Food Tampering in Canada

7 November 2006: Officials of Canada’s main food agency issued a warning to consumers to avoid some food products made by Maple Leaf Foods Inc., which may have been contaminated by an unknown substance as a result of intentional tampering.

A joint statement was issued today by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Maple Leaf Inc., of Toronto, Ontario, The warning stems from the discovery of syringe casings by workers near the area where the meats are produced. The affected products appear to be some sliced-meat products made by Maple Leaf Foods Inc., Canada’s largest food processor.  The company said it is recalling five products sold across the country, including 1/2 Kent Smoked Hams, 125-gram portions of cooked ham, smoked ham and turkey. No illnesses have been reported in connection with the goods, and no evidence of tampering has been found where the meats are sold, according to company officials. Police have also been called in to investigate.