Special Sunday Hagmann & Hagmann: Stan Deyo on the Oklahoma Seismic activity

Special Sunday Hagmann & Hagmann Report: 7:00 PM Eastern

StanDeyoSunday, 6 April 2014:  News headlines from last night and this morning announced “Series of ‘small’ earthquakes rock Oklahoma in record seismic activity.” Amid the news of these earthquakes exists much speculation about their cause. Some claim it to be directly related to “fracking,” while others claim that the cause lies much deeper in the tectonic plates that exist below our feet.

For the last year, scientist, researcher, inventor and author Stan Deyo, well known for his Coast to Coast AM appearances with Art Bell in the 1990′s has been a regular guest on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report every Tuesday, talking about the potential for seismic activity to occur in middle America. He has gone into great detail about earthquakes and volcanic activity at his website, www.StanDeyo.com, and has discussed this very issue on our program.

To the listeners of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, today’s headlines seem to be ripped from yesterday’s information provided by Mr. Deyo on our program and on his website. Since yesterday afternoon, we have been inundated with e-mail requests to “ask Stan about the seismic activity and potential for more, even worse quakes” across the United States. Accordingly, we asked Stan if he would mind giving up part of his Sunday evening to enlighten our audience about what we see taking place. Mr. Deyo graciously agreed to provide our listeners with his assessment of the current activity and how it might all fit in with other events.

Join us tonight for a very special broadcast at a special time (7:00 PM ET) as we welcome Stan to this “unscheduled” show.  Also, we ask that you help Stan and Holly’s ministry as well as yourself by getting your very own copy of Dare to Prepare, Prudent Places, USA, Garden Gold, and Cosmic Conspiracy.

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