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The Path To 9/11 (a/k/a The Failures Of William Jefferson Clinton)

Posted By Director On September 10, 2006 @ 7:18 am In Editorials,Randy Taylor | No Comments

Where is Sandy Berger when you need him?

By Randy Taylor Independent Analyst

10 September 2006: I think it is amazing the amount of pressure that the former President Bill Clinton is putting on ABC to pull the film “The Path to 9/11”. One must really wonder which parts he finds factually objectionable and how much artistic license will be eventually be employed. One must also wonder whether the film will accurately portray the Clinton administration’s foreign policy of failure to protect our country from its enemies for the sake of the illusion of peace and security during his eight years as President.I only wish I could be sitting in his living room tonight with him, simply to watch him squirm. I’m quite sure he relished all the bad press that President George Bush has endured since the moment that first plane went into that first World Trade Center tower, because he subconsciously feels secure in the comfort that it didn’t happen on his watch.

That is where he is wrong, because it actually did happen on his watch. President Bush merely inherited the precise moment that was the result of years of planning, the festering and infiltration of Islam which occurred on Bill Clinton’s watch. The entire world tonight will realize that Bill Clinton was more worried about “dipped cigars and chubby interns” than the security of this country.

Had the former Chief Executive of this country acted in an aggressive manner against the looming threat that he knew existed, we might have avoided that fateful day. Don’t get me wrong, the rising threat of Islam would have eventually conducted an attack, but it is the duty of the people that are in charge of protecting this country to do so, in any way possible. In that mission, President William Jefferson Clinton failed. When you have opportunity and resources to eliminate or arrest a person like Osama bin Laden, you take it. I guarantee President Bush would have taken it way back then, especially after seeing that al Qaeda were already willing to take down America’s top two skyscrapers in New York City.

President Bush ended up with the task of having to cleanup former President Clinton’s messes on that fateful day.

I believe that tonight’s show, despite its status as a Hollywood production, will ultimately be damaging to Clinton’s legacy. Nonetheless, I believe that it could possibly clear up some questions in the minds of the average American, and maybe even sway the thinking of some “borderline” voters who have been ambivalent about both parties. Artistic license or not, I doubt that the substance of the facts contained within the film will be favorable to the legacy of former President Clinton, something for which he has no tolerance - as illustrated in his recent objections regarding the movie. . His eight year term is only a fuzzy remembrance to the majority of Americans since it seems that all most people remember is that the economy was pretty good and it seemed that the world, in general, was at peace. The first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 didn’t yield the death toll or level of drama of 9/11, even though it was a prelude of things to come.

Some people, it seems, have trouble remembering anything prior to 9/11. Former President Clinton likes the fuzzy and hazy recollection of the 1990’s, something that this television drama might change. It’s about time for exposure, as the people that are aware of his failures have been but a small and distant voice in the wilderness, and have been swiftly and expertly beaten down and muted out by the silencers acting in defense of the false legacy of the Clinton presidency.

One final note regarding the irony of this entire situation: former president William Jefferson Clinton, the liberal, the liar, the pro-gay rights guy, the abortion-rights master, the champion of free-speech liberal America is actually trying to suppress free speech right now, even in the few hours before the film is to be aired. His legal team is firing letters to ABC to pull the film! I don’t recall him trying to get Fahrenheit 9-11 pulled, although that movie was as slanted against a President as a film could be, even to the point of being outright disingenuous. William Jefferson Clinton never spoke out against the film, and seemed to relish with delight that not only did he dodge the bullet of 9/11 while on his watch, but acted as though it was all President George Bush’s fault that 9/11 happened at all.

Yes, Bill Clinton, tonight is your night in the hot seat. Enjoy it. I know I will.

Too bad Sandy Berger can’t stuff the film in his underwear for you, huh?


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