Choose Your Researchers Wisely

keisler By Scott Keisler, guest contributor

5 January 2014:  If you are reading this article it is likely that you would consider yourself ‘awake’ and you may even consider yourself a ‘truther’.  You get your news from the alternative media and you pride yourself on being aware of what is going on in the world.  You know about the ongoing New World Order scheme and you aren’t embarrassed to say so.

That said, there’s a growing amount of information floating around out there concerning the New World Order – some of it accurate, much of it not so accurate.  I have noticed that much of the self-professing ‘truth movement’ is at the very least misguided, and unfortunately in many cases truthers are actually quite deceived.  I have often thought about why this is the case and in so doing I have noticed that there are several reasons why so much of the information I read regarding the New World Order is frankly so unreliable.

The first reason I take much of what I read concerning the New World Order with a grain of salt is that there are many researchers out there who just aren’t good researchers.  With the advent of technology-based social networking and citizen journalists in the alternative media, there are tens of thousands of people who now have a voice in the public market place of ideas – people who would not have had such a platform 20 years ago.

While I would never ever argue that this is a bad thing, many of the truthers who have taken the internet by storm mean well, but they actually do our movement a disservice by publishing overly emotional and sensationalistic non-sense that qualifies neither as journalism nor research.  The brand of ‘research’ I am talking about here consists of starting from a conclusion and working backwards, only looking for information that fits with what the investigator thinks they already know.  In short, this type of work takes the path of least resistance, sets the bar low in terms of standards, and lacks the rigor of intellectual integrity.

Another way bad research plays itself out is that the enthusiastic researcher will focus only on a very small sliver of the overall picture while imagining that he or she is somehow grasping the totality of the big picture.  Multi-disciplinary research is hard work and there aren’t that many out there who truly do it well.

The second reason why there is so much misguided and deceptive information out there concerning the New World Order is that many competent researchers – once they gain a bit of a following – get caught up in growing their brand and self-promotion.  Somewhere along the line uncovering truth gets squeezed out of the equation.  Sometimes this process is innocent enough, but those who lack character will inevitably allow a little bit of success goes to their heads.

This is exacerbated by the fact that there is a natural tendency towards competition among truthers in the alternernative media plus an ongoing desire to scoop one’s competitors.  A little healthy competition is a good thing, of course, but if we aren’t very careful we will allow pride, envy, and jealousy to creep into the picture.  Once this happens the quality and reliability of our work is, without exception, negatively impacted.  Some of the more over-the-top personalities become unteachable know-it-alls.  These charlatans are always putting on a show while trying to one-up the next guy.  How these people maintain an audience is beyond me, but I digress.

The third reason why we have to choose our researchers wisely is that there is always an element of deliberate disinfo with which we have to constantly contend.  We’re talking about more than mere ignorant and mindless trolls here, we’re talking about paid shills and cointelpro mouthpieces who intentionally muddy the waters of information to confuse, obfuscate, and distort.

The last and most important reason why we need to proceed with caution as we consume New World Order research is that a certain point Truth is spiritually discerned.  And no, this type of discernment is not something that we can go out and obtain by reading a shelf full of books, watching a thousand YouTube videos, or by listening to countless hours of our favorite podcast.  This type of discernment must be given to us from outside of ourselves.  We must have this spiritual discernment to recognize the New World Order for what it really is and to understand what is truly at stake.

So many of my ‘truther’ friends in the alternative media and in the grassroots liberty movement are so liberty minded that they want to be free even from the Sovereign God of the universe.  Their hyper-libertarianism is really almost a closet form of anarchism.  This frustratingly godless attitude (along with the latent and sometimes not-so-latent anti-Semitism) has been my primary criticism of the liberty movement.

Those who romanticize the vague deism of the American Revolution may have good things to say, but at the end of the day their philosophy rings hollow.  What shall it profit a man if he defeats the New World Order, yet loses his own soul?

Taking this a step farther, those who inject New Age mysticism into their New World Order counter-revolution are unwittingly playing right into the enemy’s hands.  I predict that many of these types will actually go along with the New World Order while naively imagining that they have somehow won.

At the end of the day only Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and to divorce one’s self from this fact while proclaiming to be a truther is the epitome of folly.

For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.

scottkeisler About the author:  Author, Theologian, and Researcher Scott Keisler brings a unique perspective to the table. His written articles and multimedia content focus on shattering the false-reality matrix in which most people live. An Evangelical Christian, Scott is a published author whose articles have appeared at,,, as well as in the Hope for the World Update – the quarterly newsletter published by New York Times best-selling author Gary Kah.  Scott co-edited the paperback book, When the Cross Became a Sword by Merrill Bolender, which has sold thousands of copies worldwide and has been translated into over a half-a-dozen languages.  He has also helped out with the editing and publication of the aforementioned Hope for the World Update.  Scott’s debut book The Omega Manifesto has sold well with copies going to several countries on three continents.

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