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Islam Validates the Popes Comments Worldwide

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

19 September 2006: It’s about time someone in a highly respected position spoke up and said something truthful about Islam and the intentions of Islam even as seen by a man many centuries ago. My hat is off to Pope Benedict XVI and will remain unless he retracts his statements. Hang in there Pontiff. You are the leader of Western religion, so don’t drop the ball. That gets done enough already.

Of course now the Islamic lunatics around the planet are calling for the death of the Pope, which is to be expected from these Islamic scumbags who are followers of Islam, under the false claim of being a religion of Peace, Love and Tolerance. Doesn’t sound very peaceful to me, no love for the Pope being shown and Tolerance for his opinions are zero. This simply exposes what we have said for years about the so called “religion” of Islam which is not a religion at all but instead a death cult, Nazi like fascist movement growing like weeds and about as welcome.

The following comments were taken from a news wire service which said: “On Friday, a prominent hard line Mogadishu cleric called for Muslims to “hunt down” and kill the pontiff for his remarks.

“Whoever offends our Prophet Mohammed should be killed on the spot by the nearest Muslim,” Sheikh Abubukar Hassan Malin told worshippers at a mosque in southern Mogadishu.

“We call on all Islamic communities across the world to take revenge on the baseless critic called the Pope,” he said.

Yeah man, I can feel the love of this “peaceful religion”. So much love that some Islam gunmen broke into a hospital in southern Mogadishu and gunned down a seventy year old Catholic nurse in revenge for the Popes comments. Christian churches are being attacked overseas and have been since the Popes statement. That murder and these church attacks are a straight forward view into Islam and why it is such a threat to this world. These Islamic fascists refuse to co-exist with anyone or anything non-Islamic.

One day and probably soon, there will be a terrorist act within this country that will make it very difficult to blame just “isolated Islamic extremists” as some like to refer to these murderers as. One fine peaceful Sunday morning when several of your local churches are blown off the face of the map with thousands of casualties, will we still claim that this isn’t a religious war, a war between good and evil? We have this unbelievable PC rhetoric that is used by western world leaders to claim that Islam is a peaceful religion and that the religion has been hijacked by a few violent ones. The old byline of how Islam was hijacked by a few bad people is hogwash. Unfortunately, that limited view and outright failure to recognize the threat and speak out about it will get many Americans and Europeans killed.

Just recently there was a seizure of multiple explosives, lists of churches taken from a facility in Tennessee. That seems to indicate that this will become a full blown religious war quite soon and it will be made quite apparent.

How can it be that Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri can openly and repeatedly state that this is a religious war but we cannot? Seems we are doing ourselves a severe injustice hiding behind our little catch phrases and comments that seem to indicate that this war is simply about “rogue terrorism” versus the free world.

This war is about “Islam versus the Free World”. Nothing less than that. To say anything else is insinuating that we, the American people are stupid and cannot see the truth. Islam has no desire to co-exist and the proof is all around us every day.

See, if the government would seriously clamp down on the Islamic mosques, the centers of hate against Americans that operate freely here and were to clamp down on these Islamic fascist organizations that operate here and are steadily inciting hate then maybe, just maybe we would start showing a posture of intolerance for their violent and hate driven Islamic rhetoric. If we remove the hate centers, it will force them underground or out of the country. It will force them to hide like the criminals they are instead of courting the media and our government out in the open like they currently do.

There is a wonderful aspect and freedom referred to as Religious Freedom here in this country. BUT, once you step over the line and conspire or train to kill Americans or commit acts of terror, you should lose that freedom because you abused it. Just like having the freedom to do anything, once you abuse it, you lose it. If your mosque is a hate center and teaches followers to kill Americans, then you should be charged with hate crimes and conspiring to murder Americans and you should be jailed and the mosque bulldozed to the ground. It’s that simple. Eliminate the threat.

The Pope made his statement regarding the use of violence to further a religion and instantly there are death threats, retaliation against Christians and Christian places of worship worldwide. The entire nation of Islam worldwide and uniformly has proven exactly what the Pope said to be the truth. Yet, we still don’t get it. Islam is about death, murder and the destruction of anything non-Islam.

“Actions speak louder than words,” so the saying goes. I’d say Islam has said it all in the last few days, the last few years and will continue to do so.

Be safe, stay vigilant.


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