UPDATED: Suspicious package detonated at University of Oklahoma

UPDATED 11 November 2006: We received information  from an official within the University of Oklahoma Police Department who clarified that the Norman Police Department Hazardous Devices Unit did not detonate the package. Rather, it was destroyed in place in a safe manner.  Investigation then determined that the contents of the package were not consistent with anything that would constitute an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), but instead, were consistent with materials left over from the Engineering egg-drop project.

We thank the OU Police Department official for providing us with this important clarification. - Douglas J. Hagmann

8 November 2006: Police detonated a package described as “suspicious” that was left at the six-level Asp Avenue parking facility near the Oklahoma Memorial Stadium at the University of Oklahoma late yesterday afternoon. Officers with the City of Norman Police Department bomb squad detonated the package after conducting an on-site investigation. Police officials have not released any additional information about the incident, and have not commented on the contents of the package.