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What you are about to read is a compilation of intelligence and information from various sources ranging from press releases from the White House to posts on suspected terrorist forums.

The opinions and theories stated here are those of this analyst’s based on the information that I have developed over the last 18 months.

Anything stated in this analysis that could be interpreted as a threat to the US or could be interpreted to mean that there could possibly be a loss to human life has been turned over to the federal authorities.

For those who choose not to be informed of the possibility of a catastrophic event occurring on U.S. land that intelligence suggests will make September 11th, 2001 look small in comparison, I suggest that you do not read the following.

The Threats Are There, The Ships Are Real…..

The Possibilities That Exist….


An Analysis Of Its Potential Danger


Jill St. Claire, Associate Director, Northeast Intelligence Network

     Reports resurfaced last week of Al Qaeda’s "15 Mystery Ship Navy". Current intelligence suggests that it may very well be a fleet of approximately 300 vessels, ranging in size from commercial fishing boats to vessels large enough to carry chemical agents such as those used in ‘Dirty Bombs’. (New York Post; 1 January 2003)

CBS News and the Washington Post first reported New Years Eve 2002 about US Intelligence reports, which had identified approximately 15 cargo freighters worldwide that had links to the Bin Laden – Al Qaeda Terrorist Network. (

Perhaps these are the 15 vessels, which the United States and British Intelligence agencies traced back to a Greek shipping agent (with help from Lloyds of London) with ties to bin Laden.

The significance of this ‘Navy’ is of worldwide importance.

Recent horrific memory brings us to October 12, 2000 in the Port of Aden in Yemen. A small boat killing 17, and wounding 38 rammed the USS Cole.

On October 6, 2002 a small explosive-packed boat struck the French oil tanker Limburg, less than 400 nautical miles from the Port of Aden. Twelve of the 25-crew members were injured.

The US Navy had warned shippers on September 10th of unconfirmed reports of possible attacks against oil tankers in the Gulf and the Horn of Africa, but their warnings were unheeded.

This past summer authorities seized a suspicious vessel loaded with 750 tons of ammonium nitrate and 140,000 detonators!

US officials have also said that a large vessel was utilized to transport explosives used to bomb the two US Embassies in Africa in 1998 by members of Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda’s No. 2 man, Ayman al-Zawaheri, and bin Laden’s shadow, have previously referenced the countries of Somalia and Yemen as two of the unstable Muslim countries that could be exploited and weakened to the point that the Jihadis could seize power.

I believe that they are well on their way to achieving this considering that the ‘Mystery Ship’s’ carry the convenience flags, AND are registered in both of those countries.

Britain’s top Navy Chief, Admiral Sir Alan West has said as recent as August of 2003 that urgent steps were being taken to locate the fifteen freighters. Frightening thought that US and British intelligence have lost track of these vessels.

Al Qaeda’s network has not made it an easy task in locating critical data as to their whereabouts. This is EXTREMELY opposite of the intelligence available to the Jihadi’s of the locations of the US Military, (their ships, bases, military statistics, etc), which is readily available to them via the Internet, and as I will point out, is used on a regular basis.

Several months back, posts started appearing on the Jihadi forums calling for the destruction of the USS Kittyhawk. The USS Kittyhawk was being tracked almost daily and their location being posted from data obtained at

     While may not be the only website that this information can be found on, it is the main one that the Jihadi’s refer to obtain strategic military information about US Military. Here is an example of what I am talking about.

The following are excerpts of posts found on some of those forums, roughly translated from Arabic to English:

There is a site in the name of the secret security / He cares about several military information around the around the worlds in the service of the aims of the United States of America targets for the control over the world under the slogan of the murderous weapons nonproliferation in the signer world that discusses military sites that includes air and land bases and projects to the Armed Forces in the world and among what information display about the Arabian Peninsula and information about the widespread air bases in the directions of our countries


And by means of the الرؤى tidings.. The destruction of the American aircraft carrier ( Kitty Hawk .. KITTY HAWK ) .. And her fleet companion to her .. By rockets with nuclear warheads .. Allah willing .. And and most likely عندي أن this event he by means of the present war ( against Iraq ) .. Allah knows best .. And the strange is that he is in today the third from the Iraq war .. The international news agency mentioned .. That the American aircraft carrier ( Kitty Hawk ) she attacked Baghdad by ( 320 ) a rocket .. From her present site that exists in him now ! .. And the notification enables you on what wrote him a previous in a subject ( ( ... The destruction of the American aircraft carrier .. KITTY HAWK ...)) a loosely translated copy of this web page can be seen at: (

And how about this?

A Moslem
A new fighter

An organ since : the Zu'Ilkadah is 1423 هـ

Medina: Number of the participants : 10

I want information round a topography and the maps
Peace be upon you you ..
My better brothers rewarded you the god with goodness reward ..
Who manages to my benefiting by books or subjects or memos she talks about a topography ( attached by the military businesses ) ...And this then do there a way to the acquisition on the military maps ( the American respect ) to the Arab island ؟

He rewarded you the god with goodness reward and the lift of your homes in highs .

| He reached the observer about this participation |

21-11-1423 ه 10 : 33 evening

    So, we have a Jihadi asking for maps, and you will find out, website more than accommodated them.

    The following post, found on the Arabic site called the ‘Repair Forum’ was going to be edited down, but I decided against it so that readers could get an idea of the scope of one of the places where the Jihadis are getting strategic military info….

    This is just one link that shows the utilization of in planning of attacks against the US and/or its allies. This one post lists dozens of links to various areas of global security. I have only included a few for reference here, and the rest will be listed at the end of this analysis.

     I should also note that if you are unclear of the description of what is being referenced, I suggest clicking on the link, and you will understand the description that was offered in the translated Arabic.

Here is the link to the original Arabic Post:

The repair forum > The general forums > The political forum > by the photos تعال we with me watch all American bases in the Gulf

In Allah's name the most merciful

The messenger prohibition is peace be upon him:

A brother beloved / my righteous sister : we ordered Allah Mohammad son Abdullah messenger peace be upon him ، the one that the god sent عز and became great to us and imposed on us his obedience and the obedience of his matter .We ordered by what he is shown a below :

The matter : " they stuck out the polytheist the Arab island " the steamy ( 3053 ) and a Moslem ( 20 ) and this was part of his will God's blessing and peace be upon him at his death.

And said : " if I lived to an accepting : the Jewish Lakhrgn and the Christian from the Arab island ، until I do not أدع in her except a Moslem " Abu Daoud in his Sunna ( 3030 ) ، Al-Termezi ( 1606 ، 1607 ) and said good and right ، and the ruler ( 274 / 4 ) ، and Al-Baihaqi ( 207 / 9 ) ، Al-Emam Ahmed ( 32 / 1 ) by close words and the Albanian corrected him ، and at a Moslem ) without his saying : if I lived to an accepting (

And he was last what assigned is by him to his nation : " not to in the Arab island two religions are left " the Musnad Ahmad ( 275 / 6 )

My brothers we will see now by the forms aside from the rules and the facilitation that the Arab island rulers gave to the unbelievers from Jewish and America Christian are and to the unbelievers from Britain Christian ، in non a clear concern to the prohibition of our messenger Mohammad son Abdullah peace be upon him .

" the El Bahrein responsible " he came to the reader unbelievers

Note: Certain Links are inoperable due to content, but the content remains available, although not through our site by choice.

As for " a responsible " the rules antiquity Anman Fqqd and the facilitation next to the unbelievers of Britain America

1.His air fate base

The satellites photos to the base of his fate

Forms to the presence to the unbelievers and the singing parties and the pleasure in the Arab island in the rule of his fate

2.Kabous ’s port facilitation

3.The ships provision places by the fuel ( a projection )

4.The old base air

5.Facilitation of the airport of the international Alsib

6.The rule of the air Althmriat

The satellites photos are Althmriat foundation the air

The unbelievers Lnoagd photos are inside the rule

7.The facilitation of Salalah port
The site :

As for " a responsible " foot diameter and by each enthusiasm and a competition to the rules America unbelievers and the next facilitation

1. Al-Adid base ( an airbase on the new model gives a present to the unbelievers a Linmknoa from the Moslem extermination by high pans ( then a delicious to Qatar prince this great achievement !!!) and the rule of many is the one that will manage from her the appointed military ruler from toward Bush on the island an Alshrqr the moderate ، the one that will manage from her the Moslem destruction operations in Iraq then Egypt and the Saudi Arabia.

As for we are an action that wonder at the degeneration that arrived to him " Qatar responsible " then reporting to him : diameter Yaamir ، to I was believing that there are a dispatch and a calculation ، then prepare the question a response about the Moslem souls that will vanish because of your treachery to the god and to his messenger ، and if I was believing that he is not there a calculation and no punishment then is not to recently with you. Here

The satellites photos

The photos of new satellites

Air photos to the arsenals to the base of many

A preparing memorizing places and mechanisms and the unbelievers forces weapons are so that she uses her at her arrival to the area ( Al-Adid base )

El Kheam City ( an accommodation the crusaders unbelievers who will tear our brothers camped in Iraq and will invade the Arab island ) ( Al-Adid base )

The expansion works in Al-Adid base ( to her preparation so that she suits the size of the crusader forces and the central leadership following I she will use her to the Moslem destruction )

2.Snoopy camp by the international Doha airport
The site :

As for " a responsible " Saudi Arabia ، the historical ally to the unbelievers from Jewish and America Christian ، until Qatar prince competed with them on this support to the unbelievers ( I beg the excuses then the list lengthens )

1. Harbour of the king Abdalaziz facilitation ( Ad Dammam ) and the one that moves from her is the equipments Artal now to Kuwait to the Iraq Moslem destruction .
The site :

2.Sitting air backs

The satellites photos to a base the air decks

3.The housing village to the accommodation provision and the pools appropriate by the unbelievers from America Christian

As for " a responsible " Yemen
In addition to his support that became detestable ، and his demonstration to the unbelievers and his permission to America unbelievers that they assassinate children of the honest Moslem Yemen ، he and by his science and by a planning with his administration then he in the reality gave to them the blessing is all Wsmaaa Wagoaaa land so that they wage from him a Hrbbhm on the Moslem and the fighters .

Aden port
The site :

The last one should sound familiar. Aden Port in Yemen is where the USS Cole was attacked in 2000.

Strategic Military Info Readily Available

The following are some of the facts about the USS Kittyhawk that are readily available to anyone at several different US websites including, although the US DoD site recently removed most if not all of their data concerning our military assets.

I would like to note that in ordinary times, is a wonderful site, with a wealth of information….but these are not ordinary times…..this is a time of war, where all that is dear to us is at stake. From Global Security...


Power Plant

Eight boilers, four geared steam turbines, four shafts, 280,000 shaft horsepower

Length, overall

1062.5 feet (323.8 meters)

Flight Deck Width

252 feet (76.8 meters)


130 feet (39 meters)


Approx. 80,800 tons (72,720 metric tons) full load
Approx. 78,500 tons (72,720 metric tons) full load CV-66 America


30+ knots (34.5+ miles per hour)




Ship's Company: 3,150 - Air Wing: 2,480


Sea Sparrow missiles
Phalanx CIWS 20mm mounts

Combat Systems

SPS-10f or
3 Mk91 Fire Control


Unit Operating Cost
Annual Average

~$141,000,000 [source: [FY1996 VAMOSC]

From Global Security's web site to al Qaeda's forums:


وبه استعين ..

أحمدك ربي .. وأصلي على نبينا الكريم .. عدد ما ذكره الذاكرون .. وغفل عن ذكره الغافلون ..

ربي إن ذنوبي عظيمة .. وإن قليل عفوك أعظم منها .. اللهم فامحوا بقليل عفوك عظيم ذنوبي .. اللهم آمين .. اللهم آمين .. اللهم آمين .. اللهم نصرك للإسلام والمسلمين .. في أفغانستان .. والشيشان .. وفلسطين .. وفي كل مكان يا رب العالمين .. اللهم افتح على أيدي المجاهدين في عصرنا هذا فتحا عظيما .. فتحا يعم به الإسلام في مشارق الأرض ومغاربها .. ويذل به الكفر والكافرين .. وطواغيت الأرض وأذنابهم .. وأدعياء السلفية .. ومرتزقة العصر .. ومن سلك دربهم .. اللهم آمين .. اللهم آمين .. اللهم آمين ..

أقول وبالله التوفيق :

(( ... مــــقــــــــــدمة ... ))

- هذا والله من عجائب المواضيع وأغربها .. أرجو من القارئ الكريم التحلي بالصبر .. وقراءته حتى النهاية .. !

- طلب عاجل للشيخ بشير النجدي .. كي يتدخل في الموضوع فورا .. !

- تدمير حاملة الطائرات كيتي هوك .. KITTY HAWK .. !

- صواريخ كروز .. تحمل رؤوس نووية .. !

- والمنفذون هم .. ذرية إسماعيل .. !

Tracking Al Qaeda’s ‘Navy’

     While it is quite apparent that Al Qaeda has the means available to them to track and monitor US military activities on both land and sea, the US does not.

     Dr. Rohan Gunaratna, author of "Inside Al Qaeda, Global Network of Terror," has been studying maritime anti-terrorism efforts and was quoted in the New York Daily News as stating, "Unless the international community invests more resources to monitor and track terrorist ships today, we are likely to suffer another 9/11 inside a port like the New York Harbor in the coming months." (…3p107611c.html)

     From the same article, the writer states that, "Terrorism experts fear that the world’s oil tanker, sea lanes and major ports are dangerously vulnerable to 9/11-scale attacks that would cripple world trade. They cite an alarming combination of factor, including terrorist-connected Southeast Asian rebels involved in piracy, the difficulty of tracking suspect vessels in the murky worlds of commercial shipping, and an Al Qaeda fleet that could be as large as 300 vessels."

Piracy Linked to Terrorists?

Piracy of vessels is not something that is widely reported here in the US, but to give you an idea of how widespread it is, and how it is on the rise, look at the following maps for the first six months of 2003, and where some of these intrusions of maritime ships have occurred:

[ ]

Could it be that the Al Qaeda network is trying to acquire more ships or vessels? Your guess is as good as mine. But here is what this analyst has found out…..

Some Facts on Piracy

    • There are more than 120,000 merchant vessels worldwide making it very difficult to monitor them all by anti-terrorism forces
    • The Gulf of Aden in Yemen (where the USS Cole and the French line Limburg were attacked) remains a hot spot for terror attacks and piracy
    • The Strait of Malacca, at the tip of the Indonesian Island of Sumatra, which is waged in a bloody civil war with rebels, is one of the most vulnerable sea-lanes in the world according to George Friedman, head of Stratfor.

In fact, the International Maritime Bureau issued warnings to shippers on 2 September 2003 that attacks and piracy in this region were on the rise.

The attacks that they have been seeing are similar to attacks waged by the Free Aceh Movement, which has been linked to Jemaah Islamyah. (The group charged with the two Bali Bombings last October)

Group 272 (who fought alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan) has plans reportedly in place to destroy an oil tanker in the Strait of Malacca.

Japan has become so concerned that they have sent a fleet to help bolster security.

    • According to the International Maritime Bureau, any vessel not making a scheduled stop in Somalia and that stops close to the Somalia coast risks being boarded by armed militia. The chances of this occurring have increased in risk assessment from a possibility to a certainty.
    • Hijackings of vessels in the year 2002 alone increased from 16 to 25 incidents, and looks to be a number even greater for ‏2003.
    • US and British Intelligence fear that there will be high sea terror by bin Laden’s vessels
    • Al Qaeda’s Suicide Navy is a real threat according to military officials in Britain
    • Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning of underwater attacks
    • Intelligence as early as March 2003 suggested that Al Qaeda was planning an attack on a US warship on 9-11 in the Persian Gulf by a freighter packed with explosives


US Department of State Warning

     Last month the US Department of State warned citizens that the threat of terror attacks was still great despite the passing of the second anniversary of September 11th. The State Department’s warnings all seem to be the same, but this one was different….they included the threat of maritime terrorism.

     The report further stated that they believe Al Qaeda is striving for attacks on a much grander scale than that of 9-11, possibly involving chemical or biological agents, and that a second catastrophic attack in the US cannot be dismissed.

     Now, this leads me to the next "horrific reality...While you might still be asking how all of the above is tying into al Qaeda's Navy, I assure you that by the end, all the pieces of this frightening puzzle will fit together.

Suitcase Nukes, Tectonic Bombs and the Link to Terrorists

     Anyone that thinks that the US is immune to being struck by a nuclear device in our lifetime, maybe should think again. The threat is real, the means is there, and possibly already in place, and the pieces of Al Qaeda’s Terrorist Network are starting to fall into place. And, God knows I hope I am wrong.

    Before you can understand the reality of it, you need to know what we are dealing with. The following is a brief description of some of the types of bombs that pose a very real threat to us and the world….but before reading further, ponder this thought…imagine a few cans of coffee in New York City…..could you find them? Probably not, and that is what the Intelligence communities are dealing with….read further:

Backpack Weapons

Originally made by the Soviets in the early 60’s. The backpack nuclear system consists of "three coffee-can size aluminum canisters, which must be connected before detonation. The weapon was formally in the custody of the Ninth Directorate of the KGB, close to Soviet leadership. The Directorate having custody of the weapon is similar to a nuclear device being in the custody of the Secret Service."

According to info provided to the CIA, three aluminum canisters are placed in a green canvas case with pockets on the outside. All three must be connected to make a single unit for it to explode. The detonator is about 6 inches long and carried in a "knife like sheath". Depending on the efficiency of the explosion, it has a 3 to 5 kiloton yield and powdered during storage by a battery line connected to the canisters.

Reports state that the system is very small, and it is not necessary to carry it in units…meaning that one person can carry and use this weapon.

Peter Probst, a former Department of Energy intelligence official of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict stated that if " bin Laden were going nuclear, a backpack weapon is the way to go."

The backpack nuke weapon and suitcase nukes are not the same….

Suitcase Nukes

Suitcase nuclear bombs are much larger than backpack nukes.

The suitcase bomb is as "large as two footlockers, has dimensions of approximately 24"x16"x8, a yield of one kiloton, and are difficult to set up.

"A small current of power is needed to store the weapon safely near its detonation site. This means that the operator of the weapon would need to run a fine wire up to a power pole. The wire is so fine that if discovered and someone tried to walk back to the source, it would break.  The Soviets had programmed these weapons to the point that if the battery was running low, a signal would be sent to a Soviet satellite or the nearest consulate, and if tampered with, the nuclear weapons disabled

Former Soviet military intelligence officer, Stanislav Lunev has confirmed that the Soviets had even made small nuclear weapons "that look like rocks".

If you have reached this point, you are still wondering how this all ties in to bin Laden and Al Qaeda, correct? Please read on….

Nuclear Suitcase Bombs Missing In Russia

Al-Watan al-Arabi, an Arabic language newspaper well organized terrorist’s smuggled nuclear warheads out of Russian territory via secret routes through Uzbekistan. These warheads were said to have been bought with opium and cash from the Russian Mafia..

In Uzbekistan, Soviet scientists removed the active uranium and placed it in backpack-sized nuclear bombs for transportation to the West, undetected.

Sources say that bin Laden has used two tons of Afghanistan opium and $ 30 million cash to buy over 20 nuclear warheads. He has hired rogue nuclear scientists working underground at a ‘base’ to convert these warheads to backpack size nukes that he can distribute all over the world. Analysts believe that he would use them, See more about this at other links will be listed at the end.

     The public first knew the version that I am talking about in 1997. One of these bombs has an explosive charge equivalent to a thousand pounds of TNT. To give you an idea of the impact of one of these bombs hitting Manhattan, look at this diagram below and the areas it would affect. Please also note that the winds could carry the nuclear fallout all over New York City and parts of New Jersey within hours.

Former Russian National Security Advisor Alexandr Lebed has made allegations that there are 100 of these portable bombs that are unaccounted for and have been since the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union. He has also said that these bombs can be activated by a single person and can kill as many as 100,000 people.

"These bombs were developed initially for the KGB and only ‘for terrorist purposes’, and were only to be used by specially trained units to destroy key targets such as power plants during wartime."

Dirty Bombs

Now, ‘dirty bombs’ consist of waste by-products from nuclear reactors, wrapped in conventional explosives. On detonation, these bombs can spew radioactive material into the environment.

Elements such as caesium, cobalt, plutonium or uranium can be oxidized into respirable-sized particles and then disbursed.

The particles would settle as dust and be very difficult to detect and clean-up, leaving many areas inhabitable.

Experts say that the ultimate dirty bomb is a nuclear power station that could serve as a target for a terrorist attack.

Crashing an aircraft into the cooling pool that holds spent fuel could have a devastating effect on the nearby population and the environment.

This is the end of Part One. Part Two begins with tectonic bombs, what they are, and how all of this ties into Al Qaeda’s Navy.



The burning airport

Sheikh Isa air base

As for " a responsible " Kuwait he has given to the unbelievers the services and the next facilitation

Ahmad Al-Jaber ’s rule air

The satellites photos by Ahmad Al-Jaber ’s rule air

Forms to the American presence by Ahmad Al-Jaber ’s rule air

Ali ’s base safe the air :

The satellites photos to Ali ’s base safe the air

Forms to the American presence are Ali ’s base the safe the air

Oraifijan camp

The satellites photos to Oraifijan camp

The Doha camp

Air photos to the Doha camp :

A rule is the attribution of the activities of the naval leadership the central is a Balgfir

Facilitation in Salman ’s port

Forms to the American presence by the Doha camp

Filkaa island

The forces accumulation camps ( a Kabal)

The international Kuwait airport facilitation

The satellites photos to the international Kuwait airport

Minaa Alahmdi facilitation

The square of Oudira throw

Al Sayliyah camp ( we hope that the Qatari soldiers are available to them what is an availability to the unbelievers from prerogatives )

The satellites photos to Al Sayliyah camp

A happy mother rule to the increasing and the provision to the invader crusader unbelievers forces
He led a happy :
The satellites photos to the housing village
The site :

King Abdalaziz brigade consultants from America unbelievers ( Alhfof )

The base of air Jidda and King Fahd ’s rule the navy is by grandfather

Facilitation to America unbelievers by the Islamic port of Jidda
The site :

Capital city Abdalaziz the navy

The capital city Khaled air / a more beautiful rule ( Khamis Mshit )

The news towers ( the two backs )

A city king Khaled the military ( Hafar Al Batin )

Prince Sultan base air ( the saddlebag )
The site :

The satellites photos to prince Sultan base air

Forms to the presence to America unbelievers by prince Sultan rule air

The base of the air Riyadh

A city king Abdalaziz the military / King Faisal ’s rule air ( Tabuk )

The touring base air

A port gushes
The site :

As for " a responsible " Emirates he has come the rules and the facilitation next to the unbelievers from Jewish and America Christian

The rule of the air Alzfra

Maintenance station and the ships fuel ( Fujuirah )

The international Fujuirah airport

Ali ’s mountain port ( one of of the ports explainer to the forces of America unbelievers )
The site :

Facilitation by Zayed ’s port
The site :

Facilitation by a sensible port
The site :

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What you are about to read is a compilation of intelligence and information gathered from various sources ranging from press releases issued by the White House to various communications made by known or suspected terrorists on both open and  “closed” forums. The opinions and theories stated here are those of this analyst based exhaustive research and analysis of the data referenced above. Any information contained in this analysis that could be interpreted as a threat to the US , it citizens or allies has already been turned over to the appropriate federal authorities.

To those not wishing to be informed of the possibility of a catastrophic event occurring within the United States that intelligence findings suggest “will make September 11th, 2001 pale in comparison,” you would be well advised to avoid reading the following analysis. It has proven to be an exhaustive investigation with many twists and turns into areas that shocked even this analyst.

What I present to you here is at times shocking and frightening, but should not be construed as a conspiracy theory or a prediction of “Doomsday.”  

However, make no mistake…

The Threats Are There, The Ships Are Real…

The Possibilities That Exist….

This is Part Two



An Analysis Of Its Potential Danger


Jill St. Claire, Associate Director, Network Analyst


     During an interview conducted in May 2002, United States Vice President, Dick Cheney spoke of another terrorist attack in the United States . Referring to the type of attack and the possible timing of such an event, Cheney stated:


"We don't know if it's going to be tomorrow, or next week or next year," Cheney said.. The U.S.-led war on terrorism has had some successes at disrupting the al Qaeda terrorist network, making it more difficult for them to carry out operations, he noted, but it's almost impossible to build "a 100 percent perfect defense."

"The American people must understand the reality of the enemy we're up against," he stressed. Even if your defense is 99 percent successful, that other one percent "can still kill you." [1]


            It has been 27 months since the attacks of 9/11 at the time of this writing, and 18 months since the vice president cautioned that we must be prepared. Where do we stand now in terms of our preparation status? My analysis clearly indicates that WE ARE NOT PREPARED and have taken few significant steps to protect our country in any meaningful way against the specific threats I will identify in this report.


            For those readers who have grown weary of hearing about imminent terrorist attacks in the United States and feel like you are you reading another “the sky is falling” analysis, I urge you to understand that it is not a question of IF, but a matter of when and where it will occur and by what means.  This analysis addresses the latter two possibilities:


The Protection of Our Ports and Coastlines


Based on the intelligence and data reviewed by this analyst and the multi-faceted investigation conducted over the course of the last few months, I am convinced that an attack by ship, underwater, or through the use of tectonic weapons is indeed on the “short list” of possible scenarios.


One of the most disturbing facts I have discovered from my research is that I have found very little to support any conclusion that the US government is prepared to adequately protect its sea ports against a major terrorist attack.  The intelligence is growing daily concerning maritime activities that could be (and have been verified) as related directly to terrorists.


For example, recently there was a ship docked in Longview , Washington that was intercepted by the US Coast Guard off the coast of Oregon .  Identified as the Athena, it was under constant surveillance by a Coast Guard gunboat and by customs agents on shore. (Information and photograph of the ship: )


          The Athena went through a similar scenario in South Korea.  It is supposedly on its way to Africa with a cargo of a product that helps create aluminum.[2] South Korean authorities have conducted a sweeping search of a freighter that visited Australia three months ago after receiving intelligence that operatives of al-Qaeda might be on board.   The South Korean government acknowledged receiving tips that some of the sailors onboard are actually members of Al Qaeda disguised as sailors.  Based on this detailed advanced intelligence warning, the crew has been forbidden to leave the ship, and at the time this report was being compiled, is subsequently scheduled to depart within days. Note: The news forum Free Republic has a very informative and detailed accounting of the Athena here:


Based on the interception of the Athena, it would appear to the average person that our coastline, and in particular the shores along the Oregon and Washington coast is well protected, but the Athena is a large vessel and specific intelligence preceded its arrival. What protection does the ENTIRE coastline of the US have against ships much smaller than the Athena? Based on my research, the answer is not much. Simply put, there is still not enough manpower to safely secure the coastlines of the entire United States .


The fleet of ships, vessels and other watercraft that Al Qaeda is reported to have sailing under various “flags of convenience” vary in size and classification.  The smaller commercial fishing type boats enjoy greater freedom of movement and can perhaps be the most dangerous as they can slip in and out of ports relatively undetected.  These smaller boats have also been known to be explosive laden and ram larger boats in a suicide-homicide style attack.


Bin Laden has been investing heavily in naval terrorist assets, intelligence sources say. They report that al Qaeda has purchased a number of small vessels for suicide strikes in the Persian Gulf , Red Sea and the Mediterranean .The estimated size of the Al Qaeda fleet varies. Some sources said about 20 vessels are being prepared for suicide strikes while others say fleet numbers into the hundreds.[3]


Security at most ports around the US does not exist, or is lax at best.  The International Maritime Organization passed regulations requiring security plans on most commercial vessels by July 2004, and that seemed to be a wakeup call to those in the maritime industry. However, action to protect our ports is not occurring fast enough. Dale DuPont, a writer for the Miami Herald, interviewed Kim Peterson, chief executive at SeaSecure, a Fort Lauderdale-based maritime security-consulting firm.  Peterson said that Florida is the only state where each of its deep-water ports has approved security plans in place.  Mr. Peterson was quoted further as stating, “It is a frightening prospect in this day and age of weapons of mass destruction and terrorists” that vessels are arriving from ports, which have virtually no security.  Indeed Mr. Peterson, it is VERY frightening.


Al Qaeda Entering The US Through Ports?


In October of 2002, a 50-foot wooden freighter, undetected by the Coast Guard, ran aground near downtown Miami , and its 220 undocumented Haitian passengers clambered ashore. The Washington Post  reported further in their story December 31, 2002 that some US officials expressed concern that an Al Qaeda fighter or other vessel could “deliver” terrorist operatives in the same manner.They further quoted Bruce Stubbs, a former Coast Guard captain as stating: “If the Coast Guard can’t stop 200 people on a freighter from coming into the port of Miami , how can they stop a terrorist with a dirty bomb?”


Tectonic Weapons


         At the risk of being labeled as a “conspiracy theorist,” my on-line research of open-source documentation has indicated that there is much about these weapons of mass destruction that someone, somewhere does not want disseminated to the general public. Tectonic weapons may just be the weapons of mass destruction that we should fear the most.  The effects of this weapon are relatively unknown and speculated upon at best. It is indeed known and accepted, however, that once such a device has been detonated, there is not any way to predict the affects it will have on humans, on our atmosphere, our land, or the entire world. Tectonic weapons exist for one purpose alone, which is the alteration of destruction of the earth’s eco-system and ultimately human life.  These weapons are detonated by remote control, and as indicated above, their long-term consequences are unpredictable.


Whoever is trying to keep these devastating weapons under wraps from the general public can not do so anymore…. credible evidence and exhaustive investigation suggests that these weapons of mass destruction are likely already in the hands of Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda Terrorist Network.


The general public has a right to know what they are, where they are used, what purpose they could serve in the hands of terrorists, and what the consequences could be…..

Imagine this…. you are sitting in your office, and you hear a news report saying that a major earthquake has just occurred on the West Coast.  The epicenter is a few miles off the coastline north of San Francisco .   Preliminary reports indicate that there is a possibility that an underwater nuclear explosion might have triggered the quake.  Waves breaking along the coastline both north and south of the epicenter are engulfed in flames, burning everything that they touch, and killing hundreds.  Would you believe it?  Probably not…. but understand this…it can happen…IF a tectonic bomb is detonated on the San Andreas Fault .

 The Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction

 On January 19, 2003 , posted an article entitled, "Al-Qaeda is a Danger to the Free World". The following are a few excerpts from that article:


“An article published recently on one of the Internet sites identified with Al-Qaeda, endorsing annihilation of the United States and its allies through use of nuclear and biological weapons, conveys, according to the security source, the urgent need for cooperation in the fight against international terror.

The following is a translation of the article that endorses "annihilation of the
United States " with nuclear and biological weapons:

Nuclear Warfare is the Solution for Destroying

In the name of Allah the most merciful.

Thus, you are not mistaken in reading this text. This is the only way to kill the greatest possible number of Americans. The Americans have never experienced a threat like this one. During
World War II , America used this [nuclear] weapon twice in three days following the successful Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor . Today, the United States uses the most powerful and advanced weapons of destruction against peaceful citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan, and it proudly supports the war that Russia is waging against Chechnya, not out of affection for Russia, but rather from its hatred of Moslems.

America has bombed Iraq with weaponry that will pollute the soil and underground water with radiation for thousands of years. It also enhances its bombs with spent uranium to cause even greater harm to the people and the environment.


 This, so that no one should think that after they leave the island of [the Prophet] Mohammed [the Arabian Peninsula ], which they have transformed into a restricted area, just to return to the same place [because of the pollution perpetrated by them]. It seems, in fact, that the wild beasts in the White House have forgotten or have tried to forget one very important thing, which is, in all pride - the Al-Qaeda organization. This organization, which strikes fear in the hearts of the infidel West, turns youth into people who have nothing in this world but their devotion to Allah and to His Prophet Mohammed, and who are the tormentors of the sons of whores [i.e. - the West], and who are shining examples of estrangement from the sins of this world . . . and of selling their souls to Allah.

. . Therefore, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Even though the Americans have bombs possessing enormous power, Al-Qaeda is even more powerful than they, and it has in its possession bombs which are called "dirty bombs", and bombs with deadly viruses, which will spread fatal diseases throughout American cities . . . The coming days will prove that Kaedat el-Jihad [the Al-Qaeda organization] is capable of turning America into a sea of deadly radiation, and this will prove to the world that the end is at hand . . . Yes, we will destroy America and its allies, because they have used their power for evil against the weak.


And now, the end approaches at the hand of the enlightened [Islamic] youth astride their horses [fighting the war against the infidels]; they will dismount either as victors or vanquished [i.e. - fall in holy war for Allah] . . .

Abu Shihab El-Kandahari - 26 December 2002"

The picture published along with the article illustrates the intentions of the author of the article endorsing annihilation of the United States:

A photocopy of the article published on the site that is identified with bin Laden's organization:”


America has bombed Iraq with weaponry that will pollute the soil and underground water with radiation for thousands of years”.

          That one reference to the US bombs polluting that underground water raises questions of tectonic weapons use in Afghanistan and Iraq .  The fact that the statement, ‘an eye for an eye, etc’ was used in the same statement leads this analyst to believe that the same type of bombs may be used in the United States . There is more…..

The FATWA Giving Permission For The Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction

            On April 9, 2003 , through the collective efforts of NEIN Analyst Jaclyn Ross and  this analyst, the US Department of State- Office of Diplomatic Security was informed of a FATWA that had been issued by Nazar bin Hamd al-Fahd, a cleric with connections to Al Qaeda, which authorized the use of weapons of mass destruction against America .

             On June 2, 2003 , less than 60 days after furnishing our government with this information, Attorney General John Ashcroft testified before the House Judiciary Committee and stated the following:

      “Nazar bin Hamd al-Fahd is a prominent extremist Saudi cleric known to have significant connections to Al Qaeda    operatives who seek his religious justification and support for terrorist operations.


Just last month, he issued a new fatwa entitled “The Legal Status of Using Weapons of Mass Destruction Against Infidels.”  This fatwa lays religious arguments for the use of weapons of mass destruction against Americans, including women and children.

Al-Fahd asserts, and I’m quoting again: "The weapons of mass destruction will kill any infidels on whom they fall, regardless of whether they are fighters, women or children.  They will destroy and burn the land.  The arguments for the permissibility are many."

 I quote further, "If a bomb that killed 10 million and burned as much of their land as they have burned Muslims land were dropped on them, it would be permissible."

 The following is a copy of the title page and the table of contents in both Arabic and English of that Fatwa:



حكم استخدام أسلحة الدمار الشامل

ضد الكفار

   كتبه :

ناصر بن حمد الفهد

 ربيع الأول - 1424




المبحث الأول : مقدمات مهمة :


المقدمة الأولى : أن التحريم لله سبحانه لا لغيره من البشر :


المقدمة الثانية : أن الأصل في القتل الإحسان :


المقدمة الثالثة : التفريق بين المقدور عليه وغير المقدور عليه :


المبحث الثاني : الأدلة على جواز استخدام أسلحة الدمار الشامل :


الدليل الأول : النصوص التي تدل على جواز تبييت المشركين ولو أصيبت ذراريهم :


الدليل الثاني : النصوص التي تدل على جواز حرق بلاد العدو :


الدليل الثالث : النصوص التي تدل على جواز ضرب الأعداء بالمنجنيق ونحوها مما يعم الهلاك به :



المبحث الثالث : كلام أهل العلم في هذا الباب :


أولاً : من كلام الحنفية :


ثانياً : من كلام المالكية :


ثالثاً : من كلام الشافعية :


رابعاً : من كلام الحنابلة :


خامساً : من كلام الظاهرية :


سادساً : من كلام غيرهم من المجتهدين :


المبحث الرابع : شبهات وردود :


الشبهة الأولى : تحريم قتل النساء والصبيان :


الشبهة الثانية : تحريم الإفساد في الأرض :


الشبهة الثالثة : أن هذه الأسلحة ستقتل قسماً من المسلمين :


A letter In

The weapons of mass destruction use judgement

Against the unbelievers

He wrote him:

Nasser Bn Hamad the jaguar

The Rabi I – 1424

The contents

A front


The first study : Important fronts :


The first front : that the prohibition to the Allah a glory be to no to an except from the mankind :


The second front : that and the origin of the murder the benevolence :


The third front : the dispersion between able on him and not able on him :


The second study : The proofs on the weapons of mass destruction use permissibility :


The first proof : the texts that indicate the polytheists premeditation permissibility and if their offsprings were afflicted :


The second proof : the texts that indicate the permissibility of the burning of the countries of the enemy :


The third proof : the texts that indicate the enemies giving permissibility by the catapult and her direction of what the death by him spreads :


The third study : The scientists talk in this chapter :


A first : from the Hanafiyyah talk :


A second : from the Malki talk :


A third : from the Shafii talk :


A fourth : from the Hanbali talk :


A fifth : from the external talk :


A sixth : from except talk from the diligent :


The fourth study : Suspicions and answers :


The first suspicion : the women murder prohibition and the boys :


The second suspicion : the spoilage prohibition in the land :


The third suspicion : that these weapons will kill a department from the Moslem :


Tectonic Bombs, Russia , and Afghanistan

             If you have read this far, you are probably wondering how all of this ties into Al Qaeda’s Navy, and how they would get their hands on tectonic weapons. Hopefully, my analysis will provide at least the most basic answers to your questions. During the Russian – Afghan war, open-source documentation suggests that the Russians planted tectonic weapons in the mountains of Afghanistan .  Although a few were detonated, most were not.  It is the latter that intelligence suggests may have fallen into terrorist hands, namely, Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda terrorist network.

 IF that is the case, and IF those weapons of mass destruction are on the vessels designated as part of “Al Qaeda’s Navy,” catastrophic consequences could be had to virtually the entire world, particularly along the coastlines of almost every continent.  The basis for this statement is that it is well known that nearly every coastline has tectonic plates. (For a clear explanation of tectonic plates, consult the   USGS website at the following link:

 Tectonic weapons, if large enough, could be detonated along these plates, triggering earthquakes of tremendous magnitude, causing tsunamis and a catastrophic loss of life in addition to massive property damage. Although it is the position of this analyst based on extensive research that al Qaeda has the means to do just that, certain members of our Intelligence community would likely argue this point relentlessly. Tie all of this in with unsecured ports along those coastlines and we are looking at the exacerbation of an already potentially serious situation. If you still do not believe that it could happen, I ask you to consider the following:

Quakes of Convenience Around The World

          An Azerbaijani KGB officer has disclosed that Moscow secretly conducted exotic research into tectonic arms – weapons that can cause and control earthquakes.  Lt. Col. Akif Gasanoiv claims:  “The information I received seemed fantastic.  Certain scientists at the Acadmy of Sciences were working on problems associated with earthquakes…[they] asserted that they could control and initiate earthquakes….In their opinion, there were grounds to believe that a number of earthquakes that had occurred recently may well have been initiated through a remote control device or accidentally triggered directional influence on the earth’s core.”  Gasanov also said that a series of quakes in the late 1980’s – occurring from India to Central Asia – were the direct result  of tectonic weapons tests. [4]

         Although the veracity of the source could be questioned, there is no doubt that these weapons exist, and there is no doubt that terrorists plan to use whatever weapon of opportunity they can acquire, including tectonic weapons and those of a chemical, biological and nuclear nature. That said, let us look at a possible scenario involving the detonation of a nuclear weapon in New York City , for example. The following article will explain in detail the immediate and long-term effects of such an event, although a water detonation will have a number of other consequences beyond what is detailed below.


           What would happen if New York was attacked- with a small nuclear 'suitcase' bomb?

A 150 kiloton bomb constructed by terrorists is detonated in the heart of Manhattan , at the foot of the Empire State Building . The bomb goes off without warning at noon . It's a clear spring day with a breeze to the east.


·        There is no warning. The population has not been evacuated nor sought shelter. Both measures could reduce casualties.

·        There is clear weather, with visibility of 10 miles (16 km).

·        This is an isolated attack, leaving the rest of the country free to respond

·        A large percentage of the day time population is outside - 25%.

·        The daytime population density is roughly uniform and about 125,000 per square mile.

·        The shock wave will spread out uniformly in all directions, being minimally affected by structures.

1 second after detonation
Blast Wave

At the end of the first second, the shock wave will have an overpressure of 20 psi. at a distance of four tenths of a mile from ground zero. Even the most heavily reinforced steel and concrete buildings will be destroyed. These buildings include the Empire State Building , Madison Square Gardens , Penn Central Railroad Station and the New York Public Library. Most of the material that comprises these buildings will remain and pile up to a depth of hundreds of feet in places, but nothing inside this ring will be recognizable.


This circle contains a daytime population of roughly 75,000. There will be no survivors. Those caught outside will be exposed to the full effects of the blast, including severe lung and ear drum damage and exposure to flying debris. Those in the direct line of sight of the blast will be exposed to a thermal pulse in excess of 500 cal/, causing instant death. Those inside, though shielded from some of the blast and thermal effects, will be killed as buildings collapse.


The fireball will have a maximum radius of 1,023 feet (0.2 miles). However, the blast effects will greatly outweigh any direct thermal effects due to the fireball.

4 seconds after detonation
Blast Wave

An overpressure of at least 10 psi. extends out for 1 mile. Concrete and steel reinforced commercial buildings will be destroyed or severely damaged out to the edge of this ring. The few buildings that remain standing on the outside edge of this ring will have their interiors destroyed. Though the thermal pulse is intense enough to ignite most materials, the shock wave will likely extinguish most fires in this ring. Landmarks affected by the blast at this distance include the Chrysler Building , Rockerfeller Center , the United Nations, and four hospitals. All of these buildings will be totally destroyed or so severely damaged that they will be unusable and will have to be demolished in the clean-up.


Most people inside buildings will be killed by flying debris or die as the buildings collapse. Almost all those outside and not in the direct line of sight of the blast will receive lung and ear drum injuries to varying degrees. Those in the direct line of sight will be killed instantly by the thermal pulse. Fatalities are estimated at 300,000 with many of the remaining 100,000 receiving some form of non-fatal injury. Those people in this ring making use of New York 's subway system will escape with few injuries, though they may be trapped for days by debris blocking entrances and exits.

6 seconds after detonation
Blast Wave

In the next two seconds the shock wave moves out another half mile, extending the destruction out to a 1.5 mile radius. The overpressure has dropped to 5 psi. at the outer edge of this ring, which covers an area of 4 square miles. Reinforced structures are heavily damaged and unreinforced residential type structures of brick and wood are destroyed. Affected structures include Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center and the Queensboro Bridge . All the named structures are near the outside edge of this ring. All windows in these structures will be shattered and many interior walls will collapse.


This ring contains 500,000 people during the day. About 190,000 will be killed inside buildings by flying debris. This is roughly half of the assumed indoor population. The other 190,000 will suffer varying degrees of injuries. Most of those outside and not in the direct line of sight of the explosion will escape direct injury from the blast, but may be injured by flying objects. The thermal pulse is still sufficiently intense (40 cal/ to kill anyone in the direct line of sight; approximately 30,000. Those people fortunate enough to be under ground will escape with no injuries. The total number of injured will be approximately 220,000, leaving roughly 60,000 uninjured.

Thermal Effects

This region contains the most severe fire hazard, since fire ignition and spread are more likely in partly damaged buildings than in completely flattened areas. Perhaps 5% of the building would be initially ignited, with fire spread to adjoining buildings highly likely. Fires will continue to spread for 24 hours at least, ultimately destroying about half the buildings.

10 seconds after detonation
Blast Wave

This band extends out to a 2.5 mile radius and has an overpressure at the outside edge of 2 psi. Reinforced structures will receive varying amounts of damage, with those buildings at the edge being almost completely undamaged. Wood and brick buildings will receive moderate amounts of initial damage, with the damage becoming less significant at the outside edge of the ring.


An estimated 235,000 people (15%) will be fatalities in this ring, with another 525,000 injured to varying degrees. No injuries will be due directly to the blast overpressure, however the thermal pulse will still be sufficient to kill or incapacitate those not indoors or otherwise protected. The degree of injury from the thermal pulse will depend greatly on clothing and skin color. Darker clothing and skin will absorb more of the energy, giving a more severe burn. The material type and thickness will also determine the severity of burns from the thermal pulse.

Thermal Effects

The possibility of delayed damage due to fire is very real in this band. The energy in the thermal pulse will still be sufficient to start combustible materials on fire, yet the overpressure and accompanying wind will be less likely to put out these fires. If only a small percentage of the buildings start on fire many may be damaged as the fire spreads out of control since the capability to fight fires will be non-existent. It may be 24 hours or more before the resources are available to even begin to fight fires.

16 seconds after detonation
Blast Wave

This band extends out for almost 4 miles and has an overpressure of 1 psi. at its outside edge. At the inner edge there will be light to moderate amounts of damage to unreinforced buildings of brick and wood. Reinforced structures and commercial buildings will receive light damage at most. This band extends out to the site of the former World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty in the south, across the East River into Queens in the east, and across the Hudson River to New Jersey .


Though this ring covers an additional 30 square miles, much of this area is over water or less densely populated areas. The affected population in this ring is estimated to be 500,000. There will be almost no fatalities in this ring and only a small percentage, roughly 30,000, will receive injuries from the thermal pulse. Flashblindness and permanent retinal injuries from the blast will extend out beyond 20 miles. Since this is a ground level explosion, the number of people who will be looking in the direction of the blast and have a clear view, will be much less than if the explosion had taken place several thousand feet above the city.


Long-Term Fallout Pattern

The fallout pattern from a 150 kiloton surface burst in
New York , with a uniform 2 mph wind from the east.

Radioactive Fallout

A surface explosion will produce much more early fallout than a similarly sized air burst where the fireball never touches the ground. This is because a surface explosion produces radioactive particles from the ground as well as from the weapon. The early fallout, will drift back to earth on the easterly prevailing wind, creating an elliptical pattern stretching from ground zero out into New Jersey . Because the wind will be relatively light, the fallout will be highly concentrated in the area of Manhattan just to the east of the blast. Predicting levels of radiation is difficult and depends on many factors like bomb size, design, the ground surface and soil type.

Fallout Effects

5-20                Possible late effect; possible chromosomal damage.

20-100            Temporary reduction in white blood cells

100-200         Mild radiation sickness within a few hours: vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue; reduction in resistance to infection.

200-300         Serious radiation sickness effects as in 100-200 rem and hemorrhage; exposure is a Lethal Dose to 10- 35% of the population after 30 days (LD 10-35/30).

300-400         Serious radiation sickness; also marrow and intestine destruction; LD 50-70/30.

400-1000       Acute illness, early death; LD 60-95/30.

1000-5000     Acute illness, early death in days; LD 100/10.

New York 's Recovery

In this simulated attack we have assumed that New York is the only city attacked and that there is nothing to prevent state and federal agencies from concentrating their resources on bringing aid to the devastated area. Though the cleanup and decontamination of the most severely damaged and radioactive areas would take years, much immediate aid could be obtained from the outside.


Manhattan is an island connected to the rest of New York and New Jersey by tunnels and bridges. Many of these access points will be affected to some degree by the blast. The Lincoln and Queens Midtown Tunnels are both in the 10 psi. ring and would likely be damaged or blocked by debris. The Queensboro Bridge is in the 5 psi. ring and would likely be damaged. The remaining tunnels and bridges all fall in the 2 or 1 psi. rings and might receive some light damage but would likely be usable. The rescue effort from outside would be further hampered by people trying to flee the area. In general, help from the outside would be slow in coming.

Medical Effects

With almost 900,000 people injured to various degrees, the task of caring for the injured will be beyond the ability of the medical system to respond. All but one of Manhattan 's large hospitals lie inside the 5 psi. ring and would be completely destroyed. There aren't enough empty hospital beds in all of New York and New Jersey for even the most critically injured. The 1 psi. ring alone has an estimated 30,000 burn victims that will need specialized care. The entire country has a total of 3000 beds in burn centers. In the days to follow it is likely that many of the injured will die from lack of any medical care.


Most of Manhattan will be without utilities (electricity, gas, water, sewage). Out to the edge of the 2 psi. ring, damaged buildings and the resulting debris will make repairs very difficult, if not impossible, for several weeks. It is likely that the stress to the power system will temporarily knock out power to an area much larger than that directly affected by the blast.

Rescue and Recovery

Transportation of the injured and the ability to bring in the necessary supplies, people and equipment will be dependent on the condition of the tunnels and bridges that connect Manhattan to New York and New Jersey . As discussed in Access, these points will be blocked or damaged to varying degrees, except at the far north and south tips of the island. The main train station lies in the 10 psi. ring and would be completely destroyed. Once access is established then true rescue work can begin.

It is likely that many tens of thousands of people would become homeless. Creation of temporary shelter would be among the first recovery tasks after all the trapped and injured had been found and cared for. True recovery for New York would take many years. Some areas would remain dangerously radioactive and would have to be cleaned up at tremendous cost or be abandoned for many years to come. Even without the radioactivity it is likely that New York City would never fully recover to its present status as one of the country's leading financial and cultural centers.

Distance from
ground zero (mi.)    Population   Fatalities       Injuries          Uninjured

0 - 0.4                         75,000            75,000            0                      0
0.4 - 1.0                      400,000          300,000          100,000          0
1.0 - 1.5                      500,000          220,000          220,000          60,000
1.5 - 2.5                      1,500,000      235,000          525,000          740,000
2.5 - 4.0                      500,000          0                      30,000            470,000

Totals                        2,975,000      830,000          875,000          1,270,000


While this simulation of a 150 kiloton nuclear explosion contains many assumptions, and the uncertainty associated with any of the estimates is large, a number of points stand out:

*          20 square miles of property destruction ( 2 psi.),
*          Eight hundred thousand killed, nine hundred thousand injured,
*          Additional damage from post blast fires,
*          Coordinated national rescue and recovery effort necessary.









[3] Tactical Defense Concepts, October 2003

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