Breathe No Evil: The Globalist agenda is in play as precisely detailed 20 years ago

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By Douglas J. Hagmann

Friday, 8 August 2014:  It was in 1995, nearly 20 years ago when Steve Quayle appeared on talk radio in Johnstown, Colorado, warning that a biological attack in a mass setting was not only possible, but likely. Almost immediately and certainly not unexpectedly, Steve Quayle was publicly vilified by people calling him a fear-monger. It was only a very short time later that members of the terrorist group Aum Shinrikyo dispersed Sarin gas in a Tokyo subway, killing 13 people, severely injuring another 50 and causing temporary medical problems for nearly 1,000 others. Even then, the threat of biological and chemical attacks and incidents were deliberately downplayed. 

Since the mid-1990’s, Steve Quayle has been at the forefront of sounding the alarm about the various biological threats facing us, from the natural to the man-made and weaponized. He has been at the forefront of investigating the numerous biologists and scientists who have met their untimely deaths under suspicious circumstances. And there are many of them who have died, including those who worked with such deadly diseases as anthrax, smallpox and of course, the deadly Ebola virus.

In 1996, Mr. Quayle wrote Breathe No Evil, co-authored by Duncan Long, that predicted a world affected by the spread of biological agents, including the deliberate spread of diseases such as Ebola. Breathe No Evil is an extensive overview of chemical and biological weapons that threaten us today. The first chapter will have you holding your breath while the additional chapters will tell you ‘how to breathe easy’ with the correct preparation. Having read the book shortly after its release, I realized the ease of which a virus such as Ebola could spread. Today, the contents of the book have become a real world scenario, “predicted” at a time when few would agree with the premise.

This is not meant as a book review, despite the accuracy and helpful information contained within the book. No, this is a clear warning to everyone to pay attention to what is taking place around you, and to understand what is happening as these dark events unfold before our very eyes.

Current Events

ebolasmallInterviews by top health officials by CNN and other news outlets describe what’s happening as “the biggest, most widespread Ebola outbreak in history.” We are being told that every nation and every individual is at risk, and to “multiply the number [of people infected] by two to four…” as the outbreak is worse than you are being told. We are being told that about 1700 people have been confirmed to be infected by this deadly strain of Ebola, and so far, more than half have already died, including one American.

Consider the latest statements from Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organization: “Let me give you some frank assessments of what we face… this outbreak is moving faster than our efforts to control it. If the situation continues to deteriorate, the consequences can be catastrophic in terms of lost lives but also severe socioeconomic disruption and a high risk of spread to other countries…”

The news is bad, however it gets worse. Much worse. The outbreaks in West Africa seem to be just the tip of the iceberg, as global travel, combined with the intentional opening of our southern border, increases the likelihood of Ebola outbreaks here in the United States. We’re being lied to about what is taking place at our border. While federal officials continue to downplay the “alien invasion,” former Border Patrol agent Zachary Taylor, in an internet video that went “viral” (pun intended) thanks to an article written by James Simpson of The Examiner, Taylor makes two claims that should have everyone sit up and take notice. First, Mr. Taylor notes the peculiar way this strain of the Ebola virus is being spread, and equally important, that the probability that infected people coming across the southern border is much greater than we are being told.

FEMA Camps and Body bags, oh boy…

Isn’t it interesting, if not unsettling, that FEMA made preparations for “warehousing people” long in advance of the orchestrated border “crisis?” What about those fringe, conspiracy kook claims of body bags being ordered en masse? Are we all expected not to believe our eyes, but instead, place our full faith and trust in a government that has lied to us continuously and unceremoniously? Are we to feel comfortable with the transportation of potentially infected illegal aliens being shipped, at our expense, across state lines to various parts of the country? What are we to make of all of this?

Folks, the picture is much bigger than most people can see. While the proverbial band plays on, there are people who are dancing with the devil at the peril of the population.

Americans and all people in the West deserve the truth, however uncomfortable it might prove to be. We all need to put our big boy pants on and understand that there is mischief going on behind the foggy headlines and sound bites of the captured media. We need to think bigger, and understand the role of the dead microbiologists, the actions of our government in terms of FEMA preparations, causing our border patrol to become preoccupied or prevent them from doing their job at the border. Dots need to be connected to create the big picture of what’s really taking place on a global scale.

The words etched into a granite monument known as the Georgia Guidestones” to depopulate the planet are not mere words, but an action plan. Are we seeing that plan being implemented today?

Could it be that the films and televisions series created and disseminated by Hollywood about zombies, and other biological bastardizations of mankind are not merely fantasy entertainment, but a look into our future? Could this be the aging globalists final move to accomplish their Satanic agenda, which is to depopulate the world and to subjugate mankind into demonic bondage?

If this sounds like the ravings of some lunatic writer lacking his daily dose of meds, take another look at the headlines and begin to do your own research into the real events of today before you pass such judgment. I would like to be very wrong, but I’m afraid I’m not. I’m also absolutely certain that Steve Quayle was correct in his accurate assessment of things to come—events that he wrote about two decades ago, when people laughed, scoffed and ridiculed. Well, most aren’t laughing today.

breathenoevilIf you want the truth about Ebola and other biological threats facing us right now, tune in to The Hagmann & Hagmann Report tonight as Steve Quayle joins us to give us the unbiased and raw facts about the perilous situation we face. Follow along with your copy of Breathe No Evil as he walks us through the minefield of asymmetrical warfare, from the border situation to the bio-threats we are either facing right now, or will be facing imminently. Understand the plan, and more importantly, learn what you must do to protect yourself from the insidiousness of the globalists.

By the way, I do recommend—highly recommend, getting your hands on a copy of Breathe No Evil. While the book details the peril, it also offers very precise instructions on what you must do now to protect yourself from the threats.