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Explosives, Bomb Making Materials, Plans & List of Targets Found in rural TN

Posted By Douglas J. Hagmann On September 15, 2006 @ 6:55 am In Domestic Terrorism,Douglas J. Hagmann,Suspicious Incidents | Comments Disabled

“Some targets were Christian churches, during Sunday services, no doubt about it at all,” stated this police source. “You can bet that it’s not going to come out anywhere [in the media], but they were definitely going to make a statement, and a religious one at that, he said. “You can “take it from there.”

By Douglas J. Hagmann, [1] Director

15 September 2006: A very significant and “potentially devastating” quantity of explosive components and materials, some already mixed into active explosives, along with detonators, wires, and other bomb-making paraphernalia was discovered at a storage facility on US Route 45 S in Bradford, Tennessee just after 9:00 yesterday morning. Also found were bomb making instructions downloaded from the Internet, as well as various city and county maps that highlighted the targets, among them: Christian Churches in the immediate area.

The materials were found by an employee at a storage facility located just off of US Route 45 S in Gibson County, Tennessee, although the precise location and the circumstances under which the materials were found is not being given out by Bradford, TN Police Chief Ollie Bond while the investigation is ongoing.

According to both published reports as well as information from a police source close to the investigation who provided information to the Northeast Intelligence Network under the strict condition of anonymity, a Bradford, Tennessee police officer was sent to a location near an engine repair shop adjacent to a storage facility, not far from a Gibson County high school. What the officer found immediately caused Bradford, TN police chief to secure the assistance of the Union City Bomb Unit, the Martin Police Department K-9 bomb-sniffing dogs, the Bradford Fire Department and other Gibson County law enforcement agencies. Also called in were the FBI and the ATF; currently, the FBI is leading the investigation.During their on-site investigation, a portion of U.S. 45 was blocked off for more than six hours by law enforcement authorities, and some nearby homes were evacuated. An ambulance and EMS crew was on stand-by near the scene in the event of an accidental detonation of the explosive materials, and a helicopter hovered over the area. US Route 45 was reopened at about 3:30 p.m. Thursday and area residents were allowed to return to their homes after the field investigation concluded.

According to our law enforcement source, authorities have a “significant amount of evidence” that could well identify those who are involved in this bomb making operation. “It is not a small incident, that’s for sure,” stated the source. “The people involved are undoubtedly home-grown terrorists who would have caused a whole lot of damage and probably killed a lot of people, which seemed to be their objective, and were not far from being able to pull them [the bombings] off,” he added. “There were about 6 targets identified by the papers and maps they left behind, and from what I have been told, enough material to damage, if not completely destroy all six targets.” As for the Christian churches, not only did the maps show their locations, but information about the times of the services were highlighted.

“Some targets were Christian churches, during Sunday services, no doubt about it at all,” stated this police source. “you can bet that it’s not going to come out anywhere [in the media], but they were definitely going to make a statement, and a religious one at that,” he said. “You can “take it from there.”

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