Steve Quayle & Henry Gruver tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Steve Quayle & Henry Gruver

Betrayal, deception, perfidy, & apostasy within the body of the church


Thursday, June 5, 2014: Join us tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET as we welcome world renowned author and speaker Steve Quayle and evangelist Henry Gruver to discuss the coming war within Christendom.

A battle is brewing within the Christian church. We can see it forming and rapidly accelerating today, as the true Christian doctrine is being altered into apostasy as many of our churches remain silent.  As the world marches to a single point of governance, so too is the Christian church marching to a single point of leadership. That leadership, however, will not embrace the true and accurate teachings and doctrine of Jesus, but a “comfortable” apostasy that will include a worldwide deception.  This is a battle not just of doctrine, but a battle for our very souls.

Henry Gruver has literally walked all over the world - in over 50 nations - to teach the Word of God. He will be sharing with our listeners how to trust God in these times and in impossible situations. He will also be sharing his personal experiences about the things he has seen, and counsel us on how to handle the war within Christendom.

Tune in tonight to hear this very timely & critical message. Your spiritual and even your physical survival could very well depend upon it.