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Terrorists in Iraq execute nine hostages: Islamic Sharia law at work

Submitted by admin on Fri, 2007-05-11 02:58.

10 May 2007: The al Qaeda led Islamic State in Iraq posted a video earlier today showing the implementation of "Sharia law" on nine abducted Iraqi police and army officers after an ultimatum given by the terror group to the Iraqi government on Monday expired. The nine men were reportedly kidnapped in the Diyala Province of Iraq, north of Baghdad earlier this week in retaliation for the alleged rape of Sabreen al-Janabi, a Sunni Muslim woman. Despite medical reports to the contrary, Janabi said she was raped by officers from the Shi'ite led police force. None of the nine shown in the video had any involvement in the alleged rape, but were convicted for apostasy under Islamic Sharia law. They were shown on a video posted earlier this week with their hands bound.

The footage of the execution (linked below) was posted on a Web site used by Islamic terror organizations and shows an Islamic terrorist wearing a black mask shoot the nine victims once each in head with a pistol as they knelt in a field. The footage showed a number of other terrorists filming the execution with video cameras, while other terrorists armed with assault rifles watched nearby.

The statement issued with the video read, in part: "After the deadline set by the Islamic State in Iraq was reached, the Sharia (Islamic law) court decided to carry out the ruling of God against those apostates."

This marks the second time Iraqi officials are kidnapped in relation to the case. On April 19, the same group issued a video showing the execution of 20 Iraqi soldiers and policemen who it claimed to have kidnapped in retaliation to the case.


VIDEO: Islamic Sharia Law in Action
Video courtesy of Archangel"

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