Who pulled the plug on THIS broadcast?

Plug pulled on broadcast of intelligence insider-behind the scenes oddities revealed

“If that’s indeed the case, and only if that’s the case, then the dogs of war have been released from their cages, and we are quite far down the path toward full censorship. If that’s the case, then may God help us all.” —Doug Hagmann

by Douglas J. Hagmann

Saturday, July 5, 2014: We have the latest, professional grade broadcasting equipment. We have the largest of lines running to and from our studio capable of supporting our popular broadcast. We also have dedicated computers that were specifically designed for broadcast purposes. We also have back-up alternative power in the event of a storm or other natural disaster. Perhaps most important of all, we have redundancy in the event of a breakdown of any one “link” in the chain of equipment, and the ability to use the resources in another country. Recently, an engineer for a local radio station viewed our studio, equipment and the schematics and told me that it rivaled and in some ways, exceeded the equipment at his station.

Despite our investment of money, time and toil, it appears that someone “pulled the plug” on our July 4, 2014 broadcast before it was permitted to air.

At exactly 15 minutes before airtime, we were connected. All was well. The program clock was set and we conducted routine sound and equipment checks amid the quiet hum of hard drives and other equipment. An automated, audible countdown began at 14 minutes before airtime, marking each minute before the broadcast would air. We began making our usual entries into our log book and engaged in the routine, if not mundane practices that no one sees or even care exist. We powered down other devices, and silenced the ringer of the single studio telephone line we use for emergencies. Then, exactly at the 11 minute, six-second mark, something odd happened. We were cut off from the network. Due to the methods we use to connect to the network, however, we would not realize what happened until we were met with silence as the on-air broadcast clock began to tick down from 180 minutes.

If someone screams in a soundproof studio, does anyone hear it?

At precisely five seconds in to the broadcast, knowing that we were broadcasting “dead air,” we engaged in a series of steps to connect to the network through other means. We established this protocol last year after a series of sound issues plagued us. We activated “plan B,” and did so swiftly, but with futility. Even our scheduled guest could not call in to our studio as the line went dead as soon as he was connected.

As we scurried about in our studio, powering our equipment up and down, following the steps in an “emergency” back-up manual created for us by a local sound engineer, I fought back against a nauseous feeling that someone did not want our broadcast to air. At least, someone did not want this broadcast to air. We watched ourselves fading to black, as our computer studio interface failed to respond to any of our efforts, as did our sound board. We were completely locked out, so to speak, and were also unable to make contact with our secondary link outside of the United States, which is our final, fail-safe measure that has not failed us before.

By the time we completed every step possible, we had already broadcast nearly ten minutes of dead air. We were dead in the water, and there was nothing we could do and no fix to be made. We let as many listeners know of our problems through a chat feature associated with our program, and a messaging service attached to our new mobile app.

Our guest, the “red phone” and S.W.A.T.

Although it took a few attempts, we were able to make contact with our scheduled guest, known to our audience only as “W,” an intelligence insider. We know him well, and have met him face-to-face. I have spent many hours in meetings with him, and know his background. He is a “known and trusted source” with credentials and experience that few can match.

For this specific broadcast, our guest decided to connect from a particular public location using a mobile service. There was a valid reason for this, and it was decided and established in the days before the scheduled broadcast. The location was only known to two people—him and me. My son and co-host did not even know. It is important to note that this was only his second appearance that was scheduled in advance; his first scheduled appearance on 2 May 2014 was plagued with sound issues and disruptions. This time, however, it seems like someone wanted to send a different message. Or, perhaps it was mere coincidence. After all, “sometimes stuff just happens.”

It should be noted that “W” has appeared on our program before, although his appearances were spontaneous and unpublicized. Except for his joint appearance with former CIA operative Robert Tosh Plumlee, those appearances have largely proceeded without interference.

Following a series of text communications from our guest, the “red phone” lit up. On the other end of the line was “W,” calling from the predetermined broadcast location.

“You’re not going to believe this,” he said. At that moment, two unmarked but very visible S.W.A.T. vehicles, staffed by uniformed members of a local militarized police agency, made their presence known to him in a very obvious manner - having arrived several minutes after he was settled in . No, there was no “drama” associated with their presence—except for their presence. They were not engaging him or otherwise threatening him. They were just… there. One vehicle was stationary while the other drove around the lot. Again, it could all be a mere coincidence, and it could be a coincidence that they scurried from the area when “W” began taking pictures of them.

I have one of the photographs, complete with the time-stamp. And now, so do others. I will not publish them to protect the privacy of those curious about his location, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

The “why” of it all

In a “post-mortem” examination of our computer log files and communication equipment, I wanted to learn what happened and why. After a few hours of investigation, I found that the plug was pulled on us exactly 11 minutes and six seconds before our scheduled airtime. Stated differently, that would be 666 seconds before the broadcast. Like the presence of the S.W.A.T. vehicles, though, I’m sure this could be merely a coincidence. I suppose it would be presumptuous of us to believe otherwise.

No equipment was damaged, and no other traces of nefarious doings were left, just dead air. Oh, and the embarrassment that is associated with this event, as I am certain that we will be described as unprofessional, ill-equipped riff-raff just pretending to be professionals. Furthermore, would any “normal” thinking person actually believe that anyone cares what we broadcast? Anyway, censorship and intimidation only happens under tyranny.

Coincidence aside for the moment, looking deeper into the events of our July 4th broadcast, or its prevention, begs the question “why?” Why this particular broadcast?

It’s no secret that our communications are being monitored by an out-of-control surveillance apparatus. It is reasonable, then, to suspect that those who monitor such communications had an idea of the topics to be covered. Could it be that even the opening sentence that “W” planned to speak was so damaging that they, the controllers of the airwaves, could not take the chance of allowing it to be heard? And as the program was promoted, “W” only intended to be speaking to a handful of listeners who would fully understand his message exactly as intended. So, who among our listeners also pose a threat to such powers? Think about it.

The alternative media, as we are called, is under attack. Other talk show hosts have recently experienced inexplicable and unprecedented interference, including the incredibly popular John B. Wells, host of Caravan to Midnight. That interference just so happened to occur during revelations by two guests whose information was quite unflattering to the people in power.

Could it all just be a mere coincidence? Or, could we be witnessing the systematic silencing of dissenting voices and purveyors of truth, of reality, amid a sea of media lies and disinformation?

I believe I know why we were unable to broadcast on July 4, 2014. I cannot disclose the reason, for doing so could jeopardize events and people unrelated to our show. But much like the plans, plots and schemes of those in power, it was a tit-for-tat response—an upping of the ante—for something that was done recently. If that’s indeed the case, and only if that’s the case, then the dogs of war have been released from their cages, and we are quite far down the path toward full censorship. If that’s the case, then, may God help us all.