U.S. Shopping Malls Top on Terror Target List this Season

8 November 2007: Last December, a Muslim man identified as Derrick Shareef, a/k/a Talib Abu Salam Ibn Shareef planned to set off at least four and possibly more hand grenades and improvised explosive devices at the CherryVale Shopping Mall in Rockford, near Interstate 90 and Interstate 39, about 75 miles north of Chicago. Talib Abu Salam Ibn Shareef was arrested by FBI agents from the Chicago Joint Terrorism Task Force before he had the opportunity to set his plans in motion. The mall has about 130 retail stores and was one of “several potential targets” that also included a list of federal buildings as well. According to authorities, he planned to detonate explosives at the shopping mall during the Christmas shopping season.

Today, another warning about plots against malls across the U.S. was issued for this holiday season in the form of a government advisory, with some governmental sources acknowledging to the Northeast Intelligence Network that there has been reliable intelligence obtained from recent investigations to indicate that shopping malls are in the cross hairs of Islamic terrorists who are already in the U.S. According to both federal and state sources close to this agency, shopping malls are considered desirable targets for both the psychological effect as well as the economic damage such attacks could produce.

According to the sources closest to this agency, “no specific malls or shopping centers have been actually identified.”