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Albany Mosque Leader Linked to al Qaeda per Classified Documents

Submitted by admin on Thu, 2006-03-23 12:05.

Mosque member arrested as he carried rifle out of mosque, possessing weapons and computer discs containing instructions on bomb making.

"Raise the Jihad sword ... Raise the Qu'ran with blood ... So we can bring back the freedom for ourselves and the entire people of this Earth." -Yassin Aref, Albany NY Islamic Spiritual Leader; 3 December 1999.

23 March 2006: Classified documents unsealed late Tuesday in U.S. District Court indicates that Yassin Aref, spiritual leader of the Albany Mosque, repeatedly called a phone number in Syria that a FBI report indicates had been used to gather terrorist intelligence for Osama bin Laden. Aref and Mohammed Hossain, an Albany pizza shop owner and co-founder of the mosque, are in jail for their alleged involvement in a plot to make money from the sale of rocket launchers to terrorists.

The unsealed FBI report about bin Laden is heavily redacted and has no date. It states that a FBI informant admitted that during October 2001, he was approached by someone soliciting intelligence about "flight training schools, access to airports in (redacted)" and information about "how close the individual could get to an aircraft." The informant said he was instructed to provide the information to "brothers" through two phone numbers in Damascus, Syria. Federal authorities state that Yassin Aref repeatedly called one of the telephone numbers from his Albany home.

In addition to the alleged connection to Osama bin Laden' and al Qaeda, unsealed documents indicate that Aref's name, his home address in Albany, and telephone number were discovered in several suspected terrorist strongholds in Iraq.

In addition to the above, criminal history reports for two men, one whose name is on a terrorist watch list and who had attended the Central Avenue Masjid As Salam mosque were unsealed. James Earl JOHNSON, 26, was arrested by Albany police in December 2001 as he exited the mosque carrying a rifle. He was arrested again in 2002 while driving a van on the New York State Thruway near the town of Herkimer; the van was loaded with weapons and computer discs containing terrorism-related manuals containing instructions on making fertilizer bombs, nitroglycerine, cyanide, chorine gas and letter bombs. Johnson was also arrested in Afghanistan in March 2000, carrying similar computer discs.

A second individual whose criminal history was released by the FBI was identified as Ali Mounnes YAGHI, a former pizza shop employee who helped establish the Albany mosque and was involved in hiring Aref there. Yaghi, who was deported to his native Jordan in July 2002, is now on a terrorism watch list.

He was jailed as a federal detainee for nearly a year following the attacks on 9/11. According to federal authorities, Yaghi failed a polygraph examination during an interrogation in which he was shown photographs of the 19 hijackers and asked whether he knew any of them.