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From the Arabic Forums

Jihad Propaganda Magazine - Front Cover Translation

8 September 2004: Cover translated by Laura Mansfield, Associate Director, Network Analyst
Impact of publication on US and global terrorism - developing...

The following posting appeared on an Arabic language message board yesterday, urging militants to join in “the jihad tourism season in America and Europe”. The translation is in italics.

The jihad tourism season in America and the European countries

Oh Allah, there is no god except you, you are the great forbearance, oh Allah more beneficient and our more merciful, oh Allah learn our weaknesses and our small group’s treachery and our disgrace on the people, oh Allah you are Lord and the oppressed Lord . Oh Allah, Oh Allah! Take our foreheads to the floor. Oh Allah Oh Allah! Guide us to each good and repay our words and our actions.

My brothers, the boldness of America on us and its occupation of our land, and its demonstration to the Jews regarding us are their hateful crimes. Europe refused the truce of the prince of the militants, who requested nothing from them except that they cease their attacks on us. America’s demonstration to us, with the assassination by the Jews of the militants leaders in Hamas, one leader after another, are flagrant indications that this struggle has embraced a new level. An open opposite stage distant from all political maneuvers. Then these criminals no longer care about hiding their hostile intentions towards us as a nation. That appeared clear from their statements and its last the statements of the fool, the Italian minister, who threatened to deport thousands of the innocent Muslims, and will deport them only because they believe in Islam. My brothers we are at the front of a critical stage in the struggle with the ominous Roman alliance under America’s command, and this encourages us to rely on the alliances with the unbelievers from Asia and South America.

My brothers if we know that we are at the beginning of a new stage in the confrontation then what adaptations must we face? My brothers many of us are prepared for our the departure for Iraq or Afghanistan to confront of this massacring barbarism against Islam and the Muslims, and this a beautiful scent, but it displeases us that all military activities result in a destruction that will effect us and on our families because the millwheel of battle turns inside our lands and between our families, and we are obliged confront them on our lands regardless of the results at the insistence of our fighting brothers presently in these occupied territories.

But my letter is to the brothers presently abroad, and they find it the arrival of this difficult, I beg them to immediately stop now with me so that we think together in a loud voice how we can benefit from each other. I believe my brothers, so what is your opinion of the results that have been achieved practically only in Spain (not Iraq or Afghanistan). I doubt that you are disbelieve that its roots were strategic and that it had a big effect, and that it dropped a political system, and that it made Europe reconsider its decisions once again, and that it stirred the public opinion, and so on. Now I ask you were any of our child or our women or any Muslim sheikhs affected with this operation, and did it destroy any of our houses or did any missiles descend upon our families. The answer is a clear denial of those things. Now we must think of the next step forward and we say imagine if that it was not one operation but several operations and in several countries, so you see that the effect will be multiplied a great extent.

If we are Muslim brothers with a need to transfer the theatre of operations and confrontation to their land, so that the casualties are from their sons and the buildings that collapse are their houses and the facilities which are ruined are their facilities. If Armegedon is what they want then so be it but we will transfer the Armegedon to them and their land and their sons.

My brothers, why do we tighten our belts, and count souls in Afghanistan or Iraq? My brothers there are before us tens of jihad fields and which will have a greater effect in ending the blockade around our fighting brothers, and in the humiliation of these pigs; there are examples before us in all of these countries that for us; taking their blood and their moneys and their honor are permitted and this only those that supported America on us in the occupation of Iraq and the killing of our sons there and the violation of our brother's honor there.

In addition to that the countries that participated in America attacks on us in Afghanistan.

Also the matter need not be restricted to the travel of the brothers, but also he can join the jihad with present brothers who are actually there now, then I think that they hold a principle role in this battle that our nation is in.

My brothers, it is now April and the summer is at the doors, then will we see results from the brothers who plan for jihad tourism in America and the European countries?

And our last prayer, the praise of Allah is the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds.

I wish from the brothers the supervisors that they prove the subject to for some time - if they saw that - hopefully we hear from the participating brothers what he benefits and benefits rest of the brothers .


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