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Coordinated laser attacks against passenger aircraft in Australia

1 April 2008: Starting last Friday, at least six passenger aircraft flying into Sydney, Australia were “painted” by lasers as they approached the airport in Sydney. According to Australian authorities, the attacks forced the airplanes to change their flight paths and delay their landings into Sydney. The attacks against the aircraft, described as “coordinated,” consisted of four separate lasers situated in separate locations and lasted upwards of 15 minutes. An investigation of the incident determined that the lasers appear to have originated from the Bexley area of south-western Sydney.

Another laser incident was reported last night, disrupting the flight path of another Sydney-bound plane. Australian police reported that a laser was pointed at a commercial aircraft that was traveling from Cairns to Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport. The incident took place at about 9:30 p.m. local time and apparently originated from the Bossley Park area.

Laser “attacks” against commercial and military aircraft is not new, especially in the U.S. The Northeast Intelligence Network has been reporting on such attacks worldwide for the last four years, including laser activity in Australia in March 2007.

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