work information it needs them ...) .

The general weakness points that their exploitation are possible in the enticement :

1- The chatter .

2- The boast .

3- The need for the praise and the praise and the estimation .

4- The habit of the volunteering and the advice of the others and offering the information for them .

The enticement tricks :

These tricks the target from them is the excitement of the target and its provocation so that it gives the information and she :

1- Information mentioned as a truth for the excitement of the confirmation or the banishment .

2- The difference partially with some of the truths during the goal talk for the guarantee of the talk continuation .

3- A praise and the praise of the news as if it is expert .

4- Showing minor notes in the target field ( its specialization ) so that it donates the details .

5- The suggestion of the goal as if you are learning many which makes PRLNKA speaks without a worry about the leakage of the information .

6- The use of the measurement and the comparison between the similar attitudes .

7- The Hadith starts by a negative entrance distant from the true purposes .

8- The showing of the non believing of a truth what that it is not present which incites the goal to proving it by the information .

9- The creation of a comfortable and friendly general atmosphere .

The target reactions :

And she is an advertisement that the target has felt a strange thing it is not from your right that it asks about it as a result to the weakness of the enticement ways and the followed tricks during the talk which leads to the failure of the operation .

1- Ending the talk suddenly .

2- The enticing confrontation is that the subject does not concern it .

3- The doubt about the true target for the enticement .

4- The dependence of the target on an opposite enticement .

The enticement resistance ways :

1- He maintained what you have from information .

2- She does not abide by a thing quickly until it does not fall under the enticement ( and does not become enthusiastic to a subject in it a discussion ) .

3- He sought the caution during the talk in front of the relatives and the friends .

4- The caution about the reaction that leads to the disclosure of information .

5- He maintained the silence and your judgement on the events specially in front of the .

6- Know the points of your weakness the personality and overcame them .

The essence :

1- The preservation of the secrecy and the concealment and following the security devices .

2- She does not raise the doubt under any circumstance that you are collector of the information .

3- Know the running means in the collection of the information .


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