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By David Gagin, guest columnist

16 January 2014:  For The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, There have been more than several landmark, or historic interviews, with important people who will help define what our history  becomes. The subjects are not pithy, dated tributes to triviality which disappear into obscurity a short time after they have been published. And in the short attention span of today’s society, that’s saying something. 

Doug and Joe Hagmann, who host The Hagmann & Hagmann Report nightly on Blogtalk, have achieved something no less than astounding. In their unassuming and reserved style, they have garnered an audience whose depth and breadth more mainstream news entertainers are loath to envy.

I am sure that despite the numbers that contradict them, they dismiss The Hagmann & Hagmann Report out of hand saying something like, “pffft…that’s not even real journalism!” The listeners, many of whom set aside 3 hours out of their day and listen in every night would beg to differ. The difference is, neither Doug, nor Joe consider their program to be about them, personally, and you could easily contrast that with a Piers Morgan, who from what I’ve seen, works his program as though it was a self-erected monument to himself. I consider him to be a hack, who is not worthy of any serious attention mainly because of his ham-fisted socialistic way of controlling the presentation.

The Hagmann & Hagmann Report seeks to provide the platform from which the real thinkers and authors can enjoy a short respite, and present their case without distractions from an overbearing loudmouth who thinks it his duty to remain front and center. I personally prefer this sort of interview style, and little else gets me riled the way some interviewers incessantly commandeer the dialog with uncalled for interruptions.

dak1In a recent interview with author Paul McGuire (12/22/13) we get desperately needed information for Christians and non-Christians alike about the necessity and efficacy of establishing and nurturing a real and personal relationship with our Creator. Mr. McGuire reports that in this relationship with God lies our only hope of surviving and thriving in the milieu of life-threatening oppression that has drawn over our world like dark and ominous storm clouds. No fear, is what he wants to communicate, fear is not called for, nor is it useful in doing what we need to do as our duty in this world as the faithful people of God.

It was during this interview that Mr. McGuire mentioned the place called the Dakota Building in New York City, in the upper west side of Manhattan. Some darkly occult events have taken place there as he relates, two of which are that the building was the location for the Roman Polanski movie called “Rosemary’s Baby” and the place where John Lennon and Yoko Ono lived when he was murdered in December of 1980. I became curious about this piece of architecture, and decided to investigate.

I found precious little of substance about this prestigious address. I found the name of the architect at one of the sites I visited, which led to this site with details about his career at a site dedicated to architecture called Starts and Fits ( The Dakota stands as one of Henry J. Hardenbergh’s great works, completed in 1884. Its elevations seem reminiscent of haunted places, but the style, as reported therein, is listed as “German Renaissance.” This style was a new one on me, which I did not come across during my architecture course work, and I don’t think it describes the ominous spookiness that seems to emanate from it. It certainly doesn’t seem to fit with the creepy ghost stories that have cropped up during the years of its existence.

The Dakota is an apartment building, which was commissioned by the late heir of the Singer Sewing Machine Co., Edward S. Clark. Clark was obviously a member of the moneyed elite, who apparently led a debauched life and sired many children out of wedlock, as well as being a polygamist. He seemed to follow the maxim, “Do as thou wilt” and I suspect that having dug into his past, you might find that he too, like many of the elite we allow to lead us, was a member of secret occult society. The style of his building seems to speak of this. The events that this building has become famous for also speak of this connection.

dak2In spite of its long history as a landmark in New York City, the single most mentioned claim to fame these days has been that the Dakota is where cult icon John Lennon lived with his wife Yoko Ono. It was also where he was shot to death by one person who is often termed a nut-case fan. But was this so-called fan really a nutcase, or something much more serious? Some researchers speculate that his murderer, Mark David Chapman, was really a victim of trauma-based mind-control who was sent Manchurian candidate style to tie up loose ends. Much is made of predictions from Lennon himself which indicate he was aware that his time on Earth was about to end. They also report that Lennon was an occult devotee, and point to signs of this in the music he produced.

Nevertheless, Lennon is still revered as an Icon. There are annual celebrations of his birthday as if he was some kind of national hero, in the area set aside in Central Park, dedicated by his widow as his memorial. This place is directly across the street from the Dakota, below the windows of the top floor apartment he lived in and marked as “Strawberry Fields,” a reference to his oddly psychedelic song “Strawberry Fields Forever.” This 2 1/2 acre memorial garden, defined by the original paths that form a tear shaped area, is like sacred ground to his still-devoted following and has an altar in the center called the “Imagine” mosaic. Such is the hold of this Satanic deception on many, many people in the world today.

I recall a lecture I gave as an assignment in one of my architectural theory classes in which I admonished my listeners to be very careful with their designs because it’s not just something you dash off in autocad, it is a statement you make that will define you as a designer throughout your career. This parallels Mr. McGuire’s belief that Ideas have consequences. Does context in which our ideas are generated modify this wisdom in any way? I think it does not matter, and if I thought one context or other was an exception, then I am guilty of obviating the true nature of who and what I am.

Mr. McGuire articulates very well the wisdom of realizing the truth of who we are, as spiritual beings who have been created in the image of God. In that context, as beings created by God, we realize that what comes with this is power to control our environment that few of us realize we have, or, have access to. That access is facilitated by relationship and prayer to God. Thus it is why we must be very careful about what we think, and what ideas come to us and then expressed, for we have an adversary striving 24/7 to co-opt this power to be used for his own devices. It is this which lies at the bottom of what is often referred to as “The Great Deception.”

The purpose of “The Great Deception” is to leave us completely vulnerable, subject to the conspiracy against us which is perpetrated by those who have risen in worldly power over us and assume to themselves, the right of global dominance. This is based in the generational concept of “divine right of Kings,” but divine by what standard? It certainly is not related to the Will of God. It is rooted in the ages-old lie from the father of lies, “ye will be as gods!” and certainly will not die because of your sins. Sins are abominations and separate us from the Will of God, and that will be the death of us, both physically and spiritually. The power inherent within the context of a healthy and faithful relationship with God is our salvation; it is also the make or break difference in light of the conflict we are involved in with our adversary. Without it, we are powerless, unacknowledged, we become putty in his hands, totally subject to his will. And his will for us is our destruction, which is rooted in his unrelenting hatred for God. Yet we still have amongst us, those who unwisely worship and call upon this entity for power. I hasten to warn then, this pursuit goes down a dead end street because I know in my heart and spirit, this being who hates God with everything in him also hates all of us, and he does not share power. Thus it is, that those who sell themselves out for a few pieces of silver find that once their usefulness is ended, they are betrayed. I think if John Lennon could speak, he would tell you this is the only end you can expect when embracing the temptation of worldly success that is based on occult power.

This underscores the unavoidable necessity that we face this worldly evil head on, with courage rooted in a secure faith in God. Courage conjured up in any other basis will not sustain us, this is a confrontation demanding the “full armor of God.” Without it, we’re sitting ducks. But, we do have hope to prevail. We needn’t despair that the forces arrayed against us are irresistible, we must fearlessly acknowledge that against the full power of God, these forces are like insects, and really have no power over us. But this assumes that we have made the faith decision to align ourselves with our Creator, because by ourselves we cannot hope to stand against these principalities and powers. As powerful as they are, they too must submit to the power of God. Scripture has it, ALL knees will bend in respect and trembling fear before the Son of Man when He returns in glory. It remains our choice as to which side of that we want to be on when He does.