The Thailand Coup: ­ Creating A New World Order

“What appear on the surface to be disconnected events can be collected to present a coherent picture. The goal remains the same–removing the position of the United States as the remaining Super Power and replacing it with a totalitarian state. The relation between economic factors, terrorism, war and energy are potent factors that must be addressed in a comprehensive way. We remain dangerously ignorant of the enemy we face.” — David J. Jonsson,

30 September 2006: For those wanting to gain a clearer understanding of how current world events are related, and how these events are stacking up against the United States, the comprehensive article by David J. Jonsson at is critically important. It is important to understand the goal of establishing the “Islamic Kingdom of God on Earth” and implementation of Shariah law. Mr. Jonsson asks and answers the ever-important question: “Are the Islamists the pawns of Russia and China or… are they really an ‘Unholy Alliance?” –Douglas J. Hagmann, Director