Compromise will kill you

Special Sunday Edition of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report: 8:00-11:00 PM ET

Steve Quayle & Pastor David Lankford

8 March 2014:  From the politicians to the pulpits, sinful compromise is being disguised and presented as social tolerance. In its current and most desired form, compromise has become the reasoned acceptance of evil. Tolerance, however, applies only to man and his laws, but never to Biblical truth or God’s laws. Laws and language have been purposely changed and convoluted to confuse and confound the masses, and generate hostility toward Christians who follow Jesus and His true gospel. True Christians find themselves in the cross hairs of a government that is mandating compromise and compliance with sin and immorality under penalty of law. Christians also find themselves the unwitting recipients of not just a diluted message by pastors and mega-church leaders, but a false teaching that elevates tolerance and compromise to false virtues. The true followers of Jesus and Biblical law today find themselves in an epic battle being waged against them on multiple levels, from the politicians and pundits to the pulpits across America. This is an epic battle for the very soul of man not just on earth, for all of eternity.

Incredibly, Christians are often accused of intolerance, yet just the opposite is true. Many Christians are actually guilty of tolerating sin, immorality, unrighteousness, and all forms of evil under the guise of compromise. Biblical truths have been intentionally diluted over time, in the pulpits and within politics that not only advocate the acceptance of Godly prohibitions within the Christian body, but nearly require it.  There is a rending of the fabric of Christianity as churches and pastors seek to conform to man’s laws rather than God’s, for it is easier, safer and less controversial today to acquiesce to the diluted gospel than to live and preach it. From many pulpits of Christian churches, the laws of the one true God are being redefined rather than reinforced, as the latter is considered to lack compromise or tolerance of our fellow man. In short, deception is pervasive, even within the body of the church.

Tolerance of evil begets evil. As Christians give more ground to tolerance, a tipping point will be reached where silence of the true gospel will be enforced. We must act to educate and inform others of this evil agenda before it is too late.

As Steve Quayle states, “the mainstream expression of Christendom seeks friendship with the world and compromise at every juncture. As the world heads toward the prophesied rule and reign of the anti-Christ through the New World Order that is being formed, the nominal church will fore sake the Lord Jesus Christ en mass. There is, however, another exodus where the one true living God will bring out his people who long for His appearance and grant them this promise: that greater things will we do as he sends his Holy Spirit to empower the lives of His followers in this end times battle.”

Join Steve Quayle and Pastor David Lankford as they share the victory and promises of His power that will guide us through the days ahead.