“We do not know the enemy and we know it and so does the world.”

A businesswoman returns early from a business trip and walks into her bedroom only to find her husband in bed with another woman. Caught completely by surprise, the husband jumps out of bed and calls to his wife:

“Honey, who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

-A joke commonly told by those who have actually read Islamic law on jihad (Excerpted from To Our Great Detriment).

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

3 February 2008: In 2001, as the entire world bore witness, the Pentagon was attacked by Islamic terrorists. In the years since, it continues to be attacked and the security of our nation threatened. Not by planes hijacked by Islamic terrorists, suicide bombers or chemical weapons, but by a more effective and insidious enemy – the enemy within, coupled with our lack of understanding of their strategy, and our malaise as time fades the vivid images of the death and destruction that took place within our borders on 9/11.

The most recent example of such attacks, perhaps the “Exhibit A” of 2008, is the decision not to renew the contract of the Pentagon’s leading authorities on Islamic war doctrine, Major Stephen Coughlin. Major Coughlin is the author of a 333 page document titled To Our Great Detriment, which provides important insight into the agenda and tactics of our enemy. For doing his job well – and to our great detriment - Major Coughlin has essentially been fired from his job at the Pentagon.

For doing his job well, Major Coughlin has essentially been fired from his job at the Pentagon – to our great detriment.

Arguably, Major Coughlin has been fired for pointing out that:

* “Never understanding the enemy means never being able to generate an effective strategy to defeat him,”

* “The cost of not understanding the enemy has been high and is getting higher everyday,”

* “Failure to account for Islamic law will result in a failure to recognize the laws of jihad that the enemy consciously emulates,”

* “Recalling that the disclosure of any information about Islam or Muslims that would cause a non-Muslim to question Islam violates strict Islamic laws on slander, it may help to explain why those beholden to such a standard could earnestly insist that ‘Islam has nothing to do with it’ in the face of evidence that would normally argue otherwise in other circumstances.”

Almost prophetically, Major Coughlin wrote:

“Because a slander concerning Islam can easily qualify as an insult to Islam, the consequences, as noted earlier, can be severe. This would be true even if the slander was factually accurate. This may help explain why the writing of a thesis such as this could lead to strong accusations that it is either an insult or slander to Islam even when every point asserted is verified and validated. Either way, choosing to ignore the information that lies beneath the surface of such claims is to submit the information that drives decision making and analysis to the disclosure requirements of Islamic law. This is submission.”

Unless we as Americans, begin to care about our survival as a nation more than who wins the Super Bowl tonight, we will lose the war that is taking place on our own soil.