The Guantanamo Center for Islamic Jihad & Cultural Studies

Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

27 September 2006: In an illustration of the total absurdity of political correctness, the Islamic terrorists who have either directly or indirectly engaged in terror attacks against the US citizens, our troops and our assets – those who have been captured and are being held at Guantanamo Bay, are being treated to traditional sweets, dates and honey for their Ramadan celebration. Apparently caving in to accusations of religious insensitivity and the insane demands of Islamic leaders, Muslim detainees at Guantanamo Bay are being permitted to observe Ramadan in a true Islamic fashion, despite their role in the deaths of US citizens and military personnel.

A military newspaper on the U.S. base published a front-page article earlier this month that educated the soldiers on the Islamic religious period of Ramadan. According to published reports, the US military is insuring that the cultural needs of the captured terrorists are respected: fasting detainees will have a meal before dawn, and a “double portion” meal in the evening to ensure they receive enough nutrition. Medical personnel will monitor their health.

Despite the cultural adjustments made to accommodate the Muslim prisoners, and despite the presence of an Islamic cultural advisor and chaplains who meet with the prisoners as needed to discuss their private concerns, a court challenge seeking the return of a full-time Muslim chaplain to the base has been filed by one detainee’s attorney, who said that regular religious services would help “preserve the sanity” of the detainees.