Finally - a proactive police force and someone with guts

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

13 November 2007: From movie reviewers to college students majoring in molecular biology to self-proclaimed soccer moms, it seems that anyone can proclaim to be an expert in Islamic terrorism following 9/11 and the proliferation of the Internet. Few deserve the print space, but most attain it. Few possess facts to back-up their own theories, yet many people succumb to their opinions. Combine the redundant protoplasm of individuals who seem to use the Internet as their anonymous alter-egos with the bipolar tendencies of our federal government on the subject of terrorism by Muslims, there should be little wonder why the general population of the West is ill informed about the threat of Islamic terrorism, especially in the U.S. and Canada.

It follows that no one should be surprised by the factually bankrupt column written by Greg Pivarnik, a 7th-semester molecular and cell biology major whose weekly column is published every Monday in The Daily Campus, an online college said to be the largest daily college newspaper in the state of Connecticut. (click on article title to continue reading)

PIVARNIK, wrote a column yesterday that not only underhandedly slammed the Los Angeles Police Department, but also stated that the threat of (Islamic) terrorism is “overblown and has again caused Americans to act irrationally.”  I’m not exactly certain which part of his molecular biology courses makes him an expert or even adequately versed in threat assessment, but some renegade biological bugger must have escaped from a nearby Petri dish and crawled into his lower orifice, making him irritated at LAPD’s plan for a proactive mapping program of potential threats to its citizens.

I cite PIVARNIK on the proposed LAPD program for a couple of reasons: first, for the depth of his ignorance regarding our Islamic enemy, especially those who are already present inside the U.S. Secondly, because I suspect his views are consistent with most college-age students of today, who are the same people who will be shaping our policies tomorrow. I suspect that he, like most other experts who talk about terrorism, sociology and crime have never ventured away from their desks, classrooms, or computers and spent any time in the “streets,” actually dealing with criminals, terrorists or potential criminal or terrorist acts. Nonetheless, he and the others I have referenced deserve to have an opinion, no matter how wrong it is.

By his writing, this young man apparently agrees with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California, who wrote a letter to the Deputy Chief of LAPD, stating, in part:

“Singling out of individuals for investigation, surveillance, and data-gathering based on their religion constitutes religious profiling that is just unlawful, ill-advised and deeply offensive as racial profiling.”

The unenlightened PIVARNIK also writes: “It is safe to say that the LAPD is not an expert on sociology.” I cannot think of any entity having more practical experience in human social behavior than the officers of a police department who have spent any time in the field, most assuredly not someone with his eyeballs glued to a microscope while perhaps sipping a latte.

I recommend that those, including PIVARNIK, take another look at the New York skyline which has changed within the last several years. Better yet, talk to any of the thousands of families who lost loved ones not only on 9/11, but from acts of violence perpetuated by the followers of Islam who practice, endorse, or tacitly approve killing innocent people in order to turn the United States and Canada into laws governed by Sharia.

I can almost forgive PIVARNIK as he is likely still wet behind his ears. The problem is, however, that there are many who read and actually believe the drivel he and others like him write.

Thankfully and despite the whines of individuals and groups who describe such tactics as unfairly profiling a religious element, there is a police department in the U.S. that is becoming proactive in fighting the “terrorist element within,” a religious and ideological element whose adherents want to see you dead.

Lastly, I nearly laughed out loud when I read that the myopic microscopic simpleton wrote that “Instead of promoting a community outreach program, where the police actually go out and meet the individuals of the community, the LAPD is treating them like animals.”  Sadly, many people believe this when the opposite is true. From the State Department down to the local sheriff, those who fail to understand the tactics of our enemies are acquiescing to their most trivial demands and complaints with great success.

To PIVARNIK and others like him, I would advise you to change your route from your college lab to the closest Starbucks and take a good, hard look at what is taking place in the U.S. and Canada with respect to Islamic terrorism. You future will depend upon it.