FBI: BOLO for 11 Chinese Nationals

20 January 2005: The FBI has issued a BOLO to law enforcement to be on the lookout for 11 Chinese nationals. They are reportedly armed and dangerous “All pose a risk to national security”.

- Mei Xia Dong DOB: 05/30/1982
- Xiuming Chen
- Chang Yin Liu
- Xiujin Chen DOB: 12/15/1984
- Guozhi Lin DOB: 03/08/1991
- Zengrong Lin DOB: 10/27/1982
- Yu Xiang Weng DOB: 10/04/1963 or 04/05/1964
- Qiquan Lin
- Min Xiu Xie DOB: 11/21/1977
- Xing Wei Liu
- Liqiang Liang

Per BOLO: “If located, detain and hold for questioning. Suspects are believed to have entered the US via New York or Boston.”