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The Third Terrorist : The Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing
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The Al-Battar Training Camp: al Qaeda’s Online Military Magazine

The al Battar training Camp is an online publication published by the Military Committee of the Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia). It is important to note that “al Battar” is an alias of Sheikh Yousef Al-Ayyiri, the deceased leader of al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia and one-time bodyguard for Osama bin Laden (al Ayyiri was killed in a battle with Saudi Security forces in 2003).

The on-line publication is a virtual military training manual written in Arabic and is published to supplement “The Voice of Jihad,” (Sawt Al-Jihad)which focuses on the ideology and politics of al Qaeda and Islam.

The published mission of the online manual stated the following in the introductory issue (excerpted translation): Preparing for Jihad is a personal responsibility that applies to every Muslim… Jihad has become also a duty applying to every Muslim personally with the aim of repelling the aggressive enemy who has invaded the Muslim land.

"Because many of Islam's young people do not yet know how to use weapons, and because the followers of the Cross (Christians and Jews) are in the way of preventing us from planning and performing Jihad in the name of Allah – your brothers the Mujahideen in the Arabian peninsula have decided to publish this booklet to serve the Mujahid brother in his place of isolation, and you should perform the exercises and act according to the military knowledge contained in the magazine….

"These are times of Jihad and preparation for Jihad…. The Al-Battar Training Camp is a new magazine of the military committee of Al-Qaeda in the Saudi Peninsula … and it is given as a gift to the youth of Islam whose hearts burn in support of the religion by means of Jihad for the sake of Allah."

"The goal is to spread military culture among the youth with the objective of filling the void caused by the enemies of Islam. Allah willing, the magazine will be simple and easy, and in it, you will find basic lessons in the framework of a military training program, beginning with programs for sports training, through types of light weapons and guerilla group actions in the cities (urban warfare) and mountains, and contain important points about security and intelligence, so that you will be able to fulfill the religious obligation of (military) Jihad that Allah has set upon you…"

With this publication, the Islamic warrior is instructed to set up paramilitary style training camps anywhere possible – even inside the United States. "Oh Mujahid brother, in order to join the great training camps you don't have to travel to other lands. Alone, in your home or with a group of your brothers, you too can begin to execute the training program. You can all join the Al-Battar Training Camp."


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