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Hugo Chavez, Hezbollah and Holy War (World War)

Posted By Sean Osborne On September 5, 2006 @ 7:43 am In Editorials,Sean Osborne | Comments Disabled


By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Senior Analyst. Military Affairs

3 September 2006: America, we have another problem. In fact the entire Western Hemisphere has a problem. This problem is well-known inside the Washington DC beltway, and other national capitals, but overt action against it is not apparent – at least not yet. Maybe we can stimulate action to solve this problem, but more on that later. Our problem is Hugo Chavez and his Venezuelan regime of virulent Anti-American, pro-communist, anti-Semitic and islamofascist hate-mongers. This problem now includes, at Hugo Chavez’ personal invitation, the introduction of Hezbollah islamofascist conversion cadres into a specific region of Venezuela.
Thanks to Gatewaypundit.blogspot.com [1] and Internet Haganah [2] it is ever more apparent that Hugo Chavez is actively forging mind-bending and unheard of alliances between his regime of core Communists and other Holocaust-denying anti-Semites and islamofascists. I seriously urge all of you to please read the above links and their linked data in its entirety.

Our Venezuelan Enemy

Hugo Chavez hates America with a passion one can only describe in its fullness as being inherently demonic in nature. Hugo Chavez has embraced every avowed enemy of the United States and Judeo-Christian or western culture imaginable. It is Chavez personal mission to export his communist-anti-Semitic-Islamofascist “revolution” throughout Latin America behind the deception of his “Bolivarian” national self-determination agenda across Central and South America; to use this “revolution” as a tool to destroy, first and foremost, both America Israel and ultimately the whole of western Judeo-Christian civilization.

You might be shocked to your core to learn that Hugo Chavez has embraced Iranian islamofascist and apocalyptic shi’ism in the form of Hezbollah and allowed that virulent strain to be injected into the Wayuu indigenous culture of Venezuela. Here’s where the demonic nature of this action comes into play.

The Wayuu and Hezbollah

Let’s take a moment to look at some quick facts on the indigenous Venezuelan people known as the Wayuu. This peaceful people have long existed on the Guajira Peninsula shared by Colombia and Venezuela. This peninsula is hot, dry and scant of rain – just like a desert. It is not the sub-tropical region we might tend to think it to be. Here’s the key data on the Wayuu themselves:

• 66% of the Wayuu have never had any formal education, they are functionally illiterate.
• The culture has been eroding, the social fabric disintegrating, which according to Chavez is the result of American imperialism and the “Jewish financial mafia.”
• The social disintegration and increasing lack of ethnic identity has resulted in low self-esteem particularly among the Wayuu youth.

Here we find the perfect ingredients for Hezbollah to create islamofascist holy warriors indigenous to the western hemisphere. This should, to those who remember the communist tactics of the Cold War era, be eerily reminiscent and ring claxons of alarm of communist infiltration of indigenous populations in the so-called “wars of liberation” around the globe. The Wayuu population is small, perhaps 300,000 on the entire peninsula, 130,000 on the Venezuelan side of the border, a border which is disregarded by the Wayuu people and their Hezbollah brainwashing captors.

I ask you, the free peoples of North, Central and South America, where is the outrage? What are our governments doing to stop this madness of Hugo Chavez before it engulfs our entire Western Hemisphere? One can only speculate on how our individual national authorities perceive these facts about our common enemy in Venezuela, his truly rogue regime and the terrorists he sponsors in neighboring nations.

However, I do have an idea on how you can send a message, make a ‘call to action’ with your wallet or purse.

Sending a Message

What can we American’s do to send a very strong message to Hugo Chavez, the Chavista’s and Venezuela? It’s quite simple actually. All across America we should boycott CITGO. Your local CITGO gas station is owned by PDV America, Inc. [3] an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A., a/k/a/ the national oil company of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela [4].

That’s right, we can as individuals initiate a grass-roots set of economic sanctions against Hugo Chavez and his regime. Simply refuse to purchase any gasoline, diesel and other petroleum product from CITGO stations or CITGO-related products wherever you may find them in the continental United States, Canada or Mexico. In fact, if you decide to embark on this course of action and you purchase gasoline or petroleum product at 7-Eleven stores, please check to see if those products are not in fact CITGO products.

To be perfectly clear, this is much more than sending Chavez a message, or our own governments a message, it is about reinforcing American self-reliance and control over our own national infrastructure as well as combating on a very personal level the direct threats governments like Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela and his new-found anti-Semite Hezbollah and Tehran-sponsored allies pose to the over 900 million residents of this hemisphere.

This is a World War after all, don’t you agree? Well then, this is a World War that you can personally participate in wherever you may live.


I have come to learn in the past 36 hours that there are many, many conservative groups who have also called for a boycott of CITGO within the past year or so. This is great news and leads me to reconsider that what is needed at this point is for something similar to following to occur.

Realizing there has recently been taken a strategic decision by CITGO to realign its commercial “footprint” in CONUS, and that this realignment is based upon the transition or elimination of CITGO retail operations in certain Midwestern states, Kentucky, Oklahoma and north Texas simultaneously with an increased presence in other Midwestern states, Northeastern states, Mid-Atlantic states and Southern states no later than March 2007, here’s what I propose we do.

Phase I: “Operation Screw You Hugo”

Calls for the immediate unification and indefinite continuation of all CITGO boycott efforts in the United States. If you live in the regions identified above do not buy a single drop of CITGO petroleum products and thereby fund Hugo Chavez’ military buildup and his announced plans to “bring down the American government” - a government established by “We The People”.

Phase II: “Operation American Freedom”

Call for a grass roots demand that Congress enact and the President sign a bill nationalizing all CITGO operations in the continental United States to be conducted in phases to mitigate or make as transparent as possible any economic fallout upon US citizens employed by CITGO. This action to be defined as follows:

A.) Identify the current regime of Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela as a state sponsor of terrorism, an ally of known terrorist states (Iran and Syria), as well as an enemy of the United States in the War on Terror;

B.) Pursuant to and as a direct result of the above, we call for the federalization or nationalization of all physical CITGO operations in the United States in the cause of National Security;

C.) The seizure, freezing and blocking of the transfer of any revenue or funds to the Venezuelan parent of CITGO;

D.) The limited and very short-term US government oversight of the current US-based CITGO Corporate functions and the emergence of an American-owned corporation in its place;

E.) Whatever else it takes for the legislators and governors of the affected states to maintain former-CITGO operations and sales to the benefit of American employees and the American people.

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