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Indianapolis man arrested – had al-Qaeda literature, chemicals in apartment

23 September 2006: An Indianapolis man was arrested after police found a significant amount of hazardous chemicals, along with a gas mask and printed bomb making instructions. Also found were al-Qaeda documents and literature about Saddam Hussein, stated Captain Phil Burton of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department. The suspect, identified as Joseph BAGLEY, admitted to mixing several chemicals in his northside apartment near 96th and College streets and using a gas mask while doing so.BAGLEY is being held on one count of criminal recklessness for having the hazardous chemicals in his apartment. Bagley, a former electronics student with no criminal past, is currently being held in jail for 72 hours while police and the FBI inspect his computer and various storage media taken from his apartment. According to published reports, the discovery of materials and documents was discovered by a carpet cleaning crew who notified police.
bagley Arrested: Joseph BAGLEY

Meanwhile, the FBI told the local media that they “do not suspect a terror plot” on the city’s northside, but police want to know why a man stored and mixed chemicals in his apartment and had al-Qaeda literature.

Professor Douglad Woodwell of the University of Indianapolis told the media that: “This doesn’t sound like any kind of international criminal conspiracy, it sounds like a lone operation involving one person. There is definitely an inspiration al-Qaeda offers to a lot of people around the world these days. They can perhaps play their own role in an epic battle.” Professor Woodwell also stated that [BAGLEY] “could very well be a guy who just likes mixing chemicals.”

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