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From the Arabic Forums

The most recent postings from the now-hidden Global Islamic Media forum. This posting was made this morning, April 30, by Abu Banan, Global Islamic Media's Ottawa representative:

News about Al-Faloga ..A message is through the electronic post (email) from Iraq

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

My beloved brothers

May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you…And after:

We are still doing well, and we praise Allah and continue along Allah’s path until he lifts us to victory or martyrs us. I will summarize my statement in these important points:

The situation remains in general disturbing and cautious, and we hear from it what transmits but the one that do not teach him that it by Fadl Allah drawing the Arab militants took place from the standing city are Al-Faloga with safety and also the withdrawal of the militants took place to beyond the limits of the city where hitting the unbelievers takes place from the behind and cutting all their supplies and their distraction in Kirkuk and the post and until the operations that happen in the Shiites lands who they carry out it the militants the year and this is certain 100 % .

The occupying forces have besieged Al Fallujah from all sides and brought in the heavy artillery for the attack on the city, and will destroy it in a big operation that the occupying forces have prepared for their invasion of the city. Until now the Superpowers have been help at the entrance to the city because they are facing our strength and our resistance, and we know that this truce is just an anaesthesia so that they can attempt once again to take the city. They have placed conditions that the resistors deliver their weapons in order to be safe from attack, but the peace is a trick and is invalid, and the men will continue to triumph in the spirit of an honourable truce although this is not one.

Today the deadline ends and what sees that the American liar’s and their pride will incite; we see that they will storm the city and they may destroy it because they are corrupt but they will face a severe new terror from the beginning when they attack everywhere, and as in the last days when they attacked everywhere, and they received a severe blow when the stormed the laboratory for the industrial chemical items and the agricultural chemicals, and they exploded on them and killed many of them, and burned their carrier. Our great Lord is revengeful.

Our men plan something that is greater, and will not say in these messages but our men are senior and will participate in the plan and others like it, God willing.

The unbelievers occupy the vineyard region near the city and have brought in heavy artillery for a confrontation that now appears imminent, and we ask Allah for good health and strength.

And you know that those who carry out this attack on us seek occupation of the world and the Iraqis what takes place and will run in Al Fallujah by besides its settlement with a Shiite-American agreement for the displacement of the group, for these groups are the primary enemy of the Sunnis and they execute the espionage work, a gift from Allah and the prisoners in the land of the two tributaries .

Then I beg you not to hide these truths from our family and our brothers.


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