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Albany Mosque Leaders: GUILTY, says jury

Submitted by admin on Wed, 2006-10-11 01:16.

10 October 2006: Two leaders of a mosque in Albany, NY were convicted today of federal money laundering charges. The men, Yassin Aref, an imam at an Albany mosque, and Mohammed Hossain, the owner of a pizza shop across from the mosque, were arrested by the FBI in 2004. The men participated in a money laundering scheme in which an FBI informant pretended to be an illegal arms dealer.

The jury, which deliberated over four days, found Hossain guilty on all 27 charges against him, including three counts of conspiracy, and Aref was convicted of 10 of the 30 charges against him.

The federal informant asked Hossain to launder $50,000 from the sale of a shoulder-fired missile that they were told would be used to kill a Pakistani diplomat in New York City. Aref, spiritual leader of Hossain's mosque, acted as a witness to the series of transactions.