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Al Qaeda Video Released: The Ten Martyrs of Riyadh

by Laura Mansfield

25 April 2005: A 14 minute, 9 second video was released this morning on several Arabic language message boards frequented and used by Islamic terrorists. This video depicts ten men making jihad-style statements or reading their wills in front of a camera prior to committing their homicide bombings. Following the statements of the men, each is then shown dead, heralded as “martyrs” in their homicide operations. The deaths of the men are blamed on Saudi security forces.

Disclaimer by Douglas Hagmann, Director: The video available at this link is extremely graphic and should not be viewed by children or by those hyper-sensitive to gore and violence. We are offering the video to those who want to view the atrocities being committed at the hands of radical Islamic extremists, and to give those who wish to see the level of extremism that we face in this war on terrorism.


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