Northeast Intelligence Network

Threats Against the Al Aqsa Mosque "Ticking Bombs"

by Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

19 March 2005: The Islamic Arab press is reporting that the imam of Jerusalem's Al Aqsa mosque warned that threats by Jewish extremists against the sacred complex were "ticking bombs" and said the Israeli government must take responsibility for containing the threat in a sermon during yesterday's Friday prayers.

"Threats of destroying Al-Aqsa and attacking peaceful worshippers are ticking bombs aimed at Muslims and this holy mosque," stated Sheikh Yussuf Abu Sneinan. "Know, O Believers, that the Israeli government alone has responsibility for the statements of these (Jewish) settlers," he added.

Analysts of the Northeast Intelligence Network have been following the events at the al Aqsa Mosque for the last 18 months, and first reported on a possible plan to destroy the mosque in the fall of 2003. At that time, analysts found detailed plans of the Al Aqsa Mosque with Arabic notations and indications that it was the target for destruction - but not by "Jewish extremists," but by Islamic radicals. Successfully accomplished, this incident alone would usher in violence of biblical proportions against Israel by all of Islam, even those considered moderate in their beliefs. This would obviously expedite the long-range objectives to unify all of Islam against Israel and the West, and carry with it significant ramifications in the overall war on terror.

In the past few months, the Arab press has been reporting that "Jewish extremists" have uttered numerous threats against the mosque compound, which not only houses the Dome of the Rock (Omar Mosque) and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, but the Western Wall, the most sacred spot in Judaism.

In response to the alleged threats, Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qorei warned of the dire consequences which would result from any such act of violence against the mosque and increased tensions in the region. "We warn that the region will explode if there is any attack against Al-Aqsa," he told reporters in the West Bank town of Ramallah.

"There is a serious threat that some Israeli fundamentalists want to attack Al-Aqsa and we appeal to Israeli security that you have enough time to stop any attack like that," Qorei added.

Due to the critical significance this location has in Judeo-Christian and Islamic history, this situation is worthy of everyone's attention. 


Prelude to Terror-Al Aqsa Mosque

The entire compound encompasses the Dome of the Rock (Omar Mosque) and Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam, as well as the Western Wall, the most sacred spot in Judaism. It is one of the most symbolic sites in Islam and Judeo-Christian history, and has not only historical importance, but biblical importance as well.


RETROSPECTIVE INTRODUCTION:  Analysts from the Northeast Intelligence Network have been monitoring the dangerous situation that has existed at the al Aqsa Mosque property since the fall of 2003. While this location has historically been a tinderbox in Arab-Israeli relations, the rhetoric surrounding this location has increased exponentially since the late 1990's. We first reported on this situation in late 2003, when analysts found direct references to the intentional destruction of the Al Aqsa Mosque by Arab terrorists, then blaming Israeli extremists for the conflagration. We reported the following based on an analysis of our findings and the available information we had at that time:

POSTED: 11 November 2003; 1245 EST: Analysts uncovered what appears to be the "precursor event" that will surely be the start terrorist activities beginning in the Middle East and the United States. In a plan reminiscent of and designed after the Reichstag fire of 1933 that propelled the Nazi Party to power before WWII, a mix of terrorists, including those from al Qaeda, Hamas and the Islamic movement within Israel appear to be in the "execution phase" of attacking and/or destroying "their own" Mosque. The current and most recent political and religious issues regarding the Mosque notwithstanding, the attack on and the potential destruction of this significant Muslim shrine is designed to enrage Muslims worldwide. The plot to attack and likely destroy the Mosque by fundamentalist Islamic terrorists, then placing the blame on the "Zionists and the Americans", if not stopped in time, will be the platform from which all further retaliatory strikes will be made. This is THE event that has been referenced in a number of sermons, jihad posts, and other channels of communication that will mark the call to jihad in the United States.

ANALYSIS - 2005:  At that time, we believed that the ultimate destruction of the Al Aqsa Mosque would be the final "exit strategy" of Yasser Arafat and his group of terrorists. The death of Arafat passed without incident in terms of the status of the Mosque, and it is obvious that our initial analysis was incorrect. Nonetheless, the interest in the Al Aqsa Mosque has not subsided; rather, it has increased as have tensions in that region. Readers will recall various incidents and skirmishes involving the Al Aqsa Mosque since our report initially appeared in the fall of 2003.

Today, regional and world news is again focused on that critical piece of real estate. Perhaps our analysis was not entirely incorrect, just a little bit ahead of its time.