Origins of Illusion for the Coming Deception: Ancient History, Civilizations, Fallen Angels and their Offspring as detailed in the Book of Genesis




Media of all types is filled with various narratives about how the world will be deceived in the coming days. Whether it’s information coming from elements within the Vatican, “new agers” and others pushing the narrative of an alien savior to return to earth to save all of humanity, or other “experts” promoting their newest findings, few turn to the most reliable of all sources: the Holy Bible. It is important to understand that the Bible contains very precise information about the details of the coming deception when viewed through the prism of ancient history combined with eschatology in its proper context, for it is this information on which we must rely.

What is about to come is very closely related to the current headlines. We are seeing the Middle East erupting in a manner never before experienced. Domestic unrest is brewing, and lawlessness by our own leadership is rising with each passing day. Yet the Christian church has been virtually silent on these issues at a time when our generation is bearing witness to some of the greatest signs on earth and in the heavens.

At a time when we need the unfiltered truth of both history and prophecy, the true teachings based in Biblical facts, the Christian church is deliberately avoiding any discussion about the origins of our current state of affairs. Why?

Perhaps it is easier for the average person to embrace the belief of an alien savior than to understand the truth that exists in Genesis 6, accounts of fallen angels and their offspring that have beguiled the human race—the seed of Adam and of God’s children, and the malevolent spirits that exist and are as a multiplying army against the God’s lineage. To look ahead at what’s coming requires an honest look at topics the Christian church has so far refrained from exposing.

To be clear, we are at war. But it’s a war few appear willing to discuss or even acknowledge. As stated so succinctly in the Holy Bible, “…we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” [Ephesians 6:12]. Who are these powers and rulers of darkness?

Steve Quayle, author of Genesis 6 Giants, has researched and published his findings based on the historical context of the bible and related writings to give us a very clear and unambiguous picture of the events we are seeing take place today. The information he offers exposes the origins of evil and traces its roots from the days of Adam to the present. Understanding these origins is key to avoiding the great deception that will ensnare many unsuspecting Christians.

Join us tonight as we welcome Steve Quayle and Timothy Alberino of the Alberino Analysis to present   you the information desperately needed for not just understanding these past, present and future events, but to learn to overcome and avoid being deceived. Messrs Quayle and Alberino will methodically lay out what the rulers and custodians of information have prevented us from hearing throughout history. They will be filling us in on their latest findings as they are related to the coming events and about how all of history is about to be revealed in a traumatic encounter with that which has been hidden.