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Fighting fire with gasoline

“The enemy isn’t just at the gate - they are well inside the camp. They are here, but we fail to weed them out because we don’t want to offend. We don’t want to come out and tell the people of Islam that we are wise to their fascist cult, its teachings and to their intentions to destroy us. We won’t tell them that we know where this is going and we aren’t going to allow it. While we are busy cleaning the yards of others, we should be cleaning up our own. It would be a wise place to start.”

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

14 September 2006: Fighting fire with gasoline: it is an interesting concept, but certainly ill-advised. Nonetheless, we are doing it every day. Islamic fascism and Islamic sponsored terrorism is the fire, while our inability or unwillingness to deal with it as it should be dealt with, is the gasoline. Simply put, we cannot effectively protect this country and put an end to Islamic terrorism at the present rate or present method.We have a distinct failure to recognize the enemy here in the United States and worldwide as well. We identify the enemy by using names like “terrorists” and “militants,” but we paint the picture with a very narrow and a politically correct brush. The enemy is Islam, plain and simple. Further, the enemy is gaining ground in this country and abroad at an unprecedented rate and we are not doing nearly enough to halt its progression. Although we are doing more than we did during the 1990’s, our reluctance to address the Islamic problem for a decade or more requires us to move at a double time rate now to regain the ground we lost back then. Yet, we are still not getting it done.

The standby, popular argument used by people to illustrate that we are indeed effective and that we are gaining, and not losing ground is the claim that we haven’t been attacked within the US during the five years since September 11, 2001 – a claim I find to be speculative at best. First and foremost, a large scale attack to rival or eclipse 9/11 has not been ordered against the US yet as it simply has not been the proper time. The plot uncovered in the UK to take down ten or more of airplanes flying US flags and bound for the US, for which the exact date of execution has never been accurately established, was hideous and would have certainly killed many people and perhaps destroyed some property other than the airliners themselves, but it wasn’t the “big one” being planned for us as I write this. When Islam, Iran and al Qaeda come together to deal us the death blow they are planning, we will wish it was “just” ten planes taken down. We must plan on various, multiple and large attacks on a scale most people will find difficult to imagine. The attacks will be designed to cripple us, or such attacks will be considered failures. If they fail to cripple us, they know the level of retaliation by the US will be unprecedented, and they may never get another chance.

Within the last five years, we appear to have experienced many “dry runs” conducted by individuals or groups with the apparent attempt to assess our security and responses to certain incidents and events. Our transit systems have experienced incidents where suspicious packages were intentionally left in various places, where little information of who left the items or why they were left was determined. There have been incidents at airports and aboard planes, cases of suspicious scuba divers in areas where they shouldn’t have been, Middle Eastern men close to and caught observing and videotaping nuclear facilities, buildings, transit areas, trucking facilities, airports, bridges, and so on.. This, my friends, is “intelligence gathering” for the enemy, done by the enemy. It’s not a coincidence that most are Middle Eastern males of ages 20-35 who appear to be at the epicenter of most of these suspicious events, just like the hijackers on September 11, 2001. It is quite simple to connect the dots and see the gruesome picture underneath.

The possibility that we have suffered smaller scale events conducted by those outside of al Qaeda proper or possibly even by al Qaeda does indeed exist. Remember that al Qaeda isn’t the only terrorist entity we face. We face Islam itself, as well as every single fascist faction of Islam as a potential attacker. Make no mistake when I say that Islam plans to destroy us as a country and as a world power. They have planned our demise for decades, but they are waiting for the right time to strike the seemingly fatal blow. Until then, we will be scouted for weaknesses and will suffer smaller events, many designed to simply cost us time and money and put stress on our defenses.

For example, statistics show that the US has experienced many more forest and wild fires than we did prior to September, 2001, at which time orders were posted on numerous terrorist forums to start such fires in an effort to overburden our first responders, cause environmental damage and burden our economy. Although it would be difficult, if not impossible to prove that the increase of such fires is the result of those posted orders, it is equally impossible to disprove. I believe we have been being attacked with small, destructive attacks such as the forest fires, power outages, and other similar events by design. By themselves, each of these “attacks” are relatively insignificant when one thinks of a “traditional” terrorist attack. In the aggregate, however, they have burdened our resources and had a negative impact on our economy, one of al Qaeda’s long time targets.

There have numerous been isolated incidents by the well-described “lone” Islamic freaks, such as the two Muslims who drove SUVs into crowds of people, the October 1, 2005 attempted bombing by Joel Henry Henrichs III of a crowded Oklahoma University stadium, refinery fires occurring under suspicious circumstances, and many other suspicious and otherwise unexplainable events. I find it interesting that although there are people who seem convinced that someone intentionally blew up the levies in New Orleans, not one of those individuals has openly speculated that terrorists could be behind such a plot, if there is any truth whatsoever to the story. Everyone in the world knew that the integrity of the dams and levies were in question and there certainly was plenty of warning that the storm was coming. As we are engaged in an asymmetrical war where targets can be far from “traditional” and a significant percentage of those posting to terrorist forums are located inside the US, did anyone ever question why that tragedy had earned such a special place on every single Islamic terrorist forum, message board and chat room. They say it was the will of Allah, so why would that speculation of sabotage by terrorists be considered unreasonable if they were collapsed purposely?

In addition to the above, let’s look closely at some of the primary reasons why the enemy is gaining strength. The following is an abbreviated list in no particular order:

• Our law enforcement personnel are not allowed to legally engage in profiling as part of their anti=crime and counter-terrorism techniques;

• We have Islamic organizations imbedded within advisory committees for our major law enforcement agencies;

• We actually give Islamic organizations tours of our airports to review our security and procedures to illustrate our good faith (remember, we call it Intelligence Gathering for the enemy, by the enemy);

• We arrest suspects engaged in suspicious or even criminal activity, then deport them to their Islamic countries of origin where hatred for America is the norm, only to find them attempting re-entry into the US. In other words, we send them right back into the al Qaeda training camps, but now they have a much better layout of the land here;

• We have become so socially and politically polarized that we cannot get unanimous approval for military tribunals to try the detainees held at Guantanamo as “Enemy Combatants,” as they should be tried. These tribunals should have already been conducted and the enemy combatants – those held for cause - should have already been dispatched according to the rule of military law and sent where they would never see daylight again;

• We allow mosques and Islamic centers inside our borders to operate unfettered as terrorist training grounds and recruitment centers because of a false sense of religious freedom extended to Islam, just like we have done for various hate groups over the years, like the KKK and various neo-Nazi organizations. Please don’t misunderstand me: I think rights are wonderful and people deserve them until they plot to kill Americans while hiding behind those rights and freedoms.

• We extend rights to people who would kill us just because their feet are on American soil. I, as an American citizen, am insulted with rights given to terrorists, the same as my rights as an American citizen;

• Our politicians insist on claiming that Islam is a peaceful religion when it is an indisputable that it is neither peaceful nor purely a religion, but a cult of death which allows no freedoms to anyone;

• Our judicial system actually entertains frivolous lawsuits filed by Muslims that think their rights have been infringed upon simply because they were searched or questioned;

• We are too busy searching old women at airports because we don’t want to single out the most likely suspects for terror, Middle Easterners because of lawsuits and the cries of liberal America;

• We feel the need to negotiate with terrorist countries or terrorist leaders as if they are going to stop terrorism within their ranks;

• We continue to think that the UN is the answer and that somehow they can get terrorist states to comply because of useless sanctions;

• We warned North Korea not to fire the missiles, which they did in July and we did nothing. Consequently, our word carries no weight in the international community. Our warnings are useless and ignored because they are hollow words;

• We are determined to waste time on “Roadmaps to Peace” which have been proven not to work, enter into treaties that are not honored, make deals that aren’t kept because we keep fooling ourselves into thinking we can make a deal with Islamic devils;

• We are fighting this war as if it were a “Gentlemen’s War,” and this Islamic swine of an enemy deserves some kind of concessions or special treatments or that we are obligated to follow the rules established by the Geneva Convention. I don’t recall al Qaeda being anywhere around when the rules for warfare of the Geneva Convention were drawn up, and as the trail of bloody beheading themselves illustrate, they certainly don’t abide by them. So why do we?

• We keep fooling ourselves into thinking that somehow, someday Islam can police Islam. It’s not going to happen. It is an exercise in futility, but we keep doing it;

• Our prosecutors really do not know how to prosecute terrorists, which is the reason that so many are deported rather than prosecuted. Although there have been some convictions, the overall conviction rate of Muslims engaged in terror-related activities over the template of crimes charged against non-Muslims is less than acceptable;

• We are in a reactive mode as opposed to a successful proactive mode when fighting terrorism;

• We are just now starting to pay attention to the borders of our country, but it has equated into much too little and way too late;

• We slandered and belittled the Minuteman Project unjustly when they are outstanding symbols of patriotism and true Americans. How dare we do such a thing?

• The bureaucratic red tape that stifles and inhibits our protectors from doing what needs to be done is only getting worse because we are mired down in the mud of being politically correct;

• We do not recognize the enemy is Islam, because we don’t want to offend. I guess we would rather be dead.

To everyone reading this, and there are many, please understand that we are in deep trouble. The enemy isn’t just at the gate - they are well inside the camp. They are here, but we fail to weed them out because we don’t want to offend. We don’t want to come out and tell the people of Islam that we are wise to their fascist cult, its teachings and to their intentions to destroy us. We won’t tell them that we know where this is going and we aren’t going to allow it. While we are busy cleaning the yards of others, we should be cleaning up our own. It would be a wise place to start.

You either fight fire with fire or douse it with water. You don’t put out fires with gasoline, which is exactly what we are doing by continuing to placate Islam.

Be safe, stay vigilant because they are already here.


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