Nathan Leal Tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Wednesday, 18 December 2013 - Join us tonight with our guest Nathan Leal, founder of The Watchman’s Cry, to discuss what we are about to face – not only in America but across the globe. Mr. Leal has been a guest several times sharing his dreams and visions which have been stunningly accurate.  Manipulation and deception of American citizens is at all-time highs as the media and governments are covering up the prophetic biblical scriptures that are being fulfilled. So many church goers do not even comprehend nor wish to seek out what the bible says.  Even though we are given the tools for understanding, given the ability to see and hear most choose to remain blind in the most important point in human history which we currently are in. 

Has the Lord removed his hand of protection from the USA or from the world?  How can we physically, mentally and spiritually prepare for what is coming upon the earth and how do we know if we are doing the right things?  Seeking out our assignments in these end of days as judgment reins down on America by asking the Lord what are we assigned to do or what his will for us is. Our condition as a nation seems fatal as The United States of America continues to spiral toward complete self-destruction, never in our history have so few people been aware to what is happening now even worse than majority do not care.  The citizens of this nation have fell into the trap laid by the satanic elite which has divided the remainder of the politically awake and or active to the point of no return.  As bible prophecy continues to rapidly unfold before our eyes the chaos and turmoil will only increase.  Leaving many to ask what must we do, what hope do we have to change the dire situation destroying the world as we knew it?  These questions are answered on Nathan’s latest audio release called the “Overcomers Series” which can be found at Nathans site here and we will be discussing this and more tonight on the show.

One of the visions Mr. Leal has been given shows China and Russia invading the United States of America.  The rise of China was brought about by meticulous planning by the power elite.  Over the last few years through their actions we can see where the battle lines are drawn.  The Arab Spring, the continuing deterioration of Syria in the coming world war as been foretold by Bible prophecy.  The battle of Gog and May Gog in Ezekiel 38, The USA’s isolation and backstabbing of Israel through giving Iran what they want in nuclear weapon capabilities.  In Nathan Leal’s latest audio he states that America has gone through an identity change as the spirit of Babylon has taken over.  That we are witnessing a tsunami of wretchedness coming martial law Civil War are only the beginning of a horrible changes we are seeing.  This nation has been gutted of the very foundations and principles, laws and systems that made it great. We know the economy will collapse the only question is when. This and much more tonight live at 8-11pm EST. Click here to listen live, God bless you all.