DHS “Insider” in context

hagmann122713By Douglas J. Hagmann

2 January 2014: Following the published report of the DHS insider’s final message last week, I have received hundreds of e-mails about the source and his messages. For those seeking clarity about the messages, and even for those with questions pertaining to his authenticity, I have compiled a chronological list of the published reports along with a bit of information about the man behind the reports, with his full consent and “blessing.” Submitted for your review and ease of access is a single page devoted to the man and information provided. The following is an excerpt from that page dedicated to this source and the information he has supplied:

“It was…  partly due to other factors that this unnamed source contacted me. Astute readers might be able to “read between the lines” in the above text to gain insight into the man behind the information provided to me through the end of 2013. I have provided this important bit of information  with the full authorization and consent of my source, who presently enjoys a certain level of protection based on his actions over the last dozen years. He knows how the “game” is played based on his experience, and used his experience as an insurance policy for him and his family. How long he will remain behind the veil of anonymity is up to him, but I suspect that he will make himself known in a rather big way at some future time.”

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