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Seattle Mosque Leader Arrested at Sea-Tac Airport

16 November 2005: The leader of the Rainier Valley Mosque, Abu Abrahim Sheik Mohamed was arrested Monday at Sea-Tac airport as he stepped off a domestic flight. Lorie Haley, spokesperson for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed that Mohamed, 37, is currently "in custody on immigration violations" and is presently being detained at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma. Although in custody now only on immigration violations, sources close to the Northeast Intelligence Network have indicated that there is a wider investigation being conducted.

The Abu Bakr Mosque appeared on the radar screen of federal authorities in 2004. In November of 2004, the Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested 14 people at several Seattle area locations, including one business situated in close proximity to the original location of the Abu-Bakr Mosque. Some of those arrested had connections to the mosque.

Mohamed is a native of Somalia and has been the imam of the Abu-Bakr Mosque for the past five years. Initially opened six years ago on Rainier Avenue South, the mosque moved earlier this year to Martin Luther King Jr. Way South, catering to a large Somalia population in the area.

Our investigation is continuing.

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11 November 2005

Coming in this weekend’s edition of the HQ INTEL-ALERT premium newsletter:

  • Additional investigative results, witness interviews from Oklahoma University continues to refute "Lone Bomber Theory;"

  • "The French Connection - 2005:" Riots in France are more organized than they appear;

  • In-depth Investigation: Islamic terrorist training camps INSIDE the U.S? Surprising findings;

  • A comprehensive list of odd and unusual events are taking place across the U.S. Do these portend an increased threat to the United States?

  • Much more...

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    Real Investigators - Real Findings - No Spin

    Explosions Rock 3 Hotels in Amman, Dozens Reportedly Killed

    Responsibility claimed by Abu Musab al Zarqawi Jordanian Faction Jund al Sham

    UPDATED 10 November 2005: Per Jordanian Interior Minister- 56 confirmed dead, 115 wounded

    9 November 2005: Bombings reportedly conducted by separate Islamic terrorist suicide bombers at three hotels in Amman, Jordan appear to have killed at least fifty people, injuring many more, according to initial reports from the scenes of the explosions. Targeted were the Grand Hyatt Hotel, the Radisson SAS, and the Days Inn Hotel, all which are popular with Israeli tourists, western journalists, and top Iraqi diplomats.

    The luxury hotels, located in the commercial Jebel Amman district, reported nearly simultaneous explosions at about 9:00 p.m. this evening. Although initial reports suggested that one bomb might have been caused by a bomb placed in a drop ceiling at the Radisson that caused numerous casualties during a wedding party with at least 300 guests, reports now indicate that all three blasts might have been caused by suicide bombers.

    Analysts at the Northeast Intelligence Network found claims of responsibility by the Zarqawi-backed Islamic terrorist group Jund al Sham, and further indications that the bombings were well planned and executed.

    More information will be provided as details are developed.

    9 November 2005: The Northeast Intelligence Network is excited to announce that we are now linked directly with the U.S. Central Command website to offer our site visitors a direct link to news and photos from operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Updates concerning the ongoing earthquake relief efforts in Pakistan are also outlined at this web site. According to SPC Claude Flowers from the office of CENTCOM Public Affairs, site visitors can also look forward to the addition of new features to their site, including audio and video that will be unavailable elsewhere.

    Due to the critical role played by the U.S. Central Command in the global war against terrorism, the Northeast Intelligence Network is extremely proud and honored to be linked with this office and urges everyone to visit and bookmark their site.

    Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

    Islamic Fifth Column in America

    7 Easy Steps to Jihad in America

    By T. Adams

    8 November 2005: The incident at Meadowlands illustrates the efforts of Muslim fundamentalists to "retrain" the collective American mindset to get the general public to never question their motives or actions, whose primary objective is to change America as we know it and lower our guard against this objective, whether by terrorist attacks or more insidiously, through psychological means. The following "Seven Easy Steps to Jihad in America," serves to outline the former tactic:

    1. Inject large numbers of Muslims into specific areas of the country.
    2. Refuse to assimilate - Rejecting the culture, society & laws but demand that the locals respect (embrace) yours.
    3. Refuse to integrate. Live only in designated areas (slums) in or near major cities and universities and make certain that wherever you go, you stand out as "different."
    4. Whenever and wherever possible, claim discrimination at being treated "differently" and oppressed for being forced to live in slums.
    5. When the time is right, sacrifice 1 or 2 youths to validate rage (as seen in France) and use your proclaimed "oppression" as an excuse for violence.
    6. Blame the government, loudly criticizing any politicians, government leaders, individuals or groups who dare to speak out against you, declaring them "Islamaphobic" and demand their silence or removal.
    7. Continue the above tactics until authority over a given area is offered as appeasement; then repeat the process elsewhere.

    Planned Suicide Attacks Against U.S. Capitol Probed

    7 November 2005: U.S. and U.K. intelligence agents are investigating a plot by Islamic terrorists to conduct multiple suicide attacks at the U.S. Capitol and the White House in Washington, D.C.

    According to government sources close to the Northeast Intelligence Network, the most recent threats "are the most serious to date and involve Islamic terrorists in at least three different countries."

    Recently, U.K. MI5 agents traveled to Bosnia to interrogate a senior al Qaeda member who has been linked to Iraq terrorist Abu Musab al Zarqawi and communicating with terrorist operatives in Britain, the U.S. and elsewhere.

    A comprehensive report will be issued to HQ INTEL-ALERT subscribers.

    7 November 2005: An important and informative first-hand account from a former flight attendant:

    "Flying the Unfriendly Skies: The Threat Continues"

    I have long been a reader of your website,

    In reference to the article series written by Annie Jacobsen, Terror in the Skies, I am compelled to tell you the following:

    From 1989 until September 1991, I was a flight attendant for [REDACTED]. From May 2000 until April 2003, I was a Newark based flight attendant for United Airlines. My Newark flying partners were murdered aboard flight 93 on 9/11/01.

    As required, I attended annual flight attendant safety and security training. Despite corporate and governmental political correctness, our instructors’ only priority was the safety and security of the flight attendants, the crew, the passengers, and the aircraft.

    In 2003, I attended annual training in [a hub city]. During that training, we were told by the instructors: "You are being watched" (by potential hijackers riding aboard aircraft). Basically, all I can say is that the very events described by Annie Jacobson in Terror in the Skies were actually taking place aboard U.S. airliners. This was BEFORE Ms. Jacobsen’s articles were published. I could not believe it!

    To make a long story short, I resigned from United Airlines. I am a mother of three and my children were not happy when I returned to flying after 9/11/01, and there were other factors (that influenced my decision to resign).

    For awhile, I communicated with a prominent travel journalist about Ms. Jacobsen's article, told him what I knew, related various actual incidents involving my former flying partners that were also documented on a flight attendant discussion board and among friends who fly the line. These incidents had already occurred and had been reported to the airline, the FAA and our union. For awhile, this journalist seemed interested, and then slowly became disinterested. Perhaps I had been labeled a 'kook' for believing Jacobsen and trying to convince this journalist that her fears were real and founded and that the flight attendant population had been talking about these incidents for months. Perhaps my views and what I had heard “on the line” were deemed too politically incorrect to publish. Whatever the reason, the subject was dropped and the hubbub over Ms. Jacobsen's article faded.

    It's a shame. We both realize this. Unfortunately, we were not told of any specific incidents by our instructors so I have no hard core proof from their files. Aside from one very odd experience I witnessed that occurred on a flight from Chicago to Newark, I have been fortunate not to have actually seen anything I can positively deem a dry run involving terrorists.

    Anyway, I just wanted to write to you and tell you that Annie is right. This stuff is going on. The flight crew knows it. The Airlines know it. The Government for sure knows it. They just won't confirm it to the public.


    (Former flight attendant for a commercial airliner; Name redacted by request)

    Read Annie Jacobsen's series titled Terror in the Skies HERE

    Terror Video Re-Released by U.S. al Qaeda Abu Suhayb Al-Amriki

    "Yesterday – London & Madrid; Tomorrow – Los Angeles & Melbourne, Allah Willing"

    "We are Muslims. We love peace, but peace on OUR terms... We love nothing better than the heat of battle, the echo of explosions, and slitting the throats of the infidels."

    6 November 2005: INVESTIGATIVE NOTE: While this video was initially released earlier this year, the timing of its re-release is causing some analysts in intelligence circles to question its significance among Internet-connected terrorists.

    Stadium “Victim of Profiling" Vocal Proponent of Wahabbi Doctrine

    What CAIR and the Major Media Are Not Telling You

    "Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar! Laa illaha illa Allah! ...Prepare for Battle."
    Excerpted from Internet posting of Mostafa M. KHALIFA, November 26, 2003

    5 November 2005: Based on our research and investigative findings, it appears likely that the alleged victim of racial and religious profiling, Mostafa M. KHALIFA, knew exactly what he was doing on September 19, 2005, and had a reasonable idea that his actions would cause controversy and portray him (and his group) as victims of an intolerant and unfair system of profiling, thus giving him and CAIR the public platform they desired and yet another opportunity to publicly criticize us "infidels" for our lack of understanding, our intolerance, and our flawed law enforcement practices.


    Pro-Football Game Erupts During Muslim Prayer Service at Giants Stadium

    News Conference Planned for Today

    Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

    2 November 2005: It was the middle of the first quarter in a game between the New York Giants and the New Orleans Saints at the Meadowlands on September 19, 2005 when five Arab Muslim men found a location near a concrete pillar and prostrated themselves on the ground as part of their daily Muslim prayer ritual, startling a number of fans in attendance who considered their behavior as “suspicious.”

    Following their entry into the stadium, the five found an open space near the concrete pillars by walkways and escalators at Gate D and began to pray amid the first quarter. Other fans notified stadium security officers who visually identified them and watched as they walked to their seats. During the third quarter, security personnel asked the men to accompany them to a quieter location within the stadium where they were questioned and later permitted to return to the game. Some eyewitness accounts suggest that at least one of the men possessed camera equipment and was observed taking photos of various parts of the stadium.

    In an interesting coincidence, FBI agents were present at that game because former President Bush (once the target for assassination by Islamic terrorists) was present to promote fundraising efforts he and former President Clinton had launched to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. The game was originally scheduled for New Orleans, but was switched to Giants Stadium because of the hurricane damage.

    Although allowed to return to the game, the five men were so angered by being “profiled” that they instead opted to leave the stadium and ultimately, retain a lawyer. Sohail Mohammed, a lawyer for one of the men, stated: "This is a classic example of ‘if you want to pray, you'll have to pay.’ These folks were exercising their fundamental right to practice their faith, and they wanted to enjoy, as Americans, their favorite sport."

    Although one of the men expressed fears of being harassed by the incident, those concerns must have abated as the five Islamic men plan to detail their experiences at a news conference Wednesday in New York “designed to foster greater understanding of Islam and the religious practices of Muslims.”

    The New York Giants won over the Saints, 27-10.

    Australia Under Imminent Terrorist Threat

    2 November 2005: Australian Prime Minister John Howard today warned that Australian intelligence officials have uncovered information about a detailed, specific threat of a terrorist attack planned against Australia. Refusing to publicly disclose any specific details of the threat for fear of hampering the investigation and response, Howard admitted that he has reviewed the intelligence data and confirmed that the threat is to assets within Australia. To date, there have been no successful terrorist attacks inside Australia, although Australian interests have been targeted in Indonesia.

    Information provided to the Northeast Intelligence Network by a source in Australia suggests that the threat, in part, is an “unconventional threat” against the public transportation system. Further details will remain confidential.

    Search for Key al Qaeda Leader in Indonesia

    Once a top lieutenant of the al Qaeda terror network in Indonesia until his capture in the summer of 2002, U.S. officials have verified that Omar al-Farouq escaped from a U.S. detention facility in Bagram, Afghanistan, on July 10, 2005. At present, al Farouq escaped with three other terrorists and all remain on the loose. It is possible that al Farouq and others are engaged in planning attacks against western and Australian interests in Indonesia concurrent and in conjunction with planned attacks in Australia.

    Looking at Islam through "Rice-Colored Glasses"

    Iraq & the Middle East

    Al Qaeda Internet Statement on Palestine Hotel Bombing

    Film Shows Bombing, Warns of Others

    26 October 2005: al Qaeda published a “statement” concerning Monday’s attack where three massive vehicle bombs were used at the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad, a location that is home to numerous Western journalists. The bombings killed at least 20 people and injured countless more.

    The attack was well planned, according to Iraq’s national security adviser, Mouwafak al-Rubaie, adding that it was a “very clear” effort to take over the hotel and seize journalists as hostages he told the Associated Press.

    ”Three cars came from three different roads in succession to create security breaches for terrorists,” said al Rubaie, adding that “they were armed with rocket-propelled grenades and light arms.”

    The blast shattered hotel windows, blew out light fixtures and blasted pictures from the walls. In video footage taken after the first, but before the second blast, journalists and others were shown walking up and down the smoke filled hallways.

    Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

    Film secured by ARCHANGEL

    Making Wudu: New Twist to the "Mile-High Club"

    "He probably said he was getting ready for prayer," Hopper reasoned, adding that men on the Cyprus flight were "likely making wudu in the bathroom."

    Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

    25 October 2005: There is nothing funny about hijacked airliners or suspicious behavior by anyone - and that includes Arab men who are Islamic and fit a certain profile in the post 9/11 world, aboard airliners or elsewhere. What IS laughable, however, are the lame explanations associated with such behavior by people who otherwise appear to be sane, whether they are from people in government, individuals holding responsible positions, or simply for those who are merely apologists for Islamic terrorism. It makes no difference as the explanations are equally lame and unbelievable.

    I commend Annie Jacobsen for her continuing series exposing incidents of suspicious behavior on airliners. Read the latest here.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...

    Intolerant Islamic Law

    Journalist Jailed for Criticizing Islam

    Women’s Magazine Editor Convicted of “Blasphemy”

    Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

    24 October 2005; Kabul, Afghanistan: On Saturday, a women’s magazine editor was sentenced to two years in jail after being convicted of blasphemy by Kabul’s Primary Court for publishing anti-Islamic articles, including one that challenged the belief that Muslims who convert to other religions should be stoned to death..

    Ali Mohaqiq Nasab was arrested on October 1 after his magazine Haqooq-i-Zan (translation: Women’s Rights) argued that converting from Islam is not a crime that should be punished by death, as called for under Islamic Shariah law.

    Presiding judge Ansarullah Malawizada stated that “the Ulama Council (Afghanistan’s clergy) sent us a letter saying that he should be punished, so I sentenced him to two years [in] jail.

    Other articles identified as blasphemous included the criticism of the harsh punishment of 100 lashes for adultery, and calling for women to be equal to men under Islamic law According to Islamic law, for example, the value of a female witness is only considered to have half the value of a male. Mohaqiq has three weeks to appeal the verdict.

    Northeast Intelligence Network: "Ahead of the Rest"

    • October 2, 2005: WE REPORTED: O.U. Bomb "contained TATP, a homemade explosive."

    • October 4, 2005: Media Reports: Sources Identify TATP As Component Of Bomb


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