Terrorists are in America

13 March 2008: This is an account that needs to be read and widely disseminated. The article is authored by Jamie Glazov that appeared today on Front Page Magazine and is excerpted below. Click on the link following the excerpts to read the entire article. Perhaps the most important aspect of this account is the independent corroboration of terrorist training inside the U.S. - something that many people simply do not believe, and many in our own government and media purposely downplay.

We have investigated the very locations referenced in this article. We have provided this administration, at their request, our investigative findings. Despite providing literally pounds of reports supported by photographs and other documentation, these terrorism recruitment centers continue to exist unabated in America.

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Founder & Director

Terrorists groups are very powerful, they have money, and they do not care if they die. They do not care who they kill. They are in America and if the American people do not want more attacks like 9/11, they had better start being more concerned about Wahhabi scholars spreading violence in the U.S.


I have met people since 2004 who are recruiting new Muslims arriving in America to join the ‘Wahhabi’ movement. These people want to start a Wahhabi nation in America. They have tried to recruit me.


Dave Gaubatz and I have worked as police officers for many years and have studied Al Qaeda and other terrorists group. We have visited places in the U.S. from the East coast to the West coast that have people who are supporting Al Qaeda. The Saudi Arabian government is behind the training of Islamic scholars with the Wahhabi ideology. They are trained in Saudi Arabia and then sent to many countries to spread this dangerous ideology. Many of the Imams at mosques in the U.S. are trained in Saudi Arabia. We have met many who tell us the U.S. should be an Islamic nation and they have violent material describing how to do this.

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