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June ambush of US Border Patrol agents has ominous present-day implications

Posted By Douglas J. Hagmann On September 15, 2006 @ 6:57 am In Domestic Terrorism | Comments Disabled

“…highly sensitive and classified documents containing the identities of undercover US agents, Canadian officers and operational details of the investigation and surveillance that were inside of the US Border patrol vehicle were also stolen. The documents also contained the home phone numbers of the US and Canadian officers, details of surveillance operations and the identities of confidential informants…”

Joint investigative report by Douglas J. Hagmann, Director, Northeast Intelligence Network, Judi McLeod, Founder & Editor, CanadaFreePress.com

15 September 2006: During a joint, covert operation involving the US Border Patrol and the Ontario Provincial Police on June 9, 2006, an incident took place that quietly rocked law enforcement communities of two countries and placed a number of undercover police operatives and operations at risk, yet has largely gone unreported by the media. The operation involved surveillance by the US Border Patrol and the OPP, focusing on the human smuggling of illegal aliens from various countries, including possible members of al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist organizations that is taking place across the Canada-U.S. border along the Niagara frontier.

Illegal aliens, including the potential terrorists, are reportedly receiving assistance from some members of the native tribe known as the “Six Nations,” some who have overtaken portions of Caledonia, Ontario, Canada – a town just two hours from the city of Buffalo, NY.

The joint operation took a violent turn when an unmarked US Border Patrol SUV, occupied by two US Border Patrol agents and one OPP officer, was ambushed and ultimately stolen by members of the Six Nations tribe during a surveillance operation being conducted in Caledonia. That ambush sent the OPP officer to the hospital in serious condition, and resulted in charges being filed against two members of the Six Nations, including the attempted murder of a police officer.

Group also threatens attacks on power stations, grids that could affect the US

Albert Douglas, 30, of Ohsweken, Ontario, is facing charges of attempted murder, robbery, failing to comply with bail conditions, forcible confinement, dangerous driving, assault of police officer, and theft of motor vehicle. Trevor Miller, 30, of no fixed address, is facing charges of robbery and theft of a motor vehicle stemming from that incident. A detailed account of the entire incident can be found at THIS LINK [1].

In addition to the injuries to the OPP officer caused by this ambush, highly sensitive and classified documents [b]containing the identities of undercover US agents and Canadian officers and operational details of the investigation and surveillance[/b] that were inside of the US Border patrol vehicle were also stolen. The documents also contained the home phone numbers of the US and Canadian officers, details of surveillance operations and the identities of confidential informants and the information they provided throughout the last year, and detailed investigative notes of the human smuggling operations across the Canada-U.S. border.

According to details obtained from a variety of sources, the US Border Patrol vehicle was observed by members of the Six Nations tribe in the Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia, as one of the officers was taking photographs of the natives’ barricades erected in that area. Members of the Six Nations tribe have overtaken portions of Caledonia as outlined in detail AT THIS WEB SITE. [2]

The ambush of the US and OPP agents is merely the tip of the iceberg – and resulted from the brazenness of members of the Six Nations, some who are aligning themselves in ideology and practice with Islamic terrorist organizations. In a quote attributed to Hazel HILL, spokesperson for Six Nations tribe, “The aims of Hezbollah are akin to the radical warriors. Hezbollah like Hamas does not recognize the state of Israel and would like the Jews to leave,” suggesting a similarity between the Six Nations and the Islamic terrorist groups.


While HILL spoke of the similar ideologies, the alignment was made evident when members of the Six Nations tribe took part in a rally in Toronto on Saturday Aug. 12, 2006, where activists were observed carrying Palestinian flags, Hezbollah flags and pictures of the terrorist leader Hasan Nazrallah side-by-side with a Mohawk Warrior flag. (See image above).


In addition to carrying the flag of Hezbollah at the Toronto Rally, Palestinian flags fly over Douglas Estates in Caledonia, a base of operations for the radical members of the Six Nations tribe. The dangers facing Canada and the US from the radical elements of the Six Nations-the very dangers being investigated by US agents and OPP officials in June, are both numerous and perilous. The Six Nations tribe is reportedly receiving “support of solidarity” from non-native groups, including such organizations as the Palestine Solidarity Group, the Canada Palestine Association, the International Solidarity Movement, and at least another 28 organizations.


Based on the previous actions of members of the Six Nations, cross-border human smuggling is only one aspect of the dangers facing the US and Canada. To date, members of the Six Nations have carried out attacks against power sources, transportation routes and the people in Caledonia.

Now, the threat is looming larger and promises to extend into the US if left unchecked. On June 22, CanadaFreePress.com and the Northeast Intelligence Network jointly reported about the crisis at Caledonia [3]. CanadaFreePress Associate Editor and columnist Arthur Weinreb has been following and routinely reporting on various events taking place at Caledonia in southern Ontario.

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