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Al-Majallah, Abu Muhammed al-Ablaj

Al-Majallah Interview with Abu Muhammed al-Ablaj

Abu-Muhammad al-Ablaj, the man in charge of training in al-Qa'ida organization, has revealed in a new interview with Al-Majallah correspondent Mahmud Khalil conducted through the Internet that Usama Bin Ladin's appearance is significant and renewed the promise of a major strike against the United States.

He said al-Qa'ida forced the United States into a war with it and dragged it into a confrontation. He added that the US economy and everything that has "Made in the United States" written on it are targeted everywhere. He referred to the US companies' losses as a result of their employees' depression and the foreign wars, which caused a deficit and tax increases for the American people, whom he said would not dream of security. He also revealed that Golboddin Hekmatyar has resumed action with them. He did not deny that confessions were wrested from al-Qa'ida's leaders who were arrested but noted that every plan changes as the situation and reality requires. He reiterated that "al-Qa'ida" organization was behind the electricity outage in New York but refused to provide any evidence or proof of the way this was carried out. He pointed out that "al-Qa'ida" has prisoners but did not give their number or the conditions for exchanging them.

Al-Majallah correspondent Mahmud Khalil sent several questions by e-mail around two months ago, expecting Bin Ladin to answer them. But the answers came intermittently and at wide intervals, some of them before Bin Ladin's recent appearance and the others after it.

Following is the interview:

(Khalil) On the second anniversary of the September bombings, how do you see the gains and losses balance?

(Al-Ablaj) Dear brother, this cannot be answered in a press interview held in a rush because we will say we are the ones who won — thanks be to God Almighty — and the United States the one that lost and we are the ones moving from one victory to another and the United States from one hole to a pitfall and the losses are following each other, thanks be to God.

If you ask the United States this question about the gain and loss, they will say arrogantly: We have achieved many of the objectives of our war on terrorism. Therefore I say that such a question needs to have a television program devoted to it that runs for at least two hours in which we review all the facts and the irrefutable evidence, sum up a little of what is known, and summarize tomes, books, and reports confirming that the United States is on its way to the abyss, disappearance, and breakdown.

By the grace of God Almighty and what the whole world is seeing, and we mention in particular the experts, whether in the military or economic fields, the analysts, or those interested in strategic affairs, they know who is the winner and who is the lose. Ask the children of Israel, ask them what did they gain and what did "al-Qa'ida" lose; what did they lose and what did "al-Qa'ida" lose. By the grace of God, the goals and intentions were achieved; the first was the masks of imperialism falling off and the nation awakening from its sleep.

US Security

(Khalil) Bin Ladin vowed that the United States would not rest until security becomes a reality in Palestine. Do you not think that you have helped push the United States into achieving its objectives in the region, starting in Afghanistan and ending in Iraq?

(Al-Ablaj) As to Bin Ladin's vow, ask the Americans. Do they have security? Is American's security, internal security (sentence as published)? Have they secured their trade? Are they assured about the black future whose clouds they see before their eyes? Is there relaxation and stability in the American psychology?

I ask you to read the report on the US companies' losses because of their employees' depression. The Americans are dreaming of security. This generation that lived through the 11 September events is a totally depressed generation, an inactive and depressed generation, a generation that sees the world before it black, a generation that the US administration exhausted with a war that they have no power on it, with its lies, and with its deceit. It did not care about the shock its people suffered at all levels but dragged them directly into foreign wars that scatter their efforts, squander their resources, and lose their possessions. The result is losses, deficit, and increased taxes on this promised people. This people will not dream of security.

The Caves

(Khalil) Where is the wisdom in challenging the United States when the majority of you, especially Bin Ladin, are in dark caves and incapable of delivering his message to the people?

(Al-Ablaj) O people, is the battle over. Has the war come to an end and has it been resolved. The United States, the one concerned, has not said this. The United States is always stating and saying that the war is not over. The war is still at its beginning and is even going to be a long one. Why are the na?ve people ending it in favor of the United States? As to the "shaykh" being in his cave, his cave is the center of operations and the planning and administrative center. "Betake yourself to the Cave: Your Lord will shower His mercies on you and dispose of your affair towards comfort and ease." (Koranic verse) From it come the orders to destroy the United States. From it came the orders to destroy the Pentagon that was unable to destroy his cave.

The "shaykh's" message was received and is continuing in Afghanistan, Iraq, and inside the United States. It is presented to the whole world only with blood.

The Appearance

(Khalil) What is the wisdom behind Bin Ladin's staying away from view for more than a year? Is it fear or has he changed his appearance for security requirements?

(Al-Ablaj) You made me laugh, o brother. As I told you, the "shaykh" does not sell words and his enemies know who he is. As to changing his appearance, this is the heresy of the na?ve. As to his appearance, he will appear, but not before the surprise that necks have craned to see and before the Americans' throats have dried from swallowing their saliva. He will emerge, God willing, "and say, 'When will that be?' Say: 'Maybe it will be quite soon!'" (The question and answer were before the recent appearance of Bin Ladin in the company of Ayman al-Zawahiri)

The Promised Strike

(Khalil) We have heard a lot about the preparations for a strike against the United States similar to the September one. Does it mean to say that you still exist or wish that someone would carry out such an operation so that you adopt it, as it reportedly had happened in several operations?

(Al-Ablaj) Praise the Lord. This is part of the psychological war on us that has continued to slander us before and after 11 September. They designated a whole team on which they spent billions of dollars to fight a media war on us, especially the Islamic world's mentality. Read the report on the large US expenditures on the radios beaming to the Islamic world.

Brother, the United States is trying to dwarf and belittle us so that their morale (Muslims) will not rise and also to raise the morale of its people that has hit rock bottom. Al-Qa'ida is present in strength in the whole world and is run from the greatest cave that history has seen after the "Proclaim in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher who created" cave. It is the successive strikes and not media statements that furnish the proof. The wagering now is on this promised strike: Either it does not happen and we are lying or it happens and we are telling the truth.

The Big Deception

(Khalil) The French writer Terry Mayson (as transliterated), author of "The Big Deception" book, says that Bin Ladin was treated at the American Hospital in Dubai in June and met the US intelligence director but was not arrested, that he was then treated at a military hospital in Rawalpindi under Pakistani protection and was not arrested, and that he was seen recently in a motorcade in Jalalabad last November but was not arrested. He concludes that he is an American agent. How much does Bin Ladin know the Americans or has he cooperated with them? It is reported in many circles that there are disagreements over the roles?

(Al-Ablaj) We resort to reason and logic for the sake of the na?ve who are swayed by the media wave. The French author Terry Mayson says that the "shaykh" was treated at the American Hospital in Dubai. We tell him how did you know, who told you, and where is your evidence so that you can prove it to the people. Bring your witnesses and the hospital's reports and we will believe you. Otherwise, who has told you? You will say security reasons. What reasons when you have claimed and said this publicly in the first place? The courage that made you do this will not fail to confirm the evidence. (He says) Bin Ladin met the US intelligence director. Who is this person that the author had met and who leaked this information to him, especially about the director of the largest intelligence power in the world? How strange they are. "Say: 'Produce your proof if ye are truthful.'" (Koranic verse) As to his claim that he was within the range of their rifles and missiles, we say: Will the United States leave alone the one who destroyed its economic pride, sullied its military dignity, and wrecked the impregnable Pentagon fortress and its international prestige that is represented by its intelligence apparatus and media strength with which it bewitches such people? Will it leave him alone?

The Inveiglement

(Khalil) Let us leave all of this. More to the point, does the United States do this to itself so as to invade the world?

(Al-Ablaj) Brother, the United States invaded the world with the magic of media exaggeration and controlled it by political acumen. Everyone agrees on that. We do not ignore its military power. But it is impossible and difficult for the United States to embroil itself in such wars. The United States was compelled to send its armies or enter into these battles that are exhausting its strength and economy. The United States was forced to go into a war with al-Qa'ida. The latter dragged the United States into the confrontation. As to the United States needing reasons to invade the world, I address your question to them. Let the United States and Britain give a convincing reason for their invasion of Iraq. What is the justification? The Americans do not need an excuse if they want to invade a country. Only the other camp's strength and weight deters them. What is refraining them from invading Korea?

(Khalil) You said that you have started to clip the American eagle's wings and targeting the American media. Does not this mean that you do not have a strategy that determines the targets and moves toward implementing them one after the other?

(Al-Ablaj) Brother, the eagle's wings were clipped in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. The clipping continues. As to the targeting of the media, I believe I explained it to you previously. What is the use of a media that does not have credibility? Is not the Western media's lies a blow? Is not "Abu-Abdallah's" disappearance from view and then his sudden appearance a battle in itself? Is not this a blow to the head of the media snake, its credibility, and those it cites.

Is it not a refutation of what the agents and traitors had said and claimed? The American media and the American voice have lost their credibility, even with the American people.

The Deception

(Khalil) You said you have lowered the curtain on the September team and that there is a strategy you are following. Does this come within the framework of misleading the US investigations and does it mean the formation of a new team?

(Al-Ablaj) Brother, the soldiers of the Most Gracious who implemented had gone to their Lord in that regiment. The brains that plan still remain. The action and planning are afoot and, God willing, from the great cave. Military people are not ignorant of the deception and intelligence war. What do you know, the misleading information could be two things: Either deception and blackout or confirmation. As Al-Ma'sum said, war is a ruse. Brother, we cannot be summed up in such a short interview.

The Strategic Weapons

(Khalil) Why are you afraid to disclose the strategic biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons you have and will you use them if you have them?

(Al-Ablaj) Is there a sane person who discloses his secrets? Brother, the strategic weapons are not just remove the pin and strike. If such was the case, then it would have been available and would have been carried out before the blessed strike. The matter needs time. Such a massive strategic weapon is bound to have reactions commensurate with its size. It must therefore be used at a time that makes the crusader enemy beg on his knee that he does not want more strikes and that he will withdraw into himself and occupy himself with his misfortune with the tails of shame, failure, and disgrace between his legs and licking his wounds after the utter defeat.

(Khalil) Is it true that Abu-Hafs was killed?

(Al-Ablaj) I do not know.

(Khalil) Is it true that Sulayman Abu-Ghayth was arrested?

(Al-Ablaj) I do not want to discuss this and explained this to you before. The issue is much bigger than this and you saw and followed it up. I believe, God alone knows, that I have not deviated from what was said to the media after me. I did not say more than what I told you before they (not further identified) talked about it. This is a matter where prudence ought to be observed.

(Khalil) Are there future plans and when will "Bin Ladin" appear, or has he dropped the idea of appearing in person before the media?

(Al-Ablaj) Of course, my brother came out and sorry for the delay in answering. He came out and struck the media snake. This appearance of his is significant and the promise of truth.


(Khalil) Some are saying that you were hoping that the Americans would invade Iraq so that this would facilitate the confrontation for them and for you. Have you actually started action in the Iraqi arena?

(Al-Ablaj) The talk stops here. The sword has spoken, shut up o pen. Brother, there is no doubt that we were hoping that the situations would ease and the blessing would come out from the tribulation. Only blood and sacrifice will bring this nation back to its senses. As to our presence in Iraq, ask the Americans about it. I tell them be ready for the slaughter and for being dragged on the ground, God willing.


(Khalil) Are you coordinating with Golboddin Hekmatyar?

(Al-Ablaj) Hekmatyar has carried out attacks in Afghanistan. There is cooperation with him and with all the old commanders and those who had split from the Northern Alliance, repented, and returned to God. The Afghan nation has realized and understood the game and many have returned better than they were before and are cooperating with the students (Taliban).

(Khalil) Are you targeting Hamid Karzai?

(Al-Ablaj) Brother, let it be known to one and all that everyone who has put his hand in the hand of the United States in its war against us is a target. The targets are according to their sizes, as happened before that with Mas'ud (Ahmad Shah Mas'ud). The US economy is targeted everywhere, not only in the United States but also in the whole world, anything that has Made in US (in English) written on it is targeted.

(Khalil) Will you include in your future plans the targeting of US and European officials in retaliation for the arrest of your leaders abroad?

(Al-Ablaj) The answer is in the previous question. The war is one of stages and, accordingly, the crusade leaders, their ambassadors, and every American and Jew are all of them targeted.

(Khalil) Do you intend to kidnap Western officials and hold them as hostages to exchange them for your prisoners in Guantanamo and elsewhere?

(Al-Ablaj) Brother, regarding the prisoners, thanks be to God that we have enough crusaders as prisoners. The time will come when the United States will humbly offer an exchange of prisoners.

(Khalil) During the past two years, did specific comrades betray you and are you not afraid that the confessions of your senior detainees in the United States and elsewhere — such as Abu-Zubaydah, Khalid "al-Shaykh", and others — will expose your plans? To what extent were you militarily affected by their absence?

(Al-Ablaj) Brother, with what and for what does one who has sold himself to God Almighty change this? The traitors are those who sell for this world and for animal pleasure. Treason has reasons. Brother, regarding the confessions, all this is likely and we do not deny that confessions are wrested. Every plan changes according to the situation and reality. As to whether the organization's military action has been affected, the answer is no. Of course, we were affected by the loss of prominent leaders. It pains us what is happening to our secondary commanders.

The US Electricity

(Khalil) What evidence do you have that you were behind the electricity outage in the United States? What is the truth about the Abu-Hafs al-Masri Brigades, knowing that you said in an old message that Abu-Hafs was not killed and that Khalid "al-Shaykh" and other leaders were not arrested?

(Al-Ablaj) Do we tell the people how we enter, how we plan, how we arrived, and what we did? Does everyone disclose his secrets to the people? Brother, there are very elementary pieces of evidence. The United States is at war with a group that is threatening it and had threatened to strike it inside and abroad. The United States will not admit that we struck it and had kept silent about strikes we carried out.

It did not admit them because this would have required it to react and then it would have had a file that it must close to satisfy the American street. Brother, our proof that we were the perpetrators is in the report that "Al-Majallah" published which said that we have secret hands with blue eyes in the United States. This is enough and everything will appear at the right time. The perpetrator does not interest us as much as the action itself. The important thing is that the United States is being hit and burned, whether they admit it or not.

[Description of Source: London Al-Majallah in Arabic—London-based Saudi-owned weekly; sister magazine of Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper providing independent coverage of Arab and international issues]